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K-Dramas since moving to the Philippines

Catching up on my dramas has been slow. On the plus side, we have a young neighbor who is Korean and teaches at our school, and we have him over for dinner a couple times a week, I’m honorary Auntie to another young Korean teacher at the school, my closest coworker (I’m at the high […]

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More K-Dramas

Five Children– long, weekend drama (over 50 episodes planned, I believe)- Family  dramas like this one tend to follow certain patterns, several romances (a young one, a silly one, a middle aged couple), 3 generations, and often major family turmoil, conflict, adultery.  While there is an adulterous relationship in this one, it happened 3 or more years before the show begins, it ended the marriage, […]

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More K-Dramas

School 2015 (Who Are You?): I like the school franchise shows I’ve seen, and I wish I could find the older ones.  This one has some dark themes- school bullying, suicide, and an I don’t what dark mystery is yet to be revealed, as well as orphanned twins separated at birth and amnesia, and yet, […]

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