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High School Nature Study

Nature Study for high school: Nature study continues throughout all the school years for Mason’s students, and indeed, it should continue beyond. As adults we should still be taking an interested, curious notice of the natural world around us. For a good idea of what sorts of things older students can do for nature study, […]

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Charlotte Mason on modern education

“I am jealous for the children; every modern educational movement tends to belittle them intellectually; and none more so than a late ingenious attempt to feed normal children with the pap-meat which may (?) be good for the mentally sick: but, “To all wildly popular things comes suddenly and inexorably death, without hope of resurrection.” If […]

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Singing Folksongs at Home

1. Be willing to sing.  It doesn’t matter how you sound.  Just relax, forget about yourself, and sing. “When I was pregnant with my 2nd child I remember talking to some friends about singing their children to sleep (they were pregnant the same time I was) and they looked at me like I was crazy. […]

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Why Study Botany?

“…every wild flower that grows in their neighbourhood, they should know quite well; should be able to describe the leaf––its shape, size, growing from the root or from the stem; the manner of flowering––a head of flowers, a single flower, a spike, etc. And, having made the acquaintance of a wild flower, so that they […]

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Isaac Watts on notebooking

Previously Isaac Watts, 1674-1748, was writer of hymns, clergyman, theologian, logician, philospher, author of over 600 hymns and a popular textbook on logic. He wrote the book from which these excerpts have been taken as a supplement to his logic textbook. The book from whence I have taken this series of excerpts is formidably titled, […]

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