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Beginning Botany for Amateurs

The following excerpt is taken from a public domain biography or memoir about an influential British botanist John Stevens Henslow, rector at Hitcham, and later Professor of Botany at Cambridge. ┬áIt is not only an interesting account of a remarkable man, but also an introduction to how and why one might pursue a study of […]

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Parental Influence

From the American Scholar comes an interesting (and somewhat controversial) article on nature vs nurture, and I.Q. I found it mildly interesting (in the last fifty years the collective I.Q. of Americans has gone up nearly fifty points on questions like ‘how are dogs and rabbits the same,’ but only 4 points in vocabulary and […]

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The Longer Answer

What follows is roughly my longer reply to the question about curriculum for Kindergarten: While I believe there is a place for the academic pursuit of subjects like grammar, algebra, biology, and economics, I prefer natural learning for the youngest children, and I think that Formal Preschool and kindergarten, whether at home or in an […]

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