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Finding Unbiased History books for School

You’re not going to find such a thing. You will be using biased books no matter what. Now, some biases are so far in one direction as to cease to be history, but instead have become fiction.  I’m not going to name any names but they are on both sides of the spectrum, everywhere from A […]

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The Immigration Question

  Asks, “how much longer does he need to consider this before deciding what to do?”  “he” is Congress.  ‘This’ is the immigration question. Three issues to consider: unemployment problem, housing shortage, and americanization question.  Meanwhile, while Congress is looking at the giant migrant (eastern European, I would guess) at the gate, illegal aliens are […]

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Thankful for….

“If you can manage to use electricity in your home, you have the best deputy housekeeper the genius of man has ever contrived to harness for domestic service. Upon my own breakfast table we have, every morning, the perfection of toast not to be achieved by any other process, colored lightly, crisp and hot, turned […]

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