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Crocheted Critters

I’ve crocheted a few things recently, a couple more tiny, cell phone charm sized coffee cups of ‘coffee, more tiny turtles, a couple more octopuses, a couple more pumpkins, and one very crooked baby blanket that looks more like a shawl, because of the arc, but it’s not quite big enough for that, either.  These […]

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Want a Crocheted Goody?

Some of these you may have seen before. None of them are suitable for small children who put things in their mouths. Tiny coffee (or tea cups)- see the peanut?  It is there for scale.  Because doesn’t everybody use a peanut for scale?   you only think you’ve seen this bookmark before.  I made another […]

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Crocheted Sachets

I keep forgetting to mention what I use to stuff my crocheted menagerie.  On the principle of ‘what’s in my hand,’ and also the even more immediately necessary, “We are moving to the Philippines as soon as we get enough funding,” I did not wish to go to the store and buy stuffing.  Um.  Yes. […]

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Crochet Therapy and Projects

I am not even remotely an expert or an experienced crocheter. Of course, if we define experienced as ‘has made a thousand lopsided, knotty washcloths and unraveled probably 834 of them,’ then, yes, I have experience. I think the unraveling and redoing was as valuable an experience as any other I’ve tried. Somewhere around the […]

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My Crochet Yarn

Back in this post I talked about my stash of patchkits for my crazy. Funnily enough, this week’s therapy homework was to come up with solutions, however temporary, for PTSD triggers and episodes. I think I’m just going to adapt that post, print it out, and bring it to my next session. One of the […]

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