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Decorate a Notebook

You could get very fancy and make the notebook itself. I used a small composition book (they were four for a dollar or something), and for this one, I cut apart a small picture book that had mostly already been destroyed by a stream of toddlers who colored in it, tore a page or two, […]

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Crocheted Sachets

I keep forgetting to mention what I use to stuff my crocheted menagerie.  On the principle of ‘what’s in my hand,’ and also the even more immediately necessary, “We are moving to the Philippines as soon as we get enough funding,” I did not wish to go to the store and buy stuffing.  Um.  Yes. […]

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Working With Your Hands

Patterns from PlanetJune, thanks to my friend Mama Squirrel at Dewey’s Treehouse. Loved this “Manual training in the public schools,” a report around 1900: “This work is founded in the new but growing faith that the whole boy should be sent to school and not a part of him; that it is not enough to […]

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A philosophy of handicrafts

Mason, like most Educators of her day, advocated the use of handicrafts in her schools. Also like most, she used a specific model of handicraft called Sloyd. Sloyd was not merely a type of handicraft, however, it was an entire philosophy of education. Originating in Finland, popularized in Sweden by Otto Salomon (and it is […]

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