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Sloyd, a Pedagogy and Philosophy of Handicraft

“Otto Salomon, in his book on the Theory of Educational Sloyd, thus explains it:” “Sloyd is a system of Educational Handwork. In Sweden the term Sloyd embraces many useful forms of handcraft, such as: work in wood, (carpentry, carving, fret work, and turnery); in metal, (brass, iron, and wire); leather; cardboard, and such occupations as brush […]

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For CM Geeks and Wonks- from In Memoriam

“Miss Mason stood, firm as a rock in the Utilitarian age, for the essentials of a Humanist education. She grew up in an atmosphere of materialism in education; that this is no longer dominant is due largely to her efforts. The fact that she had to fight for her humanist ideal braced her and called […]

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Nature Study, Science, and Charlotte Mason

Study finds that just looking at nature for even a few seconds can help you focus better and improve your thinking (they need studies for this stuff?)- although, most of the studies seem to involve looking at images of nature, rather than nature itself. At any rate, we know there were plenty of people there […]

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Liberal Arts Education: Not for Prize Pigs

Goal: to give ideas and experiences in as many branches of our relationships as possible. (relationships with the natural world, the technological world, relationships with the story of mankind past and future, and the chief relationship, that with the creator). This type education is not taught by making it as your goal to teach them […]

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Using Movies for Education

Part II- I answered the question about whether or not Miss Mason would have used film if it were available to her,  briefly here, with a lot of quotes from CM showing she was familiar with movies (the cinema), and she dismissed them as entertainment.  But I have more to share.  First,  let me first […]

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