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Folksongs, cont.

Previously I jumped in feet-first and just wrote a list of ideas and resources about *how* to do folksongs. Now I’ll back up and take what I wish were quicker than it is and what I know will be a not at all scholarly romp through a kind of a timeline of folksong in England, based […]

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Charlotte Mason Journey, cont.

Previously… One of the first revelations to me when I read volume Six was how very comfortably Miss Mason’s ideas fit into the classical tradition.  I know this is controversial, but honestly, it’s one of the first things I said when I returned with my findings to share them on the CM list I was […]

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Handicrafts Paper Sloyd

The Journal of Education, Volume 12  At a recent meeting of the Bradford Branch of the Teachers Guild (January, 1890) “Mr. J. S. Thornton, of Manchester, read a paper on the teaching of “Sloyd,” and displayed a very large collection of objects made under the system. He was accompanied by Miss Andren, who explained the steps […]

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Singing Folksongs at Home

1. Be willing to sing.  It doesn’t matter how you sound.  Just relax, forget about yourself, and sing. “When I was pregnant with my 2nd child I remember talking to some friends about singing their children to sleep (they were pregnant the same time I was) and they looked at me like I was crazy. […]

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Beginning Botany for Amateurs

The following excerpt is taken from a public domain biography or memoir about an influential British botanist John Stevens Henslow, rector at Hitcham, and later Professor of Botany at Cambridge.  It is not only an interesting account of a remarkable man, but also an introduction to how and why one might pursue a study of […]

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