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Toward a Philosophy of Handicraft

Previously For further reading as you think through a philosophy of handicrafts worthy of your time and your children’s time: What makes or mars a man is the use he makes of his leisure; not how he behaves at his work so much as how he behaves in his hours of recreation, when he is […]

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Folksongs, cont.

Previously I jumped in feet-first and just wrote a list of ideas and resources about *how* to do folksongs. Now I’ll back up and take what I wish were quicker than it is and what I know will be a not at all scholarly romp through a kind of a timeline of folksong in England, based […]

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Charlotte Mason Journey, cont.

Previously… One of the first revelations to me when I read volume Six was how very comfortably Miss Mason’s ideas fit into the classical tradition.  I know this is controversial, but honestly, it’s one of the first things I said when I returned with my findings to share them on the CM list I was […]

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Handicrafts Paper Sloyd

The Journal of Education, Volume 12  At a recent meeting of the Bradford Branch of the Teachers Guild (January, 1890) “Mr. J. S. Thornton, of Manchester, read a paper on the teaching of “Sloyd,” and displayed a very large collection of objects made under the system. He was accompanied by Miss Andren, who explained the steps […]

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Singing Folksongs at Home

1. Be willing to sing.  It doesn’t matter how you sound.  Just relax, forget about yourself, and sing. “When I was pregnant with my 2nd child I remember talking to some friends about singing their children to sleep (they were pregnant the same time I was) and they looked at me like I was crazy. […]

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