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Narrations, Whose Turn Is It?

The way narration works is that every child has to process the reading in his own mind, reviewing it, thinking about it, organizing the material prioritizing.  In order to get the full benefit of that internal review, he needs to be listening to or reading the story with the full knowledge that there is a good chance he […]

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Slow Down, You Move Too Fast….

“We hear of ‘three books a week’ as a usual thing and rather a matter of pride. But this, again, comes of our tendency to depreciate knowledge, and to lose sight of its alimentary character. If we perceive that knowledge, like bread, is necessary food, we see also that it must be taken in set portions, fitly combined, […]

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The Longer Answer

What follows is roughly my longer reply to the question about curriculum for Kindergarten: While I believe there is a place for the academic pursuit of subjects like grammar, algebra, biology, and economics, I prefer natural learning for the youngest children, and I think that Formal Preschool and kindergarten, whether at home or in an […]

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Narration Jar

Narration is an important part of a Charlotte Mason education, and a deceptively simple one. Do not be fooled by its simplicity. Narration is the bones for essays, critiques, and all other sorts of more formal writing later on. Narration seems so simple, but it really gets the brain working on all sorts of complex […]

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