6 of the rescued Boko Haram girls were brought to U.S. and exploited

Read it all and consider just how often our easy, feel good, social media approach to charity is not helping.



He is wrong about the donated clothes, though.

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Jahi McMath has died

Her mother was a registered nurse.

She did not believer daughter was braindead. She had to fight in court and flee her homestate to keep that state from killing her child.


Jahi defied the braindead diagnosis, surviving three years until she died of complications from another surgery.  Many who had believed in the brain dead declatation later visited Jahi and changed their minds.  It is a chilling tale of medicsl hubris and a wonderful story of parental love.  Read more here:


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Another do gooder unmasked as heinously wicked predator

What is also disturbing is how many organizations partnered with him.



Read here


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Harvard doesn’t like Asian kids

This is really egregiously despicable treatment of Asian students:

“Mr. Arcidiacono found that an otherwise identical applicant bearing an Asian-American male identity with a 25 percent chance of admission would have a 32 percent chance of admission if he were white, a 77 percent chance of admission if he were Hispanic, and a 95 percent chance of admission if he were black.”

You have to read it all. I do not understand how anybody justifies this in this day and age. I’m glad Trump is changing this.

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Homeschooling with CM’s methods and Making a Portfolio

These are only offered as suggestions.  I don’t know if they will meet the legal requirements in your area.

If you want to include a standardized test, Christlian Liberty academy allows students to take an older version of the California Achievement test online for 25.00 (US) per student. Results are not sent to anybody else, and you get them back quickly . They use the 1970s version of the test so that homeschooling parents can administer the test themselves, and because “because the newer editions reflect a lower academic standard. It is not available for students younger than 2nd grade. http://www.shopchristianliberty.com/california-achievement-test-online-version/

In the U.S. and Canada homeschooling parents who are in states or provinces with stricter requirements have had to be creative in working out how to explain a Charlotte Mason education to fit in the box of public school requirements since a CM education does not use worksheets, traditional textbooks, and so on.

It helps to think creatively about the topics you are studying and then assign them to traditional categories.  For instance, all nature study reading, observations, narrations (some of which you can transcribe), notebooks and so on go under science, as do readings in science, biographies of scientists, experiments, science projects, gardening (botany!) and visiting places like a local nature reserve, a bird sanctuary, a public garden, or investigating tide-pools at the beach during low-tide, identifying the birds, other creatures, and plants in your area.

Copywork, dictation, narrations, poetry, literature, fall under language arts. So can hymns if you include some vocabulary

Biographies, history readings, timelines, century charts and so on fall under history, or social studies, depending on your local requirements, as do any related narrations in any form.  Folk songs can also be part of social studies, as can handicrafts if they are traditional crafts.

Some cooking projects can be included under math, as they involve working with fractions, especially if you have your student double, triple,or half recipes.

If any books your children are reading are set in other countries, you can place those readings and related narrations under geography or social studies.

Other parents in states requiring assessments suggest putting together a portfolio which includes some or all of the following:

A list of subjects and the books or other resources used for each subject

A copy of your weekly schedule

Your own description of how you cover the subjects, using as much ‘educationese’ as possible.

Timeline (either a photograph, or a notebook timeline your student is keeping), century book, or other record of dates and chronology your student has kept.

Narrations, which can also be termed composition or oral composition. These can include drawn narrations, photographs of skits or dioramas and a handful of transcribed narrations.


Nature notebooks, calendar of ‘firsts’, drawings and notes from nature study, observations from science experiments or demonstrations and nature study

List of books read (some might look up reading level of the books and include that, see https://lexile.com/parents-students/find-books-at-the-right-level/lookup-a-books-measure/ to find the Lexile reading level of books your children are reading)

List of poems read

List of memorized poems, songs, quotations

List of classical music pieces listened to, artists you’ve done picture study with

Samples of copywork and dictation

Field trip photos

Photographs of service projects

Photos or samples of handicrafts

Foreign language studies- list resources used, or time spent each week, or transcribe some of their oral work

A few math pages

A list of P.E. related activities

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