Printable Vintage Valentine To Colour

From a 1907 magazine- Click on the picture, Print. This to be a Valentine’s card- originally, it was just a demonstration- the directions were to cut out the center of a doily, paste it onto a coloured sheet of construction paper, then paste another picture in the middle, and then put flower stickers in the corners. But I thought it looked pretty enough to colour.

vintage valentine bird in doily center

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Tulip Card for Valentine’s Day

Yes, of course it’s a daffodil, not a tulip.   There was a tulip version as well, but it was very ugly and I decided not to use it after all, but forgot to change the title of the post.

From a 1907 magazine- Click on the picture, set printer to portrait, print, fold on the dotted lines, cut on the solid lines. This to be a Valentine’s card- you could make a bouquet of them, with the message written inside, and the child colours or paints the outside.

vintage daffodil card valentines

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Listening to: I Am Me Once More

I am me once more

Her voice plucks at the strings on my soul. The sassy, self-confident lyrics make me smile.

I know a couple of our regular readers are women who needed to be the one to say good-bye, and did. I think of you when I listen to this. I hope you feel that you are you, once more.

Her stage name is Zee Avi, and I think she’s from Malaysia.

Words and Music by Koko Kaina

I really don’t think so
that you’d think I’d be incapable
of being on my own

I really don’t think so
that I would for a second let you
back in through my door

I have spent
many a-nights even when
you were by my side
I shed tears I couldn’t dry

But I should thank you for
taking my blindfold off
now I ain’t jaded no more
And I take pride
in bein’ the one that said goodbye
that could only mean
I am me, once more

You would turn
your head the other way
so you wont have to listen
to what I had to say

You assumed
that I needed you
but you didnt realize that
I needed no one but myself

But I should thank you for
taking my blindfold off
now I ain’t jaded no more
And I take pride
in bein’ the one that said goodbye
that could only mean
I am me, once more

I’ve been listening to this one for weeks, and I thought I shared it already, but I don’t see it on the blog.

Ah, also, you can buy an mp3 version via Amazon for just .99

I Am Me Once More (Album Version)
(yep, an affiliate link)

Update: I think I listened to it 30 times today – ah, I exaggerate.  iTunes reports it’s only on its 24th playing.

Of course, I’ve annoyed the Boy by responding to all of his silliest suggestions by singing the ‘No. I really don’t think so’ line from the song.

“Mom, Mummy, Mom!  How about I don’t have to do this boring analogies book any more?”


no, I really don't think so fifties

“Mummy?  Mum? Mama?  Mom!  What if I just don’t have to finish the school work I skipped last week?”

No I really don't think so

“Mom, Mummy, Mum, Mum, Mum!  Somebody at Parkour class told me I looked like an Abercrombie and Fitch model.  I could quit school and become a model.”No.


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The Ideal young man, cont.

At the start of this series, it did seem at first that the good pastor was harder on the ladies, but as we continue, I think not.  He was just operating on the principles of ladies first.  now he’s off and running with a long list of things the Ideal Young Man must be, must do, must aspire to.

self-mastery from ideals for young people“Over the page of the writer, over the bust of the sculptor or canvas of the painter, over the home of the husband and wife, there should hover the divine ideal, till each would say, “This work is not my best. I must do better than this.”

Over each of your finished products, you may well say as the old painter of Sienna said as he stood before his canvas, “May God forgive me that I did not do it better.

Thus desire, never tiring in the everlasting pursuit of hope, will sing:

Still through our paltry stir and strife,
Glows down the wished ideal,
And longing molds in clay what life
Carves in the marble real;
To let the new life in, we know,
Desire must ope the portal-
Perhaps the longing to be so
Helps make the soul immortal.

It is a great privilege to be a young man to day. Behind you is the ever ascending pathway of our fathers leading up to the present high plane of achievements. Before you are the ever widening fields awaiting your sowing and reaping. In the literature of to morrow you are to be more than punctuation points. In the homes of to-morrow you are to be more than mere boarders. Keep yourselves sound at the core so you may become pillars in the temples of both church and state. In the business world you are not to be things, but men.

A traveler tells of seeing the following on a tombstone in England:

‘Here lies ______.
He was born a man.
He died a grocer.’

That man had been drowned in his business.
Remember that a crash in character is far more serious than a crash on Wall Street, that converting grain and railroad stock into cash is far less important than converting a sinner into a saint.

As a beneficiary of this Christian nation, you have an obligation to both Christ and Caesar and the obligation you owe to one is not after all so very different from the obligation you owe to the other.

Christ was an ideal citizen. He loved Jerusalem more than any licentious Roman could love Rome. He was infinitely more interested in her welfare than was the blatant priesthood that charged him with treason. He wept over her disgraces as every true citizen should weep over our nation’s shame,
and her coming humiliation broke his patriotic heart.

Nothing but Christian citizenship is worthy your attempt. If you are a Christian citizen, you will not abdicate the throne of power in favor of the vile god of rum. No man or nation can be lynx-eyed and dizzy-headed at the same time.

Shun that most common form of atheism that allows you to worship God in your homes and in the church, but does not hinder you from denying him in your business and at the voting booth. This is the very worst form of atheism and goes out only by fasting and prayer.

Judas sold his Lord for about fifteen dollars, but in the voting booth men have been known to sell him for a mere devil’s promise of some petty office- which promise, his satanic majesty never expected to fulfill.

Acting on right principles, any legitimate profession may become sacred. Unless you do so act, even the ministry is the profanest of professions. Your profession is quite largely incidental. Your character, your virtue, and your integrity are everything. But any reputation you may crave will turn to ashes unless He is its inspiration. Thus inspired, thought is as sacred and holy as prayer. Thus led, your thoughts become your sweetest invocations, and your office or desk becomes your sacred temple, where daily you meet God face to face. New thoughts are given us not for mere admiration or selfish boasting, but for the same general purpose as that for which Christ used the cross- to save men. Remember, too, that self possession is one of the first and essential laws of giving. Before you can give yourself to any great cause you must own yourself in self-mastery. Therefore, keep thyself pure is the divine injunction laid at the threshold of all truly great lives. Easy faiths go with easy men. Weak faiths and weak men are boon companions. A weak man swears off. Strong men quit. Beware! A strenuous life demands a strenuous faith. A man with opinions lets things go. A man with a strenuous faith makes things go.”




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Fifty Shades of Abuse

abuse is not romanceAfter what I said here, I do have one or two more things to say about Fifty Shades of Gray.

Somebody has taken the time to go through it and enumerate fifty examples of abuse.  I stopped reading at 9 because it turned my stomach.

It seems to me that many of its fans were already groomed to find abusive relationships seductive and all that when they were teen-aged fans of the Twilight books.

^That’s what I said in a discussion elsewhere, and two of my much younger and hipper friends informed me that Fifty Shades actually started as Twilight fan fiction.  Well.  That explains a lot.

And that reminded me that back when Twilight was mega popular with all the girls, somebody else went through it and compared it a list of fifteen signs you are in an abusive relationship- and there were 15.

Here’s what I said about that series back then:

“What she [the author] is doing is creating a story line for impressionable young girls whereby all their silliest and most dangerous notions are made even more seductive. An author needn’t be making an ‘assertion’ for others to see a good example of something to learn from the storyline- as we do with Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and other books. And smart women and wise parents of said teenaged girls remember just how impressionable and irrational teen and tween girls can be; particularly about the power of love, and the seductively delicious idea that your love can ‘tame’ some dangerous male.”

I have other friends who think Fifty Shades is dreadful, but Twilight was wonderful, and they see no connection at all.  They also have always thought I am making overmuch of my concerns about the abusive relationship between Bella and Edward, but it seems to me it’s impossible to keep dismissing them once we know Fifty Shades started as Twilight fan fiction.  Obviously, it wasn’t just me, anyway.

We can do better than this.

We must.

P.S. My biggest hope in sharing this is not that nobody will watch the movie or read the books, although I don’t think that would be a bad thing. But I hope people who need it will read those signs of an abusive relationship, and if you’re in an abusive relationship you might be encouraged to get out, and if you aren’t, you won’t fall into one some day because you didn’t recognize the early warning signs.

I’m not sure I’d agree that every single thing on the list (in isolation) is a sign of abuse. But I do think if you’ve got three or more going- alarms should be going off in your head (depending- some of them, one is too much)

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Why do I have to know this?

palace of knowledgeBecause the world is a wide and beautiful and fascinating place that as yet you know almost nothing about. You don’t know what you’re going to discover out there, and of the things to discover there are things you never heard of that you could discover you love as well as things you will find boring.  You can’t decide the palace of knowledge is boring if you’ve never left the front steps and explored the rest of the palace.


Because education is the science of relations- the more you know, the more you see those connections, those relations, all around you.

I can’t tell you how often I have learned some interesting new thing and said to myself, “How amazing.  I never heard of that before,” only to go back and reread some book that has long been a favorite, or rewatch an old movie and see that ‘new’ piece of information referenced in that old book or movie- I had heard of that before, after all, only I didn’t yet know enough for it to ‘stick.’  The more you know, the more you can know, the more you discover about the things you thought you already did know.

Because you are too young and too inexperienced yet to decide you don’t like some subject, aren’t interested at all in another, and will never need to know something.

What’s that you say?  I don’t know how old you are?  True enough, but I do know that if you are still dismissing valid topics of knowledge on the basis that you are never going to need to know that, then you are too young or too inexperienced to make that choice.

Because you may think you love the violin, but discover that doesn’t mean you love to do it for your bread and butter, while the topic you thought you despised turns out to be something that connects with you in a profound and deep way.


We, believing that the normal child has powers of mind which fit him to deal with all knowledge proper to him, give him a full and generous curriculum, taking care only that all knowledge offered to him is vital, that is, that facts are not presented without their informing ideas. Out of this conception comes our principle that:––

“Education is the Science of Relations'; that is, a child has natural relations with a vast number of things and thoughts: so we train him upon physical exercises, nature lore, handicrafts, science and art, and upon many living books, for we know that our business is not to teach him all about anything, but to help him to make valid as many as may be of––

          “Those first-born affinities
That fit our new existence to existing things.”

In devising a syllabus for a normal child, of whatever social class, three points must be considered:––

(a) He requires much knowledge, for the mind needs sufficient food as much as does the body.

(b) The knowledge should be various, for sameness in mental diet does not create appetite (i.e., curiosity).

(c) Knowledge should be communicated in well-chosen language because his attention responds naturally to what is conveyed in literary form.

Because you are a child of God and as such, you deserve a magnanimous education, a wide and generous curriculum.

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What The Equuschick Has Been Up To

No, it really hasn’t been all that impressive. She had plans, goals, and visions, she did. With a new laptop and internet, the possibilities were endless.

But by the end of a morning of chores, and showing children how to do their chores, and feeding them, and reading to them, then by quiet time she’s usually all like “WHERE IS Doctor Who Season 1 PUSH PLAY ALREADY.”

And that’s all she ends up accomplishing during quiet time.

True story, sadly. She had also been catching up with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 but she finished Season 1, and doesn’t want to go on with Season 2 until its done with and she can google spoilers.

Don’t judge. The Equuschick has Trust Issues. It is crucial that The Equuschick know in advance who is and is not safe to bond with, who is going to betray who, who is going to die, and who is going to live. That sort of thing. She’s not one for unpleasant surprises.

Speaking of shows, there’s a show coming up near Valentines Day and the DHM linked to another article about this 50 Shades of Grey thing, and that article was good too.

The Equuschick really like another one too, but now technology is being rude and uncooperative and she can’t get the linky to work. Oh well.

Here are her follow-up thoughts, not very coherently or professionally voiced. Whatev.

The thing is, ya’ll (oops, I guess we’re not done with Current Issues after all, cringe), is that stuff like this doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You know that parable where a guy cleaned his house and kicked a demon out, but then he left it vacant so seven more came in? If you’re married and if you’re a believer in God and His purposes, than you are supposed to be showing the world what a marriage that is lived in looks like. Will it always be neat and tidy? No, not any more than the living room of a family that lives and plays and fights in their living room will be tidy.If you’re living in your marriage, you’re going to have fights in that ring. But if you and your spouse together commit to inhabiting that house and working on its upkeep whole-heartedly then I can promise you that your house will never feel boring or lonely. It will be plenty exciting. A marriage is supposed to be lived in, in every sense of the word. Leaving the walls up but the inside vacant doesn’t count. That’s just begging for your own destruction and showing the world nothing that it needs to see. God created marriage and every single aspect of that relationship, and He has never been ashamed of any of it. He asks us to live there and show the world what that can look like. He never says “Shh, don’t talk about sex.” He says “Do this right and show the world how good this can be, how good it can look.” Is it easy to do it right, when so many generations grew up with painful and dysfunctional patterns of their own? No. Remodeling a house is never easy. But its always worth it. Just don’t leave that premise vacant. If we, as His people, had been living in our own houses and doing it with joy, then pornography (no matter what your definition is, this is so much bigger than 50 Shades of Grey) never would have become the wide-spread problem than it is. You can’t even clean a house that you’re not living in and demons only live in empty houses. Take back your house. Even, and especially, the bedroom.

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Regulatory Overkill

Dems on the FEC still trying to regulate the internet.  They hate us because they hate freedom.



EXCLUSIVE: How This Left-Wing Activist Manipulates the Media to Spread His Message

‘Jetsetting terrorist’ Peter Young tells us how he gets malleable bloggers and lazy journalists to generate outrage and attention for him


Health department in CA gets involved when a grocery store is found selling raccoons as food.  Only… the story has been selling them for years.  And the health department acknowledges that it may not be illegal, they don’t know.  There is something insidiously wrong with all of this.  Aside from the obvious gross out aspect of raccoons as food (I’ve seen them eat used baby diapers. Ew), I mean.

If it’s not illegal and there have been no health consequences, by what right does the government step in to begin with?

If the government department involved doesn’t even know if it’s legal or not, and they have to have time to find out, isn’t it obvious our legal codes are bloated to mind boggling proportions and need to be cut down with a chain saw to more manageable levels?


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This just happened

2015-02-11 13.07.29 2015-02-11 13.07.35 2015-02-11 13.07.38


That’s a squirrel with an ear of field corn.  It jumped on my window, dashed up to the top, hung out there a few minutes, and then ran back down again, all Hickory, Dickory, Dock like. Except, you know, that it was a squirrel and not a mouse.  And there was no clock.  Just a window.  But otherwise, just like that.

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President calls terrorist attack on a Jewish Deli a random act of violence

And the Muslim shrink in the military who went on a murderous rampage on an American military base while yelling Allu Akbar was just random workplace violence.


Now consider what our president said about the events at the Hyper Cacher market in Paris on January 9 in a new interview “It is entirely legitimate for the American people to be deeply concerned when you’ve got a bunch of violent, vicious zealots who behead people or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris.”

“[V]icious zealots… randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli”?  That’s the way the way the president of the United States describes a dedicated jihadist murdering four Jews in a kosher marketin one of the oldest and largest Jewish neighborhoods in Paris, the day after other jihadists shot up the Charlie Hebdooffices, killing even more people? No Jews, no jihadist, just more “random” violence, as if Ahmedy Coulibaly, the man who murdered the four Jews and had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, just stumbled into a kosher deli by accident with a submachine gun while on the way to Cafe de Flore for a cognac.

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