Nathan Phillips lied repeatedly, and this story should not go away

I think everybody now knows Nathan Phillips never served in Nam. They know he approached the kids, not the other way around. Most people know he was not a recon ranger but a refrigerator mechanic.

But his lies are worse than that. Those lies do not cause harm to others. However, Phillips told a number of deliberate falsehoods calculated to direct hostility toward a bunch of teen-agers who were minding their own business.

Tim Poole has video- multiple lies by Phillips, and the media isn’t really calling him out.  Some of them have corrected their claims that he was a Nam Vet, but mostly, they don’t explain that he said that. They frame it so you can read it as they misunderstood.

This is important.

One of the things Phillips said is that Sandmann refused to let Phillips move, that Phillips tried to slide to one side and Sandmann blocked him, and he moved to other side and Sandmann blocked him.  That never happened.   Phillips insisted the kids chanted ‘build the wall,’  They never did.

I could go on, but really, you need to watch it all. It’s less than fifteen minutes.

Neo-Neocon is kind of blown away by just how defamatory and hateful Nathan Phillips’ accusations were (and flat out lies), and how people just seem to ignore it:

“That is not some disagreement about who went up to whom, or whether the wall was mentioned by the boys, or what caps some of them wore. This is an extremely defamatory statement by a political agitator, designed to shape perceptions that the boys were vicious racists with a killer instinct. The language is purposefully inflammatory and of the harshest variety.

It is a lie, and unless Phillips is clinically insane and out of touch with reality (something I don’t believe is the case), it is a knowing and purposeful lie about a bunch of teenagers who were minding their own business. It is a lie so egregious, so foul, that I really lack words to describe the depth and depravity of that lie.

And as far as I can see, just about everyone is ignoring it now.

The lie wasn’t a one-off, either.”

People with blue checkmarks on twitter were calling for these kids to be doxxed- some of them as young as 13, Sandmann is only 15 or 16.  They have contacted colleges and asked that the boys be blacklisted. They have encouraged violence, wishing their school would burn down with the kids in it.  They were that eager to believe the worst they could about these kids because they are prolife, Catholic, and some of them wore MAGA hats (souveneirs sold on street corners in D.C.).
One of the weirdest things about the aftermath of this story is how many people just want it to go away, and by no means do they wish to hear about Phillips lies. “Stop it,” they say, “This is just as bad as going after the kids. It’s hypocritical.”
I don’t wish harm on Phillips, but I do wish him not to be believed when he tries this again (this is not, actually, the first time he’s accused a group of people minding their own business of racism). And it’s not the same as he and his followers attacking the kids at all. The kids were innocent and Phillips lied about them. Tim Poole, Neo-Neocon, Ace, others pointing these lies out are not doing the same thing Phillips did because they are not lying about children. This is telling the truth about an adult who has defamed innocent children.

This story should not go away.  If these people will treat children this way based entirely on an obvious tissue of lies, they will do worse to the rest of us.

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2019 March for Life

Video of March for Life from beginning to end, sped up so you can see the sheer numbers.

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Polluted River

The Citarum River in Indonesia is the most polluted river in the world.  In many parts, the top is a solid raft of garbage, household waste, shoes, bottles, diapers, and more, and it is so densely packed a person can walk on it.
Look at the pictures here and imagine the smell.

More here.

In addition to house hold rubbish, and household sewage, the river is polluted by waste from farms along the way and multiple factories. most of the factories are textile factories which dump toxins directly into the river.  These include textile companies that make clothing Americans buy. (also here).  Buying your clothing second hand, and donating it to thrift shops so they can buy second hand, is one small way to avoid participating in the direct purchase of clothing made by companies that dump toxins in Indonesian rivers. They mostly have permits to do so, btw. They aren’t dumping illegally for the most part.

Why shop thrift shops for clothes

That won’t stop people from throwing their garbage into the river, tho.  I don’t know that anybody but the Indonesian people themselves can stop that.  The government is sending in soldiers to clean it up.  They hope to return it to a condition where people drink it safely in seven years.

This river flows directly into the Pacific ocean.

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Words to Read By

I just liked this picture, and the bookcase in the background.  It amuses me that it’s an advertisement for shredded wheat cereal.  Advice I cut off suggests it’s best to warm the wheat biscuit first to restore crispness.  In 1916 they had not perfected packaging or preservatives.


But even though they are selling something, it is something to keep in mind.  Find ways to simplify the stuff you have to do to make room for the things you want to do and need to do for your own soul and well-being.

Serve simpler meals and snacks. A roasted sweet potato is an acceptable snack, as is a roasted ear of field corn (or boil it in a bit of water and brown sugar), or popcorn made from scratch, or fruit and a nut or seed butter.  Pieces of chicken sprinkled with Italian seasoning and put in the oven with a pan of brussels sprouts and radishes seasoned with balsamic vinegar, oil, garlic and salt is a feast.

Wear the same clothes more than one day in a row- for children, have play clothes that go on and off by the back door or in a bathroom, and get hung on pegs until the next day.  Set aside outfits for when you have to leave the house and be seen in public.

Shoes off in the house cuts down on sweeping.

Reduce toys until you find the level you all can keep up with.

Pay attention to what you spend the most time doing each day, and see if you can change that, or if you need to.

Keep your schedule as simple as possible. Say no to more things and filler activities. Say yes to more relationships.

Read more books.


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CNN and Black Israelites

If you look up Black Israelites, you will find out more about the group of “four African American young men preaching about the Bible and oppression” involved in the Covington Catholic boys story than CNN wants you to know.
They called the Indian group Uncle Tomahawks. They screamed epithets at them, and told a woman who tried to speak sense to them to go get her husband.  The screamed racial slurs and words like Faggot at the Catholic boys, who simply walked away and started doing their school cheers.  One of the Black Israelites swore at them as they walked away and threated to kick them.  And CNN, knowing all of this full well, deliberately and dishonestly described them to their viewers as “four African American young men preaching about the Bible and oppression.”


Remember that the next time CNN reports anything.  This is who they are.


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