Alfie Evans and STate Sanctioned Infanticide

Lifenews: Hospital Kicks Out Medical Staff From Air Ambulance Standing By to Take Alfie Evans to Italy

Ashya King’s Parents wanted adifferent treatment than NHS approved. They ‘abducted’ him, took him out of country for treatment, and he’s been cancer free for 3 years. Parents were arrested, jailed for 72 hrs for ‘child cruelty’ For saving their child’s life.

I have one daughter and two grandchildren whom I am absolutely certain the UK would have murdered, just like Charlie Gard, as they attempted to do with Ashya King, as they are doing with Alfie. One was sent home on oxygen and a feeding tube and a diagnosis giving him an 85% chance of living to 3 years old. They were wrong. It was a misdiagnosis. Once they realized that (at his first birthday) he was able to eat, breathe,swallow, and thrive so long as he receives proper medication. He’s now 7 and a happy, normal, delightful, rambunctious boy.
One was in the NICU and his parents were told to expect a lifetime of round the clock care, that he’d be in the NICU for months and would have severe brain damage. He was in the NICU for two weeks and is also a perfectly normal, happy, active little boy of 3ish. The treatment he received in the NICU was somewhat experimental, still newish, not yet standard in every NICU. It saved his life and allowed him to thrive.
And my daughter is 31, still in diapers, and doesn’t speak, but she’s also quite happy and satisfied with her ‘quality of life,’ even though she spent a considerable amount of time in the incubator in the NICu herself and we adopted her at 6.

It’s evil for the government to decide to hold this baby hostage over the parents’ wishes when there are other doctors who have looked at his records and suggested they may be able to help, who are not ready to give up on him. It is Evil. Wicked. This is what Eugenics looks like. Hitler accusations are far too much thrown about, but it is a fact that Hitler also started by killing off the disabled in hospitals. Every single staff member who is participating in this murder, every single one of the police officers guarding the doors so his parents cannot leave the hospital with him- they scare me to death. Do not look for these people to step up and do the right thing, to stand against evil at any time. They will smile and smile and smile and give you the shot that kills you and defend their actions as in your own best interest.

Alfie is not even receiving palliative care- they are denying him nourishment. They with-held water for hours. This is cruel and inhumane. 30 cops guarding the doors so that a baby doesn’t receive nutrition, hydration, oxygen, or medical care from people willing and able to provide it ought to horrify any human being whose conscience has not been seared over with a hot iron.

This woman details how the NHS attempted to kill her husband 3 times, insisting the quality of his life was not worth prolonging and declaring he was going to die in a handful of years anyway.

Another UK family fighting to keep their loved one from being murdered by NHS.

Hospital murdering young Alfie previously removed thymus glands from live children during heart surgeries, gave them to pharmaceutical companies who donated to them. #AlfiesLifeMatters

The real reason UK courts won’t release #AlfieEvans to Italy for care. (hint: it’s not because of their tender loving care for baby Alfie)

UK police respond to the state’s ongoing slow and tortuous murder of baby Alfie by threatening free speech:
“We’ve issued a statement this evening to make people aware that social media posts which are being posted in relation to Alder Hey and the Alfie Evans situation are being monitored and may be acted upon. Read the full statement here:”

As for the hogwash (I badly want to use a much stronger word), horse crap, scraped off from the bottom of the barn floor argument that is just kindness and all about what is in Alfie’s best interests because the hospital staff and judge have determined (mistaking themselves for gods) further care would ‘prolong’ Alfie’s suffering- they say he’s brain dead. If they are right, he’s not suffering. He wouldn’t be suffering if his parents took him to Italy for better treatment, either. In February, these same experts stated that Alfie’s breathing was not really breathing, it was just seizures! They also said seizures were the only activity his brain is capable of. So by their own diagnosis, they don’t really believe he’s suffering at all. This is not about the best interests and care of Alfie, at least not on the part of the judge or the medical staff. This is about defending the indefensible, protecting their power, their turf, their dubious moral authority.

Of course, their own diagnosis was horribly awry- he’s been breathing on his own for over a day.

Evil, evil, evil.

“It turned out that he could breathe on his own. There are no signs of brain stem damage in the brain resonance test. This confirms that the child is not in a terminal state” – Polish doctor Izabela Pałgan, who evaluated Alfie Evans-

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Stuff I bet you didn’t know (I didn’t know it, either)

You can yell fire in a crowded theater.  Turns out this thing is kind of like that Scopes Monkey Trial where nearly everything we thought we knew about it is completely wrong, practically upside down.

This study on the weird letter g only used in certain fonts, the one we all recognize but nobody actually writes, was interesting to mainly for this conclusion:

“This outlier “g” seems to demonstrate that our knowledge of letters can suffer when we don’t write them. And as we write less and become more dependent on electronic devices, the researchers wonder about the implications for reading.”




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Life in the Philippines….

I’m taking an antibiotic to kill amoebas, which presumably are living in my gut and have been sharply curtailing any outside activity for the last two weeks.

Not sure how I got the amoebas- most people I know here got an amoeba from eating kinilaw (‘aw’ sounds like ow as in how did you do that?), a fish dish where the fish is raw, but pickled/cooked in a vinegar mix.  It’s really good and I do eat it, but I haven’t had any for quite a while, so that’s not it.  I am wondering if it isn’t my green smoothie habit.  I’ve been regularly making smothies with fresh pineapple, mango, and the green leaves of pechay (ay sounds like eye, accent on second syllable), which is either bok choi or its kissing cousin.  There was one day nearly 3 weeks ago when I got busy and distracted and realized I hadn’t really rinsed off the greens before putting them in the blender, but I ignored that small voice in my head suggesting that was not a wise decision and finished my smoothie anyway.

Or maybe it was something else.  But anyway.

After five days or so of this, we called a doctor friend we know and asked if we could come see him. He said yes.  No appointments, as I mentioned before, you just come in and it’s first come first serve.  We took a cab over.  We were his only clients while we were there.

He asked about my symptoms, checked my pulse, asked if I’d had a fever (I had two days of a very low grade fever, and then my thermometer broke and I don’t know, but I don’t think so).

No scales, no blood pressure, no written forms.  He wrote us a prescription for an antiobiotic and a fecal test. There was a nearby pharmacy that had the antibiotics – 3 dollars.  No ID.  Then we walked to a nearby restaurant where I had watermelon juice and fresh tomato soup and Husband and Cherub had more food.  Then we took a cab home.  Husband took another cab back to the hospital to pick up the kit for the fecal test.

Nobody remembered to tell us that the lab would want that sample back within one hour of getting said sample.  Used to the States’ way of doing things, I put the tube in a ziplock bag in a paperbag in my fridge until we could get it back to the hospital.  The doctor said that might be okay.  Next day, husband took another cab to the hospital to deliver it.  Results were negative, but I did not get better.

Over the next week and a few days, I subsisted on crackers, toast, an occasional boiled egg, and pumpkin soup. I tried bananas twice and they made everything worse.  Two different Korean co-workers at the school gave me containers of kimchi because they heard I was having stomach problems, and my Friday katabang (helper) wanted to discuss my digestive and bowel habits and consistency in more detail than I would discuss with my own mother, and about 20 people from church came over and had a party in the living room and cooked up a lot of food that I hear was delicious while I lay on the cool tile floor of my bedroom with a fan blowing on me and wished I was comatose, because while I normally enjoy the smell of freshly grilled fish, that day it just made me wretched.  A few came back a few days later when I was still sick but slightly better, and also asked for details, and I just could not break down those cultural barriers and explain those details.  I did, however, text my firstborn with more of the grizzly details because when you’re this sick sharing grizzly details with your nearest and dearest is one of the few consolations.

Today my  yesterday my husband texted our doctor friend and today he also talked to doctor husband of one of the teachers at school and they both said at this point I should probably be treated for an amoeba in spite of test results.  The doctor friend told my husband to come on over, so he took a cab and dropped in, the doctor wrote out two prescriptions. I did not have to be there.  Then my husband took a cab to three pharmacies before he found one that had both prescriptions.  I did not have to be there, and my ID was not required (Husband might have needed his, I’m not sure).  Now, I would not be surprised to learn this is because he is American and a missionary.  I doubt they do this all the time for everybody.

He took a cab home to drop them off and then cabbed it back to work.  The cab totals were more expensive than the pills, but most people here would either take a jeepney or tricycab or drive themselves.

So far all the prescription pills I have seen here do not come in bottles- they come in blister packs. The doctor prescribes 21 pills and the blister pack is in units of 10? They tear off one pill from the next blister pack.

I also have gatorade, which I mostly only see in blue here, and that’s the one I don’t much care for. I prefer orange because it reminds me of the orange Bayer children’s aspirin from my childhood, but I guess not everybody shares my nostalgia.



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Half the results in peer-reviewed journals are likely wrong. In some fields, it’s worse.

“Half the results published in peer-reviewed scientific journals are probably wrong. John Ioannidis, now a professor of medicine at Stanford, made headlines with that claim in 2005. Since then, researchers have confirmed his skepticism by trying—and often failing—to reproduce many influential journal articles. Slowly, scientists are internalizing the lessons of this irreproducibility crisis. But what about government, which has been making policy for generations without confirming that the science behind it is valid?
The biggest newsmakers in the crisis have involved psychology. Consider three findings: Striking a “power pose” can improve a person’s hormone balance and increase tolerance for risk. Invoking a negative stereotype, such as by telling black test-takers that an exam measures intelligence, can measurably degrade performance. Playing a sorting game that involves quickly pairing faces (black or white) with bad and good words (“happy” or “death”) can reveal “implicit bias” and predict discrimination.
All three of these results received massive media attention, but independent researchers haven’t been able to reproduce any of them properly. ”
More here.

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Global Scaremongers

The Arctic continues not to melt. I predict that within five years, at most, the climate change alarmists will have convinced everybody that they never claimed the arctic is melting at all.

Government science even worse than we thought.

Can humans melt the Antarctic ice cap?

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