Bato Lata or Kick the Can

Here are the directions to a Filipino kids street game, similar to our Kick the Can.  Just so you know, slipper is what they call flip flops or loose sandals.

The kids on our street played it all the time. It was fun to watch, but I never quite understood all the ends and outs.  It was clear the goal was to hit the can with their tsinillas (flip=flop) and somebody had the job of grabbing the can and standing it up, but the finer points were beyond me.  I realize now part of that was because they didn’t play the same version every time.


I’m hoping to try to teach it to the oldest of the grand-kids this summer.  We have a nice open grassy field where it would work.  I think their feet are too tender to play on the stony driveway.


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Hansel and Gretel illustration

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1912 Cleaning Tip, Using Snow

Editor of SCHOOL EDUCATION: Will you please tell the teachers through your columns that there is no better sweeping compound than frozen snow, better if crystalized, but not soft as soft snow mingling with the dust would leave mud on the floor. The best way is to take one tier of seats at a time, sprinkle a generous quantity of snow in front and sweep quickly before the snow has time to melt, and the floor will be perfectly clean and no dust settling on the desk or filling the teacher’s lungs.
Yours truly Mrs A.M. Riggs, Jacobson Minn

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Necessaries of Life


From a 1916 or so booklet on teaching drawing and printing arts to high school students.

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Beer is Bread

A 1916 advertisement for Budweiser beer:

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