Homeschooling for the birds

Great Backyard Bird Count–Friday, February 18, through Monday, February 21

Greetings from Audubon and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology,
Just a reminder that the Great Backyard Bird Count begins this Friday and
continues through Monday. We hope you’ll count birds at your favorite locations
on any or all of the count days and enter your tallies at Please ask your friends to join is as well. As data pour in from around
the United States and Canada, you’ll be able to see how your sightings are
contributing to a continental picture showing where the birds this year, and
how this year’s picture compares with previous counts.

Assignment: All Common Room students will visit the above URL and put up our birdfeeders (including the suet ones that have been languishing in the summer kitchen for a year). This means you’ll have to take down the hanging basket of plastic poinsettias and the Christmas lights, since the poinsettias are hanging where one of the bird feeders belongs. We would not wish you to think, of course, that the real purpose of this assignment is getting you to clear out the Christmas decorations before St. Patrick’s day. That is the real purpose, of course. We just wish you wouldn’t catch on so quickly.

As we were saying: put up the birdfeeders and particpate in the backyard birdwatch as described in the above URL. You may report both here and to the website above.

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How to fit the NY skyline in a 1200 sq ft house

The organized soul has one book beside the bed. The glutton sleeps
with the New York Skyline lurching an inch from the bed. ~ Charlotte Gray

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Just dropping a short note to let you all know that (drum roll) I HAVE FINALLY ADDED THE HEADMASTER! (I hope…) It took a while, but I think I finally did it. We’ll find out when he tries post. But it should work.
Hum… can’t think of anything else to post, my mind’s rather foggy, as I have a cough and a cold. If I think of anything else I’ll be sure to post.

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The Family Blog remains a new frontier for the Equuschick. She is not sure how the whole comment thing is managed, either the leaving of them or replying to them. She apologizes for her stupidity and shall manage as best she can.
Her morning has been spent reading and enjoying the first few chapters of “The Solitaire Mystery” and devising a treatmant plan for a sick cat. She is still in her pajamas at 11:13 am, her time. She wonders if she should get dressed and begin lunch.

She decides not just yet. She remains.

She has great plans of visiting the Shedd Aquarium this month and includes a link for the interested few:

Her family departs in an hour for the library and grocery store, she really ought to get dressed. (She means, of course, RE-dressed. In other clothes…)

{remainder of this post deleted by the Deputy Headmistress. Equuschick is now in disgrace in the attic, but don’t worry, we feed her fishheads through the grating in the floor. On Alternate Tuesdays.}

Ergo, she departs.

Deputy Headmistress: to the aforementioned garret in the attic

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The Deputy Headmistress has had some self-debates on the merits of sharing the following link. After all, we want to be known here for our erudite brilliance. We wish to be a shining star in the blogosphere firmament, or at least the firmament of our small circle of internet friends.
But watching this short video just gives our family too much delight to keep to ourselves. We looked around the web to find a little more background (the song is Romanian, the group is O-Zone, the kid is an unknown Dutch lad), and we noted some unfortunate personal remarks about this delightful young person.
We are dismayed to find such cynicism, but not surprised. We do not expect to find it mirrored in our friends.

Sometimes one must simply abandon all reserve and indulge in a little unrepressed joy. And get a load of the eyebrow action.

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