The Family Blog remains a new frontier for the Equuschick. She is not sure how the whole comment thing is managed, either the leaving of them or replying to them. She apologizes for her stupidity and shall manage as best she can.
Her morning has been spent reading and enjoying the first few chapters of “The Solitaire Mystery” and devising a treatmant plan for a sick cat. She is still in her pajamas at 11:13 am, her time. She wonders if she should get dressed and begin lunch.

She decides not just yet. She remains.

She has great plans of visiting the Shedd Aquarium this month and includes a link for the interested few:

Her family departs in an hour for the library and grocery store, she really ought to get dressed. (She means, of course, RE-dressed. In other clothes…)

{remainder of this post deleted by the Deputy Headmistress. Equuschick is now in disgrace in the attic, but don’t worry, we feed her fishheads through the grating in the floor. On Alternate Tuesdays.}

Ergo, she departs.

Deputy Headmistress: to the aforementioned garret in the attic

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The Deputy Headmistress has had some self-debates on the merits of sharing the following link. After all, we want to be known here for our erudite brilliance. We wish to be a shining star in the blogosphere firmament, or at least the firmament of our small circle of internet friends.
But watching this short video just gives our family too much delight to keep to ourselves. We looked around the web to find a little more background (the song is Romanian, the group is O-Zone, the kid is an unknown Dutch lad), and we noted some unfortunate personal remarks about this delightful young person.
We are dismayed to find such cynicism, but not surprised. We do not expect to find it mirrored in our friends.

Sometimes one must simply abandon all reserve and indulge in a little unrepressed joy. And get a load of the eyebrow action.


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Blogging on the bog

Further down the Headmistress briefly refers to the bog in our yard. The bog where she abruptly and involuntarily parked the van Tuesday night (you can see a picture here).

From the air The Common Room driveway looks like a large needle, or at least, it did before the Deputy Headmistress and Zookeeper did some impromptu landscaping with the van.

There is a long, straight entrance from the road. Then, if you like, you can make a circle, so that you can park facing the road rather than backing out. At least it appears that you may do this. Appearances are snares and delusions. The ‘eye’ of the needle is the verdant green center of that circle at the end of the needle- green, green, green. Always green. Except for when it’s greener. This is because there is plenty of moisture there.

On Tuesday night the Deputy Headmistress and Zookeeper intended to drive the van around the eye of the needle, but the Common Room van does not turn on a dime. It does not turn on a quarter or a silver dollar, nay, nor does it turn on the largest turkey platter ever used in a Marine Corps dining facility. It turns on a city block when it’s feeling fine and sassy (the van, not the city block).

Being the brilliant educator that she is, the Deputy Headmistress and Zookeeper quickly realized she was stuck and decided not to make matters worse, so she turned the van off and went inside to await the Headmaster. He was too tired to bother with it so suggested they all sleep on it. By Wednesday morning the back end of the van was exhaust-pipe deep in mud. (Probably having nine of us sleeping on it hadn’t helped matters any- ha).

Fifty pounds of kitty litter poured into the hole simply made a slurping sound and disappeared. We think we heard the bog say, “Yum. Give me more.”

The Common Room denizens have always been extraordinarily blessed in friends, and one of the Princes Among the Friends came over tonight and helped the Headmaster pull the van out. We expect to make a pond in the eye of the needle come spring. Or rather, we expect to have to wall in the growing pond come spring.

We shall stock it with little fishes most delicious and we’ll have them for supper and we’ll have them for tea.

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Magellan’s Voyage, from JennyAnyDots

We are having technical difficulties getting JennyAnyDots added to the Common Room. We don’t wish to get bogged down in technical details, but suffice it to say that the Deputy Headmistress is sometimes an idgit.

Meanwhile, here is an entry from JennyAnyDots’ narration journal for Magellan’s Voyage, a Dover Publication of the account by Antonio Pigafetta:

Magellan was on an island that had Indians on it who were not Christians, so he preached to them his belief, which I think is Catholic, and all the Indians, after some days, were baptized.

The Indians had been worshiping these things carved out of wood that looked like a boar. Magellan told them to burn these and to worship a tall wooden cross.

He made them stop worshiping one idol and start worshiping another. He sometimes used force to make them become Catholics. He gave one of the girls a carved image of Mary and the baby Jesus, and said, “Here, you can worship that.”

I think he should have thought about that more.

The DeputyHeadmistress adds:
For a little more information about Magellan or Pigafetta, read the website below. There we read that out of five ships that set out, only one returned, but that one returned with a cargo of cloves that was valuable enough to pay for the entire expedtion, and another small item worth more than that- read the link to find out what it was:

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Copywork about manners

Come when you’re called,
Do as you’re bid,
Shut the door after you,
Never be chid


Hearts, like doors, will open with ease
To very, very, little keys,
And don’t forget that two of these
Are ‘I thank you’ and
‘If you please’.


Please remember – don’t forget –
Never leave the bathroom wet –
Nor leave the soap still in the water
That’s a thing we never oughter.
Nor leave the towels about the floor,
Nor keep the bath an hour or more
When other folks are wanting one –
Please don’t forget – It isn’t done!

Mabel Lucie Atwell


Quite often when I am reading aloud something with a useful thought or idea, Whose-Its will say, “Oh-oh, this is giving Mommy ideas.

What are some ideas you get from your reading?

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