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The HeadGirl’s Spring Break ends tomorrow. Her one consolation is that there are only 7 weeks until Summer Break begins. Today, as she flew about gathering together notebooks and pencils and other necessary but small items, she said: “Spring Break causes me to lead such a degenerate lifestyle, and then I can’t find any of my belongings.” Pipsqueak, being in the same room, asked (with sweet curtiousity), “How is this different from your other lifestyle?”

Alright, I’m done talking in the third person. I am not talented enough to maintain it for lengthy periods of time (if I can do it at all, which is a subject of great doubt).

I began reading Brideshead Revisited on Saturday. I’m almost 1/3 of the way through it, which is encouraging, given the fact that I’ve given myself a deadline for finishing it. I don’t know anything about the story, but so far I’m liking this book very much indeed. I bought my own paperback copy at a recent library booksale and have already marked it up quite a bit so that I can easily find the passages I wish to remember. I’ve decided to share two here.

“Is it good art?”
“Well, I don’t quite know what you mean,” I said warily. “I think it’s a remarkable example of its period. Probably in eighty years it will be greatly admired.”
“But surely it can’t be good twenty years ago and good in eighty years, and not good now?”
“Well, it may be
good now. All I mean is that I don’t happen to like it much.”
“But is there a difference between liking a thing and thinking it good?”

It is here, at this crucial question, that Waugh adds to the friendly tension by having someone else interrupt the conversation. The idea behind this seems quite forceful (at least, to a first time reader): The answer to this question is important, but you’ll have to keep reading if you want it because you’re not going to get it now.

Another interesting passage:
“Does your family always talk about religion all the time?”
“Not all the time. It’s a subject that just comes up naturally, doesn’t it?”
“Does it? It never has with me before.”
“Then perhaps you
are an agnostic. I’ll pray for you.”

Although the HeadGirl does not share Cordelia’s Catholicism (Cordelia being the praying one in this conversation), she does believe that religion should be a subject that “just comes up naturally.” If it is really ingrained in our existence, then it shouldn’t just be something special set aside for Sunday dinner conversation, or ignored entirely, but should be an integral part of our day to day existence.

On a minor celebratory note, I have finished reading Hidden Art of Homemaking. One previously unread Ambleside Online book read, many more to go.

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A Round Up of Terri Schiavo Blogs

LaShawn Barber, a worthy blogger, is compiling a round-up of blogs addressing the Terri Schiavo case. Go check it out. If you find anything you think we should read or possibly include here, let us know in the comments section.

Incidentally, LaShawn is well worth reading on many topics, so go, already. We’ll be here when you come back.

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Whose Wishes, Part II

UPDATE: forgot to give the link to Whose Wishes, Part the First.

Recently, on a Larry King show, Michael Schiavo was asked if he had spoken to or seen Terri’s parents. He said no. He was asked if he could understand what they, as parents, were going through. He replied,

“M. SCHIAVO: Yes, I do. But this is not about them, it’s about Terri. And I’ve also said that in court. We didn’t know what Terri wanted, but this is what we want…”

Terri’s parents have charged all along that Terri had never expressed a wish to die to Michael, and that this was only what he wanted. I realize that there is a good possiblity that this is not what Michael meant to say, but perhaps it’s one of those misstatements that has more truth to it than the speaker wishes. And, of course, it’s not the first time Michael has admitted it’s not Terri’s wishes that motivate him:

In a September 27, 1999 Deposition, Michael Schiavo said his reason for keeping guardianship of Terri was essentially to get back at her parents.

Q. Have you considered turning the guardianship over to Mr. and Mrs. Schindler?

SCHIAVO: No, I have not.

Q. And why?

SCHIAVO: I think that’s pretty self explanatory.

Q. I’d like to hear your answer.

SCHIAVO: Basically I don’t want to do it.

Q. And why don’t you want to do it?

SCHIAVO: Because they put me through pretty much h*** the last few years.

Q. And can you describe what you mean by h***?

SCHIAVO: The litigations they put me through.

Q. Any other specifics besides the litigation?

SCHIAVO: Just their attitude towards me because of the litigations. There is no other reason. I’m Terri’s husband and I will remain guardian.

After his attorney “talked” with him, Michael added, “Yeah. Another reason would be that her parents wouldn’t carry out her wishes.”

Others (namely her parents and brother) have contradicted Michael’s assertion that his wife would want her feeding tube removed. In addition, Cindy Shook, who had an affair with Michael shortly after Terri’s incident, gave a startling deposition. Regarding what Terri would have wanted she claims Michael said,

“How the h*** should I know we never spoke about this, my God I was only 25 years old. How the h*** should I know? We were young. We never spoke of this.”
More here: Does Michael Know What Terri Wanted? Does he care?

See Blogs for Terri for more.

Terri is a Catholic. Michael has had a standing order for her *immediate* cremation upon death. Why?

See here for more about Michael- look particularly at file 12.

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Bill Passes: Schindlers Want Terri’s Feeding Tube Reinserted

From Blogs for Terri:

March 21, 2005
“Bill Passes: Schindlers Want Terri’s Feeding Tube Reinserted
The bill has passed, so let’s get the tube in and start rehabilitating Terri – starting with giving her a new guardian. Congress approved emergency legislation early Monday to let Terri Schiavo’s parents ask a federal judge to prolong Terri’s life, capping days of emotional debate over who should decide life and death.”

More of course, on the website, and by the time you read this, who knows what will have changed.

UPDATE: moved a paragraph that should have gone with the post on the audio file to that post (the next one down)

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Authentic Audio File of Terri, and more;=AL05C03&t;=e

From a friend:

” I don’t know if you got this – it just came into my e-mail from Family Research Council. I’ve read your blog recently about Terri –
I heard just a tiny bit of this, my computer’s acting flaky, but it’s from this:
“FRC has an authentic audio file from Terri’s hospital room recorded Friday afternoon, approximately two hours after her feeding tube was removed. Her father is asking her questions and she is audibly responding to him. This audio file testifies that Terri Schiavo is NOT ‘in a persistent vegetative state.’ “

It’s also here.

It is painful to listen to, especially with the realization that this woman is being starved to death.

And keep up to date with Blogs for Terri– they have action items, people to call and email.

Think this is about death with dignity? What dignity is there in a botched and unnecessary surgical procedure. They could have just capped Terri’s feeding tube- in fact, that is what I understand Judge Greer was told to have done. Instead, they performed surgery to remove it, increasing the risk of scar tissue and infection, not to mention the unncecessary pain and discomfort they have put Terri through. And now she does have an infection. See Suebob’s diary for more.

Terri Schiavo is apparently suffering from an infection because of the improper method used to remove her feeding tube according to blogger Becky Snow. To remove a feeding tube in such a way is a breach of the medical standard of care. Over such breaches, lawsuits are filed and physicians are referred to their licensing boards.

According to the links at Suebob’s, the feeding tube site was not sutured shut. They just removed the tube and left the hole open. And now Terri has an infection. She is not being given antibiotics or ‘comfort care.’

This is absolutely horrific. God have mercy.

UPDATE: Many of those who think it’s time to starve Terri to death argue that the audio recording of her must be faked (so I hope if they learn it isn’t, they will back off from trying to kill her?). Terri’s parents petitioned the court to permit reporters to watch them interact with Terri. Would they do that if everything they’ve said about Terri is a lie? Ought we not to investigate this further instead of simply dismissing the audio recording as a fake because it doesn’t fit with our preconceived ideas?

Rhetorical questions. Of course.

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