To be or not to be… art?

Yes, today I am here to talk about the Importance of Being Earnest Art. Not “Art” as in short-for-Arthur, but art as in painting-a-picture art.
Apparently, what is now considered art is what is drawn by 4 year olds. Or at least, the viewers, and even artists themselves cannot tell the difference between “art” (a.k.a. the stuff in the museums), and what a four year olds have been drawing for fun.
Go here to see what I am rambling on about. And you should click on the related link: “Is it Art or Not?”
It makes one think, it really does (well, about more things than the money you could get selling what your four year old draws). The reason it is in the museums is because the people “in charge” see life in it… I wonder whether they have ever looked at a painting by a child? Hmmmm.
I think, though, that what a young child paints or draws is so much more beautiful than what is in the museums. A child tries so hard to get a perfect piece of art… you can see the work and effort they put into it, and how pleased they are with the results. Sure, it may not be Da Vinci, but it’s their masterpiece, their work of art.

And now I have to leave thee. Sorry for all the mistakes that I am sure I made. I’m really tired. (I almost spelled tries trys.)

[The Deputy Headmistress adds: by ‘art in museums’ The Pipsqueak means modern, abstract art. This will be obvious to those who click on the links, which we highly suggest you do. Great fun]

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Kilkenny Cat’s Victim: Her Story

I’m typing without pain. We shall call it “minimal discomfort.” No, but really, I’m doing much better.

So yes. The Headmistress has told most of you that I had both my hands bitten and scratched by a feral cat at work. We have christened the cat Edwina Scissorhands, as that is what my boss was reminded of when she saw my hands a few moments after the fight.

(I was still finding my blood all over the shelter when I went back to work two or three days later.) It was my fault for being stupid. As recompense for my sins, I have to wear gloves all the time at work for a few weeks to prevent infection, I am on antibiotics, I’m supposed to treat my hands with betadine and hydrogen peroxide three times a day, Epsom salts twice a day, and a saline solution three times daily.

I’ve also been sentenced to the series of rabies vaccines, which FOR THE THOUSANDTH TIME is not the same shot you get when you know you’ve been exposed by a rabid animal. It is a different immunization that is preventative.

The board was considering making me get it even before Edwina Scissorhands. I actually had to be taken to the ER by a board member, and I’m relatively certain I
will have no more say in the matter. So I’m just Doing It. =P

Oh yes, the ER. I was taken immediately the hospital in town. If you ever find yourself in this particular facility, the surest solution is to shoot yourself and
save the doctors their trouble. I’m sitting on my gurney eating an Arby’s sandwich as best I can with hands that look they’ve been through a shredder, my mom is eating her sandwich a few feet away, and she glances at the floor and inquires casually “So, um, is that your blood on the floor?” “I wasn’t ever in that
end of the room. It isn’t my blood.” O_o


Clearly, the standard of care is not the best at our local clinic. Later, therefore, I went to our regular doctor half an hour away and had them look. The finger that was bitten the most is infected, hence the Treatment Plan given above. I got my tetanus shot yesterday and my first of the three rabies shots today. Very soon, I shall resemble a pincushion. It is the tetanus shot, in the thigh, that is causing me
most discomfort at the moment. There is, of course, also the matter of my new corrective retainer to be considered. It’s like having braces all over again.

You should be aware that by 9:30 am I & my mom had dropped my sister off at her college, been to a Pharmacy in an unsuccessful attempt to get my saline, been to my
orthodontist appointment, and were on our way to a bookstore? I got up at 5:30 am. On my day off. *collapses*

I feel as if I did nothing over a 48 hour period except sit in waiting rooms in hospitals or pharmacies. I now have an account with three pharmacies. I have a Workmen’s Comp papertrail a mile long to keep track of.

I am exhausted. There are many other things I’d planned to say, but they will remain unsaid.

[Deputy Headmistress notes: this is from a few days ago. Equuschick is doing great; her hands are healing well, and Edwina Scissorspaws shows no sign of rabies.]

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Historical Revisionism

The Belmont Club tells us about the implications of airbrushing out cigerettes from photographs of Jean Paul Sarte. Read the whole thing, and check out the links, too.

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The Canadian Map

Canadian Provinces I’ve visited (and one I lived in)

create your own personalized map of Canada
or check out ourVancouver travel guide

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The Map

States I can remember visiting or living in.

create your own personalized map of the USA
or check out ourCalifornia travel guide

Picked up over at The Tulip Girl, again.

November 05, updated to reflect our drive to D.C. last May and I remembered another childhood vacation.

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