Hand me the bib, please.

If you haven’t been following Eason Jordan’s fall, then you probably don’t get any of your news from blogs.

The Mudville Gazette has a terrific interview with Jules Crittenden, witness to the Palestine Hotel affair, where journalists were accidentally shot by American military (full disclosure: our family has military ties):

Captain Ed from Captain’s quarter has pursued the story with care an eye to detail- turns out Eason Jordan has made similar accusations against the military before- always overseas, never with any supporting evidence. This casts a bit of a shadow over his claim to have been misunderstood, don’t you think?

And another good place to catch up if you’ve missed this story is Michelle Malkin’s blog, where I read the following (there’s more, so be sure to click on the link below)

“Steve Lovelady ([email protected]) of Columbia Journalism Review has this
to say about Jordan’s resignation: “The salivating morons who make up the
lynch mob prevail.”


The head of a major news organization made a shocking accusation of murder against American military- or he didn’t. The only way to find out is to release his portion of the video tape and let us see for ourselves. Jordan could have, and should have called for the release of that tape.

If he doesn’t want the tape released because he actually did make those remarks (I can’t think of another reason), then he needs to back them up with some hard evidence, and we need congressional hearings and a full investigation.

If he’s sorry for his remarks, he needs to make a full, complete, and genuine apology. Such an apology NEVER contains the word ‘but.’ “I am sorry, but…” is not the way to start an apology. It’s the way to start an argument, shift blame, and avoid responsibility.

If those thoughts make me a ‘salivating moron,’ then hand me a bib.

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The HeadGirl making her presence known

My homework is in the next room, so in the literal sense I’m not miles behind it. In the sense of planning out my week-end, however, I know that Monday will be spent in the company of many math problems, vocab words and maps to label.

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words of wisdom recently spoken in this common room

Do not shoot the dart gun at the ceiling fan.

Gentlemen do not shoot rubber-bands at their sisters’ bottoms.

In order for things to work, they must be plugged in.

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The Common-Room, a description

In order to preserve a sense of history and togetherness within our students, we live in a living history museum of our own making. Toward that end, no more than one antique toilet is necessary in our 9 person household. This promotes a sense of bonding during tooth-brushing and Standing In Line.

Guests, of course, always hold first priority. It is our practice to ask if anybody needs to use the toilet before one of us takes a shower. This is not from undue interest in the excretory systems of our guests, but rather a courtesy extended to those who would rather *not* make the one mile hike to the working outhouse up the road. (isn’t it time to get that door repaired?)

– We were fortunate in the fact that this house was already furnished with a 1963 toilet that has aged quite nicely, and one can experience a deeper sense of antiquity when forcing the handle down and then forcing it right back up.

– The bathtub is also one of our prized Historical Artifacts. Steel-bottomed, the only signs of decay are the orange iron stains, the worn away paint, the scratches porcelain, the rusted faucet, and the apparant rotten spots directly under the surface. These are scattered randomly throughout the tub, providing a pleasing sense of random chaos and impending doom.

One only becomes aware of the rotten spots lurking beneath the tub when standing directly on top of one of them. Ssuddenly feels the sensation that one is on a trampoline. Caution is advisable but we do hope visitors do not allow this to distract them from the proper admiration of the Stone Age plumbing system.- The prize of our collection is, without a doubt, the water heater. It is so old, in fact, that we have no idea what epoch of time it belongs to. We only know that what-ever rumbling and banging noises it makes during one’s shower is not, as we first believed, someone knocking on the door. Keeping this in mind during a shower improves one’s peace of mind.

– The water here is specifically designed to give one a Sense of the Rustic, when pioneers drank water from the sulphurous streams of Yellowstone. We do provide distilled water for the squeamish (squeamish being a category we also fall into in this case).

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The Firstyears

Our First Years are two sprites known sometimes as Whose-its and Whats-its, and other times as the First Year Boy and First Year Girl (FYB and FYG). They shall not be posting if we can keep them from the computer, and we do intend to do that a few years longer.
A blog is a somewhat public activity, but there are Limits, and were we to permit these two to post, there is no telling what family secrets would be revealed. Visitors to the household are regularly regaled with all the news that has ever occurred within the family in their entire combined life-times. This includes such head-lines as the Lost Tooth, My Friend Abigail, My Tinker-Toys, My Poor Foot, That Boy Who Came to Our House, What Mom Said When the Toilet Wouldn’t Flush, What the Head Girl Did When We Hid Her Math Book and What EquusChick’s Room Looks Like and other such unedifying topics. We are doing our best to be Censors and Squelchers of the Running Historical Commentary.

This won’t stop us from sharing Running Historical Commentary of all their doings, calculated to be of such a nature as to embarrass them for the rest of their natural lives. We see it as our duty, and we are slaves to duty.

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