My back hurts- and that reminds me…

A few years back I was chatting on the phone with a Charismatic (as in the religious belief in miraculous gifts of the Spirt being current) friend. I shared with her the sometimes debilitating back pain I suffer, and I also said that in some ways it had been a blessing, because I get some of my best Bible reading done in the wee hours of the morning when my back aches won’t let me sleep. She told me pain was never a blessing, and that God never gave anybody pain. I challenged her to read Paul Brand’s book _In His Image_, to see what a gift pain could be.

From where I sit, God is much more awesomely glorified by people who, like Job, continue to trust God and hold tightly on to faith in Him as they walk through the valley of the shadow of death. These are the heroes of the faith, inspirational, and they forge a path some of us may yet have to walk, and they forge it with grit and determination and ever growing faith.

It’s easy to praise the Lord in what we perceive as good and pleasant circumstances. It’s much more glorifying to praise Him in what we perceive to
be hard life experiences.

We tend to judge circumstances as good or bad (painful or not painful) based on how we feel about them here and now. We act as though what is happening now matters more than what will happen to us later. But we are characters in the middle of a story being written by Someone Else. We don’t know the end of the story, and perhaps we never will.

We don’t always even understand correctly the parts of the story we’ve already
read (and lived). We, and our feelings, are not the standard. Our judgement of what is good or bad for us right now is hopelessly flawed, and crippled by our inability to read the future.

The Bible does not say, “count it all joy, when you fall into various trials
*Except physical ones* knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.
Job was not stricken with physical illness because of his lack of faith, nor
was he healed because of his faith. All that happened to him had very little
to do with him, and everything to do with God and the accuser. Even the
Devil knew, if you read that story, that there’s little glory in praising God
when you’re well.

When we pray for the sick, we need to pray both for healing AND for strength and comfort and the blessing of being a living monument to God, glorifying Him through our continuous faith and reliance upon Him even in the face of great pain and suffering.

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Here I am.

Okay, I have read through all the posts and comments and now feel that as the Headmaster I have a Clue!! It now one hour past when I wanted to go to bed. To those that don’t know me here is an overview:

  1. I like to read, but never have (find) the time.
  2. My priorites are thus:
    1. My God.
    2. My family all 9 of us.
    3. My country.
    4. Making a living (commonly known as work).
  3. I love people, talking and meeting new people. Face to face that is, this Blogg stuff is okay but just not the same as a conversing over coffee. ;’)

My headmistress has done a wonderful job in raising our brood, they are all wonderful and I am very proud of each and everyone of them!!

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(crossposted from a comment in a friend’s journal)
Deconstructionism: A theory that wastes a prodigious amount of words telling the stupid masses why words don’t matter, why we can never communicate a single meaning, and that each generation (sect…person…unit) can glean a different meaning (read: their own) from a text.

What does deconstructionism mean to me? Firstly, it will always and forever remind me of my speech class. My teacher had this really progressive idea that we should talk about theories of communication rather than actually practicing communication. You might say I was not overly impressed.

She lectured on the deconstructionists for a while and said we could get extra credit points for a paper written on the deconstructionist theories, namely those of Derrida and Judith Butler. Because I happen to love extra credit and relished the idea of this paper, I decided to take her up on the offer… until I began the research. I was so flabbergasted by the theory that I never wrote anything more than a few scrawled notes.

Later on in the semester my teacher did several other things that made me furious and I had no qualms about writing papers expressng my viewpoints, and now I wish I’d done the deconstructionism paper, too.

Why spend words if they can never adequately represent the one position you stand on? Why spend words on a theory that refuses to acknowledge the objective value of our method of communication?
My speech teacher told us, “This is graduate school material, so you guys know you’re really learning.” Some things are so idiotic, however, that they should just stay in graduate school… if they must exist at all.

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The Legalist

I asked him to pick up his shoes, which were on the floor.

He argued that they weren’t shoes, they were boots.

Whatever, I said. They’re yours, they don’t go there, put them away.

His socks were inside the boots/shoes, so he took them out and left those dirty socks on the floor. Then he picked up his shoes, sorry, boots, dropped them again, and whined at me that he had picked them up.

I told him to put them away in his room. He carried them to the edge of his
bedroom door and dropped them, very precisely, one centimeter over the edge of the line between his room and mine.

This pattern continued through getting him to actually put his shoes away AND get his dirty socks and put those away, too.

Then I put my little legalist to bed. He was 3 years old, and it was naptime.

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Of Cherry Tarts and Honesty

So, today is Washington’s birthday, and since Great-Grandmama ALWAYS had Cherry pie on February 22nd, our Grandmother invited us other for Cherry tarts and tea. ‘Twas absoballyloutly delicious, and- well, that’s beside the point (if there even was one).
The story of the Cherry tree is one that most Amercans know. Washington had an axe, he chopped down the cherry tree, and he was honest about it. It is a myth, but it shows something about Washinton’s character, none the less.
It shows that people knew he was an honest and sincere person, a good man, and a strong leader.

And that was going to be a lot longer, but my family is watching a movie, and it’s started with out me!

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