Asking Questions

Polipundit is asking some questions today.

The Good Captain covers capriciousness.

Read an affadavit by another doctor, one Doctor William Chesire, with experience with Terri’s case who says that she may not be PVS.

Hugh Hewitt has more about Dr. Chesire and the culture of death behind Terri’s starvation.

Patterico asks another question:

“Do you oppose an attempt to feed her liquid, to see if she can swallow it on her own? If so, why?”

He quotes William Anderson, who points out

“When we awaken from this queasy nightmare, people will ask how it could have been that a court could post a police officer by the bedside to insure that a dying woman succumbed to a ghastly death by thirst.”

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Do as I say, not as I do….

From this Eyewitness News Report:

A state law prohibits smoking within 25 feet of a school. Student Eliazar Velasquez observed somebody violating that law, in fact, actually smoking on school property just outside a door to the school building. He photographed the law-breaker and published the pictures on the web.

He also passed out fliers at the school directing students to the pictures on the internet.

So he was suspended. You see, the school principal was the scoff-law in this case. I think I like this kid.

According to the article:

“Central High administrators say Velasquez’s suspension was because the sophomore had harassed and slandered the principal and was being a disruptive influence.

The American Civil Liberties Union has gotten involved, saying the suspension raises freedom of speech and due-process issues. “

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Dog Blogging (Or, The Equuschick is Getting Irritated.)

I work at a county animal shelter, people. I know about euthanasia. What’s happening to Terri isn’t euthanasia. We don’t kill our dogs this way. Not the way she is going. Find me a single animal shelter that euthanizes their dogs by removing food and water, I dare you.

I have seen a feral cat who tore my hands apart so badly I couldn’t write for almost a week go out of the world with more dignity and less pain than will be the case for a brain damaged woman who has never harmed a soul.

Forget about brain scans, and neurological tests, and wills and last wishes that we may or may not know. Pretend, for a moment, that you’ve never heard those words.

Whatever happened to the Golden Rule? The vital question is no longer “Would you wish to be kept alive in Terri’s state?” The question is: “Would you like to die her death?”

Think about it.

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I’m too tired and too angry to make sure this link works, so just copy and paste into your browser if it doesn’t. You’ll manage.;=/ap/20050324/ap_on_re_us/brain_damaged_woman

What we have here, ladies and gentlmen, is the government sanctioned, nay, ordered, death by starvation of someone whose only voice is her husband, engaged to another woman.
Who knows, maybe she would have wanted to die. But not like this. This is no longer even about the rights or wrongs of euthanasia. Euthanasia means, literally, a dignified death. There is nothing dignified about dying of thirst. No less than thirteen people have been ARRESTED for bringing this woman water.

And for some reason, the words “Nazi Germany” keep running through my head. Go Figure.

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Media Memo Fraud?

Some of you may have heard about the alleged GOP Talking Points Memo. I haven’t paid much attention to it, because I don’t really care why somebody gets involved or how admirable they may or may not be, so long as Terri isn’t starved to death. God used a Donkey to confront Balaam, and He used the Chaldeans to chastize other nations, and He just might be using some self-serving types here. At least, that’s what I thought.

What if that memo is no more real than the forged documents Dan Rather used to try to unseat President Bush in an election year?

Powerline is investigating.

“our Washington sources tell us that a number of Republican Senators say they did not receive, and have never seen, the memo. This contradicts the implication that the memo is some kind of official Republican document that was circulated to all Republican Senators.

Third, the only clear evidence as to the origin of the memo is that it was circulated by Democratic staffers. Tom Maguire, author of Just One Minute, wrote to point out this story from yesterday’s New York Times:

As tensions festered among Republicans, Democratic aides passed out an unsigned one-page memorandum that they said had been distributed to Senate Republicans. “This is an important moral issue and the pro-life base will be excited that the Senate is debating this important issue,” the memorandum said.
So the memo has been traced to a group of Democratic staffers. What evidence is there that its origins go back any farther? None, that we’re aware of

The Powerline blog ;oints out other problems (the memo spells Terri’s name wrong, has the wrong number for the bill, isn’t on letterhead as every other SEnate memo is…) and many more unanswered questions. Interesting reading.

Mike Allen of the Washington Post says we should accept it as valid because

“…I would not have put it in an article if I were not certain of its authenticity and relevance — i.e., senators had it on the floor.”

It is to laugh. This is just another way of saying ‘trust me, I would not say this if it were not true’- but the days when we trusted the word of a reporter on a questionable story just because he tells us to are long gone. Then there’s the comment about senators having it on the floor, thus proving its authenticity. But so far, the memo has only been traced back to Democratic staffers.

I wonder which senators ‘had it on the floor?’

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