Perfection is founded entirely on the love of God: “Charity is the
bond of perfection;” and perfect love of God means the complete
union of our will with God’s: “The principal effect of love is so to
unite the wills of those who love each other as to make them will the
same things.” It follows then, that the more one unites his will
with the divine will, the greater will be his love of God.

–Saint Alphonsus de Ligouri, Uniformity with God’s Will

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Drum roll, please

I have finally figured out how to get the stupid photobucket to load, and here is a picture of the van. I’d load the other one, but it is not up on photobucket, and it is on the other computer.

(The Deputy Headmistress adds: For more about this, please see the earlier post “blogging on the bog.” The Headmaster wishes me to inform our friendly viewers that the yellow thingie to the left is the jack. This photo was taken while the van was jacked up over two feet. He says, in fact, that it maxed out the length of his hydraulic jack, and he was still digging through the underground spring which I accidentally discovered. But he’s not bitter.):

And here is the picture of our darling bunny rabbit, Valentine (the hands are the hands of me):

Yes, she really got up on the keyboard of her own accord, I was merely keeping her from jumping up further, as my page was going wacko as it was. (Headmistress: to learn the rabbit’s back story, please see our previous blog entry, “Happy Adopt a Bunny Month”)
And this is the picture of our darling Zeus (the lap his head is resting on is Jennyanydots’s):

Gosh, this is fun… I really must take more nice pictures of our animals, and such like. 🙂

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Death & Taxes

“There is no more persistent and influential faith in the world today than the faith in government spending.”

“The government never lends or gives anything to business that it does not take away from business…But the government can give no financial help to business that it does not first or finally take from business. The government’s funds all come from taxes.”
— Both excerpts from Henry Hazlitt’s wonderful “Economics in One Lesson”.

There is a tendency to forget the fact that the only way the government is able to “fix” problems is by taking money out of our pockets. One might almost argue, then, that many of these problems are created simply because individuals/companies have been deprived the resources to fix them on their own.

Because of our great faith in the government’s spending, however, we are quite willing to let an inefficient third party deal with an issue that two parties could have addressed, and we would have still retained control over what we rightfully earned.

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A Post of Many Things

I went for a walk in our lovely woods today. It was slightly chilly out, but still very lovely. Two of our cats went with me, Lily and Little One (or Chew Toy, whichever you prefer).
I saw either a very large possum, or a badger. At first I thought it was Jordan, a dog who likes to visit everyone around here, but when I whistled it didn’t move, and when I shaded my eyes from the sun, I realized it wasn’t a dog, at all. I’m not sure if it was a possum or a badger, but whatever it was, it was extremely UGLY.
I also saw the skull of some rodent, and another part of it’s skeleton, but I couldn’t tell what part, cause it was kinda broken. And there were ducks swimming in the creek. I think it was a very satisfying walk indeed, although I wish I had brought the camera, because there were several photo worthy sights.

I just finished reading an online text of the book “The Young Visiters.” It was written by a nine year old girl, around 1890 or 1908, I forget which. It was very funny, although the spelling was “rarther” bad. It has been made into a movie, with Hugh Laurie, and HeadGirl has put it on hold, and we should be getting it soon.

I had to give Zeus, our very large black lab/mastiff mix, a bath a few days ago, because he was jumping in the mud hole we have in the middle of our driveway. It seems to have become a new hobby of his. Jump in the hole. Get muddy. Jump out. Jump in the hole. Get muddier. Jump out of the hole. Grin at person yelling at you to stop getting dirty. He doesn’t like baths, though. At one point I had to lift him back into the bath tub… my shirt was soaking. He was doing it again, today, but this time Jennyanydots just used a spray bottle of water, with something in it (not sure what) and wiped him down. He didn’t like that, either.
Oh, the mud hole reminds me. I have figured out HeadGirl’s photobucket thing (no, I did not hack, I already knew her username and got her password)and have put the pictures there, but the internet isn’t working too well, so I shall have to wait to load them here. Sorry. 🙁

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Dog Blogging II

The twenty year old (yours truly, of course),goes into the kitchen to fry the bacon she just got out of the freezer. She begins to take it out of the package only it isn’t thawed enough, so she sets in the microwave. “My,”she says, “this is thick bacon.” (All of our pig products are homegrown, their names were Isabel and Nutmeg.) She checks it again and prepares to divide it, only it won’t divide. “Oops,” she says, “This isn’t bacon.” Closer inspection reveals the meat to be pork chops.
She would like to protest and insist that she’s a very experienced cook and has been cooking for years, but she feels few would believe her. She won’t bother.

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