Earthquake in Indonesia

Earthquake off the coast of

Maps here, here, and one of Sri Lanka here.

Helping Hands International
is one relief program I’m aware of. I’m sure there are many others.

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This is…..JennyAnyDots 🙂

Spring is on the way!!!!

I went on a walk through the woods with my cousins today. The weather was beautiful,
fresh, and sharp. We were able to see shoots of grass, flowers, and Poison Hemlock; we do not like this plant. The birds were so loud we almost had to yell to be heard above the racket.

I found some lovely poems about spring I wish to share.

Spring, Almost

The sunshine gleams so bright and warm,
The sky is blue and clear.
I run outdoors without a coat,
And spring is almost here.

Then before I know it,
Small clouds have blown together,
Till the sun just can’t get through them,
And again, it’s mitten weather.

A little madness in the Spring / Is wholesome even for the King.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) US poet

When Spring Appears

give lusty cheers
when spring appears
when spring appears.

Buds and seeds
prick up their ears
and blades of grass
show eager spears.

And only icicles
weep tears
when spring appears
when spring appears

Author: Aileen Fisher

I hope you got as much joy out of these poems as I did!

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Right and Wrong are Reflected by Laws, Not Determined by Them

Mark Steyn on the Terri Schiavo case:

A couple of decades back, north of the border, it was discovered that some overzealous types in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police had been surreptitiously burning down the barns of Quebec separatists. The prime minister, Pierre Trudeau, shrugged off the controversy and blithely remarked that, if people were so upset by the Mounties illegally burning down barns, perhaps he’d make the burning of barns by Mounties legal. As the columnist George Jonas commented:

”It seemed not to occur to him that it isn’t wrong to burn down barns because it’s illegal, but it’s illegal to burn down barns because it’s wrong. Like other statist politicians, Mr. Trudeau . . . either didn’t see, or resented, that right and wrong are only reflected by the laws, not determined by them.”

Read the rest.

Captain Ed suggests we use this horrifying case to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Be sure to read the comments, too.

Kathleen Walker in a letter to the editor makes some disturbing allegations. I’d like to find out if they are true or not.

Questions nobody has answered for me:

Why, if Michael and Judge Greer have only Terri’s wishes in mind, do they refuse to permit anybody to put so much as an eyedropper of water in her mouth? What is the big deal about that? What law permits them to deny this woman spoon feeding?

Why, if they are so sure she is brain-dead, do they refuse to permit Terri’s parents (or anybody else) to take pictures of Terri? Why the secrecy? What are they so afraid of?

Why does Michael have a standing order to have Terri cremated and why has Judge Greer denied it?

If Terri’s wish is really to die, why is she holding on to life so hard? Nine days without food or water?

For those Christians who believe Terri is already dead and died 15 years ago- where do you think the soul resides?

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News and Views

Breaking News from the Times UK:

“Iraq’s top terrorist ‘surrounded’

Iraqi security forces have surrounded Iraq’s most-wanted terrorist, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the country’s interior minister said. Al-Zarqawi, the leader of the terror network al Qaida in Iraq, has eluded arrest while kidnapping and killing people in Iraq….”

Terri Schiavo

Suebob has an inspiring history lesson and along the way tells us about an empty bus, Le Chambon, and Terri.

Vox Day connects some dots between the Schiavo case and Social Security. Is he right? I hope not, but even when I disagree with him, I love reading his passionate rants.

Fake Memo:
Fred Barnes writes about the infamous and doubtful GOP Talking Points Memo in the ABCs of Media Bias. Seems only Democrat staffers ever actually had their hands on it.

John Hinderaker of Powerline covers the same thing in a great Weekly Standard article, Fake but Accurate Again?


Hugh Hewitt writes in World Magazine about Unchecked Judicial Authority. Powerline also talks about the judiciary system.

Social Security:
Survey Says Social Security Puzzles Voters. Are you one of them? You are if you believe, in common with 48 percent of your fellow Americans, that an actual trust fund holds your payroll taxes until you retire. You are if you believe, in common with 68 percent of registered voters that Congress has a “legal obligation” to pay Social Security benefits. Read more about this ‘legal obligation’ here. You’ll also want to read this if you have questions about the stock market and SS.

The UN:

Austen Bay tells us about Kofi Annan’s Depression. Incidentally, there is a very brief reference to the sexual abuse of children by UN “Peacekeepers” in the Congo. The reference is so brief that I just told you everything you’ll find in the article itself. This is a vitally important story that we have not addressed here. The reason we have not addressed it is because the story is too grim, too horrifying, and too unseemly for a blog like ours, but it is not a story we want the grown-ups to ignore.

Roger Simon will be covering the Oil for Food Scandal as the ongoing investigation uncovers more and more.

The Daily Demarche wants to see the UN improve, and thinks this may be our last chance to right the sinking ship. DD suggests we need to try, because organizations this large and bloated simply do not go gentle into that good night.


LaShawn Barber talks about Immigration.

So does Michelle Malkin, who has long been the go-to person for information on illegal immigration and closing the borders.

The Deputy Headmistress has, in the past, been in favor of open borders. In fact, she has agreed with a friend who states that this is the only acceptable immigration policy.

Places in the News:
Zimbabwe Here’s a collection of past articles on Zimbabwe.

Science News:

If you like citrus, strawberries, watermelon, pecans, beans, or blueberries, you should read this article about why they may disappear from supermarket shelves.

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A Cabbages & Kings Post

If anyone would make me the greatest king that ever lived…on condition that I should not read books, I would not be a king. ~ Macaulay

Great kings read, however. Isn’t it interesting that the only British king ever given the honor of being called “the great” (it was Alfred, btw) was one who brought about a serious revival in the reading of books?

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