Meet Clark

Yes, do meet our late (meaning now dead) addition to the household, Clark:
Image hosted by
The coin is a quarter, by the way. The Headgirl found him in the bathtub. What trauma for the poor spider, since the spider is now dead and the HeadGirl survived.

And while she is at it, the Pipsqueak will post a picture of JennyAnyDot’s lovely Regency dresses:
Image hosted by
JennyAnyDots is the Cat, EquusChick is the Horse, and Pipsqueak is the Bear. Pipsqueak is not wearing a regency dress, because hers was extremely wrinkly the day HeadGirl took the picture, so she wore a dress that a friend of the HeadGirl’s had made her.

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A Brief Glimpse of the Real Equuschick

It’s been a bit of a slow day, and a hot and sleepy one.

Work was all but dead, which is, to say the least, unusual for a Saturday.

Among our small excitements at the shelter was a bite report The Boss filled out for a cop who’d been bit on the inside thigh by a Lhasa Apso. The Equuschick wishes she could honestly say that we both had nothing but sympathetic comments for this cop, but truth be told, we were highly amused and our amusement reached near hysteria when we considered how much fun he must have had getting that bite cleaned out at the ER, not to mention all the good humour that was missed when the dog missed its target.

What can we say? The Boss is actually, by nature, a sweetheart, but occasionally the rude, crude, and really quite vicious Equuschick corrupts her.

If she has been vicious, the Head Girl has been ditzy, as evidenced by her continual references to Mozart’s “The Magic Fruit” this afternoon.

Speaking of this afternoon, we saw the very definitions of Male Ego at the gas station today. It’s annoying enough when people blast their particular musical preferences out their car windows when they’re in it, but when they LEAVE THEIR CAR and leave their music running at full volume in the parking lot for a good five minutes, the Equuschick begins to contemplate all sorts of horrible schemes that lead to their destruction.

There is a load of clothes on the Equuschick’s bed. She looks away and pretends it isn’t there.

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Woman’s Work is Never Done

As JennyAnyDots explained, every night this week we attended a gospel meeting in another town. It was a great meeting with terrific lessons, lovely fellowship, delightful singing, hard pews, and roughly 90 extra driving minutes added to each day, with me doing most of the driving. My back had about all it could take by last night, so The Cherub and I stayed home while the rest of the family attended the final night.

The Cherub is quiet and easy going, and while I had things that needed doing, I didn’t have any tasks that somebody required me to do right then and there- so I didn’t do them. The dirty dishes and laundry we will always have with us, after all, and those repetitive tasks that need doing again just about the time you finish doing them are, for lack of a better word, repetitive.

Instead, I sat at the computer and tidied up our links in the sidebar of this blog. I added new sites, organized them by some basic categories, fixed a broken link, and practiced some very basic html code so I could separate categories with a nice little line. I didn’t alphabetize them because I was doing it by hand instead of via blogroll or another automated service, but I like the results.

I’ve been bookmarking sites to add for several weeks, and it felt most satisfactory to finally sort out those bookmarks and cross that item off my to-do list. I don’t know about you, but my favorite sort of to-do list is the sort that only contains items that can be completed from a seated position, preferably with a bowl of ice cream or a cup of java in one hand.

So this afternoon when our delightful-and-not-at-all-odd-except-in-their-choice-of-friends company left (you people could say hello in the comments once a while, by the way), I got on-line to look over my nice new list of links and catch up on a few blogs. I gathered a nice new collection of sites to add. Sigh. A Woman’s Work is Never Done.

Allow me to share some of the specimens in my new collection:

Buried Treasure Books sent me on a treasure hunt over to SemiColon– another homeschooling blog.

Semicolon linked to the current Christian Carnival at Another Think. For those new to blogging, various blogs or groups of bloggers host different Carnivals, or collections of posts from other blogs around certain themes (more on that later).

Semicolon linked to some of her favorite Christian Carnival blogposts, including one discussing

“Dostoyevsky, Hugo, and Dickens and their use of profanity. You don’t remember the profanity in these authors’ books? Exactly. Would Dostoyevsky need to cuss?”

I concur with her judgment, and hope to feast again at Another Man’s Meat.

Via Rightwingsparkle I found The Agitator, where I happened on this delightful little email faux pas.

That’s a nice sampling for now.

I promised more information on blog carnivals, too and for the Cliff Notes on Carnivals you want to visit this post by the Fairest Blogmother of Them All, the very kind and helpful LaShawn Barber.

And if you are a newish blogger or a blogger with Things To Learn ABout Blogging, you will want to look at her post here. Thanks to Lashawn I have figured out to give trackbacks, although I’m still in the remedial class on many other blogging skills.

That’s because a woman’s work is never done, especially when she just doesn’t do it because she’s doing other things.

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Scattered Nothings

Yesterday an eight yo boy gave me some freshly picked dandelions.

Today a nine yo boy gave me freshly picked violets.

I feel loved.

I also feel very tired. It has been a full week, in more ways than one. 12 hours babysitting, a gospel meeting 45 minutes away every night, regular school, a birthday and company all happened within the span of five days.

Today I was listening to Mozart’s Magic Flute opera when I picked up the Equuschick at work. Not generally a fan of opera, she felt compelled to tell me that the people on the radio seemed to be speaking in tongues. What a philistine.

The Deputy Headmistress must share this little funny to illustrate how tired, and perhaps how blonde, the Head Girl was today. She and Equuschick had an errand to run on their way home from Equuschick’s place of employment. At the location of their errand, Head Girl turned off the car, glanced at the gas gauge, and panicked. “Oh, No,” she said, “We are almost out of gas! We’ll have to get some before we go home.”
Equuschick looked at her, somewhat nonplused.
The one errand they were running? Filling up the tank with gas. They were already at the gas station.

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Ooh, what a long week we’ve had!

This is JennyAnyDots.

All this week, every night, we have been going to a gospel meeting. It was very uplifting and extremely enjoyable! Last night was the end of the gospel meeting. We went to a friend’s house afterwards for a bonfire and fellowship with other Christians; we had lots of food, fun, and freezing friends.

Today we had some friends over. The kids played together, the grownups talked, and the in-betweens listened. The dad and his oldest son built a concrete sidewalk for us; we were able to put our hand prints on it.

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