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The HeadGirl’s Shadow. Or: what happens when someone has too much fun with her digital camera.

This week-end’s excitement: trying to accomplish all the homework due in next week’s classes. Oh, wait. That was last week’s excitement, too… and the one before. Methinks I detect a pattern.

I am on the last chapter of The Four Loves and then I shall probably read A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court and The Chosen.

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Things You Don’t Want to Hear During Surgery

I forget where I first heard these, so if somebody knows a source, please share:

Someone call the janitor–we’re going to need a mop.

Accept this sacrifice, O Great Lord of Darkness.

Bo! Bo! Come back with that! Bad dog!!


Oh, *#&$^@#*$&!!!!

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Slip sliding away

I spend too much time at this. I love to write and could just sit here and write and write and write all day and into the night. Obviously, proofreading I love not so much. I have so much I’d love to say, and I start typing and it all just spills out- and then later I realize that I missed some point that I think was very important, perhaps even a starting point- a platform from which all the rest is supposed to arise.

One of those recent points was with the Mae Magouirk story. I said that ‘if the details’ were true, then… but I didn’t stress that IF/Then construction. It’s just possibly we’re all being hoaxed for some reason or another. Several bloggers have suggested that possiblity, and it hadn’t escaped me either. In fact- the first day I read about the Magouirk story, I thought that I should wait for further confirmation, maybe a few days, just in case…. and then I thought that in a few days, Mae could be dead. If I’ve been caught in somebody’s little headgames, well then, I’ll look stupid and I’ll be embarrassed. But if this is all true, then somebody’s life is at stake. I look at this and compare the two sides- on the one side I have- my pride, maybe even some credibility, and the fact that I truly LOATHE being wrong and ever having to admit it. On the other side, I have the possibility that this woman is real and that the details as they have been reported are substantially true- and frankly, my pride and self-regard and detestation of ever being wrong just don’t even make the scale jiggle a little. As others have said, I prefer to err on the side of life. As much as I detest having to admit it when I’m wrong, I hate even more being silent at possible injustice.
So I want to acknowledge that it’s possible the prolife community is getting its chain yanked by some idjit. It’s clearly possible. I really don’t know. I could be wrong. But now that I’ve said all that, if I’m going to be wrong, I’d rather be wrong in trying to save a life that doesn’t need saving than wrong in keeping quiet about a life in need of protection. I don’t want to be the boy who called wolf, either (for one thing, I make a very poor boy), because that way leads to the same place ignoring these stories does- silence when it just might really matter.

I remember when abortion was legalized. Other kids brought reports and posters to school and talked about why abortion was wrong. I wasn’t one of them. I remember debates in junior high school where I kept silent (by high school I wasn’t such a wallflower). I remember letters to the editor- that others wrote. I remember made for t.v. movies about abortion that began and ended with emotional propaganda, with a little bit of emotional manipulation to tie start and finish together.

I remember that one of the arguments the pro-life side kept making was that once we legalized the killing of unborn children in the womb, we’d lose a sense of awe, respect, and sanctity of life. Once we could kill babies in the womb, they said, we’d accept killing them later and later, long past viability.

Nonsense, said the pro-abortion crowd. That won’t happen. But the truth is that abortion has been legal for any reason at any time in the pregnancy since Roe V. Wade.

Next, said the pro-lifers, it will be acceptable to kill newborn babies outside the womb if they are disabled.

Ridiculous- said the pro-abortion crowd. It will never happen.

But I also remember the Down’s Syndrome baby who also was born with a minor and entirely treatable swallowing problem. It’s not an uncommon birth defect, and in a ‘normal’ child, treatment would be automatic. That baby was starved to death because he was retarded, brain damaged, developmentally disabled- defective.
He wasn’t the only one.

Then, said the pro-lifers, we will feel so comfortable with these deaths of convenience, that we will start denying treatment to the elderly, and we’ll find other ways of killing them.

The pro-death crowd were angry about this. They scoffed and jeered, and insisted that this was the hysterical over-reaction of the religious right.

But now those things all happen, and have happened, and our country continues as though nothing were wrong. Things that were unthinkable 30 years ago are court orders today- perhaps by the same people who insisted, so many years ago, that these things could not ever happen.

JunkYard Blog discusses the latest case in this country.

Michelle Malkin writes about the babies euthanized in Belgium every year.

Nearly half the newborn babies who died in Flanders over a recent year-long period were helped to die by their doctors, a new study reported yesterday.

Rightwing Nuthouse asks where it will stop and links to other blogs on the story.

Here is a report in the local paper. It calls into question some details, supports others, leaves al ot of questions unanswered.

And here is a chilling, and admittedly rather angry, accusation of a connection between hospices and the euthanasia movement. Are hospices being highjacked? Why are so many Euthanasia advocates on the board of hospices?

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All the Truth I Need

The following thoughts are not written for you, though, as always, you are welcome to make your thoughts known. They are written for me so that, when this infernal brain of mine has momentarily stopped whirring, I will have these thoughts collected in a coherent format.

After two or three days of frantic study and contemplation, I have come to the following conclusions. I have decided that, were these thoughts ever to be collected and written down on paper and my signature was offered a place beneath, I could put my signature on the dotted line with a very clear conscience indeed.

They are as follows-

There is nothing in the Bible that is not Truth, but not every Truth is in the Bible.

What Truths then, are in the Bible? I ask the Bible, that never lies, and it answers me thus-

“But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them;
And that from a child thou hast know the holy Scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation, through faith which is in Christ Jesus.
All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction, in righteousness: That the man of God may PERFECT, thouroughly furnished unto ALL good works.” 2nd. Tim. 3:14-17

The Truths contained in the Bible are then, quite simply, all the Truths I need to please the Lord.

Just because it isn’t in the Bible doesn’t mean it isn’t True, but it does mean that if someone teaches an extrabiblical Truth as a doctrine essential for my life and salvation, they are wrong. Because I’ve been promised by a truthful source that everything essential for those purposes is contained in the Holy Bible, and truthful sources will agree with one another.

There are Truths outside the Bible. But not Truths that I would classify as “Necessary Truths for the Christian Life.”

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Thoughts on the Late Pope, Among Other Things.

Okay, before anyone panics, really I’m just posting this because a good friend and I have been discussing lots of random religious topics and she recommended I post my thoughts on Pope John Paul II here because, well, We Had Our Reasons.

(The Deputy Headmistress inserts some further background here: A Somebody – not the friend mentioned above- in our circle of friends and relations had said something along the lines of not seeing what the big deal about the Pope was, because he’d never ‘done nuffing much.’ Another Somebody in our circle of friends and relations had expressed a similar dismissive point of view, another said the Pope just wasn’t a ‘big deal.’ The following post isn’t actually by way of rebuttal (since at least one of those Somebodies does not even read The Common Room, being ignorant as yet of its existence), but rather the sort of thing one writes out when thinking of this, that, and the other and a collection of isolated events and discussions come together in one’s mind at once, producing posts like this one)

Let us begin by understanding that I am not a Catholic; I never will be a Catholic, and that frankly, my issues with Catholicism are many, and they run deep.
These issues include issues with the papacy, particularly the idea that a mortal man may be referred to as “Holy Father” when he isn’t, and be believed to speak for God, outside of Scripture,when Scripture expressly forbids mortal men to do so.

But my subject reads not “Thoughts on the Papacy.” It reads “Thoughts on the Late Pope.”

The first thing to be remembered is that he is the late Pope, and became so very recently. Whether or not he should have been a Pope, the fact remains that he was very dear to many people, and they are sincerely upset right now. A bit of tact, therefore, would not be out of bounds.

Secondly, all questions about the rightness or wrongess of his office and actions aside, the fact remains that he was a very powerful public figure. Like him or not, you can’t ignore him and pretend he wasn’t a Big Deal. He was.

We are talking about a man who grew up in Poland during World War 2 and was as devoted to the cause of bringing down Communism as only men who grew up in his time can be. He wasn’t just devoted, he was effective. He helped accomplish this end. We are talking about a man whose voice was often the loudest in the Pro-life movement, and frankly people, if you are anti-Catholic and this upsets you, all I can say is, shame on your sect or denomination or congregation or whatever you call it for not making your voices heard, too. Somebody had to stand in the gap. (That was a freebie. Sorry.)

He was The Supreme Head of an organization that has dominated European culture and even government for over a good thousand years, people. (The DeputyHeadmistress is sorry to be a bother, but she must beg that readers not write to tell us our math is wrong. The Equuschick said what she meant) If you would like to call him a Big Deal but a bad one, you are free to do so. What you can’t do is pretend he wasn’t influential.

I, personally, am of the opinion that Pope John Paul II was positively influential. I say nothing of the dubious religious position he took upon himself, and I say nothing of his eternal destiny, but his time upon the earth was spent, in my humble opinion, as a powerfully influential and highly moral man. “

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