Spelling Lesson

Pipsqueak: What is the plural of cyclops?

Headmaster: Is that with one i or two?

(The correct answer is cyclopes, which then makes it a three syllable word. No, the DHM did not know that. She had to Look It Up.)

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The Chronicles of Narnia

So, Andrew Adamson is making a new Chronicles of Narnia movie. I’ve forgotten when LWW (for the uninitiated, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe- DHM) is due to come out, sometime in 2006, maybe?

Hopefully, they won’t mess it up as much as Peter Jackson messed up LOTR, but watching the videos they have on their site it seems that they have emphasized the witchiness, goblins, and ogres, etc. πŸ™ They even have something called an ankle slicer. (Eeeew- DHM)

I read LWW today (yes, all of it today)*, and I don’t remember such a thing as an ankle slicer. Do correct me if I’m wrong, though, because I sometimes read so fast that I skip words, although I really think that an ankle slicer does not seem like something Lewis would have in his books.

The unicorn was really pretty, and so were the wolves running through the snowy forest.

HeadGirl *says*, although I do not believe her, that the reason they are emphasizing (or seeming to, anyway, on their site) the trolls, cyclopes, and goblins, is because they KNOW they have people like us interested, so they are trying to get other sorts of people interested. Yeah, right.

I think Weta (they’re the people doing the special effects, if you did not know) just really likes making the creepy, bad guy people, because a lot of the goblins, ghosts, and goulies looked like the Orcs in LOTR. (Lord of the Rings= LOTR, and this would be because Weta is the same company who did the special effects for LOTR. Yes, we are geeks about this. DHM)

*yawn* Well, now I go off to bed. ‘Night.

*Aha! This answers a certain question the DHM had about chores. Family blogging is fun, but perhaps has some ticklish moments.- DHM

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The Frazzled Final Weeks

Last night I threw away a map I was supposed to turn in this morning.

Somebody make it the end of semester already, please.

Thank you.

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We Heard it on the Radio

This afternoon I listened to the radio while driving JennyAnyDots around.

We listened to our local public radio station. I’m not sure if we were actually hearing NPR or some BBC show aired on NPR. Whoever it was, we heard lots of reporting on the appointment of Cardinal Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI.

Unfortunately, I can’t write and drive at the same time, so I don’t have exact quotes. But for this nonCatholic it was incredibly funny. For Catholics, I imagine it was either dreadfully annoying and insulting or just eyerollingly par for the course.

The announcer would explain to us that Ratzinger is a hardline, ultra conservative from Germany, and that Catholics in, say, Latin America, had been hoping for an Latin American pope. Then the program would cut to their ‘man on the street’ in L.A., where he was to explain to the world (or that small portion of it listening to this program) how the disappointed CAtholic Latins were handling their heartbreak.

Man on the street in Latin America comes on the air and is forced to admit that there are not actually any anti-Ratzinger, pro-Latin-American pope demonstrations going on, and in fact, the people are saying bizarre things like “it’s God will, and whatever He decides.”

AFter a minute or two of grasping unsuccessfully for very elusive straws ofdisappointment, the announcer would tell us about how in Africa the Catholic church was growing by leaps and bounds, and of course, the AFrican Catholics wanted an African Pope. Than we have the same silly thing all over again- tell us how disappointed the Africans must be, cut to the reporter in Africa who is having trouble actually finding any grieviously disappointed Catholics.

They were looking in all the wrong places- they needed to look a little closer to home, since it’s apparently some malcontents in the media and its friends who apparently want to call themselves CAtholic but consider themselves co-Vicars of Christ with the Pope.

I just don’t get it myself. I think the Catholic church teaches false doctrine on many important issues, which is why, hello, I am not Catholic. I do not understand the point of view that gives lip service to the idea that the Pope is Christ’s vicar on earth, but then also acts as though the laity can agitate for Christ’s Vicar to change the doctrine of the church. From where I sit, they should switch churches or switch off their mouths. That’s rather harsh, isn’t it? But what gives? Is he the Vicar of Christ? If yes, then who do you think you are telling him to subvert his bosses’ orders? If not (and I believe not) then come out, come out, wherever you are, and be ye separate.

Spare us all, please, the pseudo questions (words phrased as questions but which are really intended to be used as a platform to complain about the fact that the Catholic church wishes to remain a Catholic church and not repackage itself as a 21st century club for moral relativists and whiners). Spare us the spectacle of secular hedonists telling religionists what to believe and practice in their bedrooms, in their church buildings, and in their faith- isn’t that a lovely example of hypocricy!

Hmmm. This post isn’t really satisfactory to me as it is, but it’s going to have to do. Meanwhile I took a break to hunt around the internet and I see that Jack Lewis is saying something I was grasping at saying,

“During the chit-chat following the decision I heard one TV commentator/host/whatevertheyare ask another, β€œDo you think it’s a good pick?” That’s like asking, β€œIsn’t my baby beautiful?” It’s a rhetorical question posing as a real question, unless the person being asked is some bone-head Liberal or Andrew Sullivan.”

So check him out. He’s got a tidy little round up for us, so you can click on those links, too, if you’re interested. And read No Left Turns today, too.

In your reading, maybe one of you can come up with the answer to another question about this pope for me.

He’s said to be a hardliner who doesn’t tolerate theological dissent, which is as it should be, if, you know, he’s the one holding the keys to the kingdom. But I want to know does he put his hands on his hips?

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Helping an elderly lady

This is JennyAnyDots.

This afternoon I went help an elderly lady who goes to our church clean her bathroom; I have helped her clean her apartment before and she was pleased with my work. I really enjoy doing this kind of work, and it is a good way to learn serving others and to overcome shyness.
This lady knows someone else who might need my help washing windows; I might be getting a regular business going soon! πŸ™‚

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