Bring Christ Your Broken Life

Bring Christ your broken life,
So marred by sin.
He will create anew,
Make whole again.
Your empty wasted years
He will restore,
And your iniquities,
Remember no more

Bring Him your every care
if great or small
whatever troubles you
oh, bring it all
Bring him the haunting fears
the nameless dread
thy heart he will relieve
and lift up thy head

Bring HIm your weariness
receive his rest
Weep out your blinding tears
upon his breast
His love is wonderful
his power is great
and none that trust in him shall be desolate

Blest Saviour of us all
almighty friend!
His presence shall be ours
unto the end
without him life would be
how dark how drear
but with him morning breaks
and Heaven is near!

—T.O. Chisolm (1866-1960) lyrics; L. O. Sanderson music

L.O. Sanderson said of this song,

” I had written the music but could not by myself come up with acceptable lyrics. I sent the music to T.O. Chisholm and asked him to see what he thought most appropriate for words. This poem was the result. This has become a much-used song, an exhortation and an appeal to one and all as to the faithful Savior who can handle any situation.”

ARticle on the concept of a broken life

Click< here to hear how it sounds when one congregation sings it. NOthing fancy, just praise and encouragement, plain as bread and milk. Sometimes bread and milk are just what you need. You can sing it, too. Go ahead and try. I use this mp3 file precisely because it’s not too intimidating.

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Portrait of the Deputy Headmistress

Pipsqueak kindly added a rare photograph of the Deputy Headmistress to her profile on the blog. It is my favorite picture of myself. Please go look.=)

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Beware of Equuschick (Written in red, against black.)

A very lonely lady came in to the shelter today to have her parakeet euthanized. Upon entrance she promptly told Equuschick’s Boss the Whole Story of Perky’s Life, showed The Boss two photo albums full of pictures of all of her birds, and cried randomly at intervals.

Equuschick hid in the office because doesn’t like Interaction with human customers. (If she had liked talking to people, no doubt she would have applied at a Wal-mart.)

But then Equuschick heard The Boss take the bird off, and the door closed in the Room of Doom, and Equuschick heard Bird Lady sobbing alone in the lounge. “P-p-poor Perky! Oh, P-p-erky!” *interject sobs and nose blowings* At that point Equuschick’s conscience began to take an interest in things, and said things like- “You know you can’t leave her alone in there.” And Equuschick said things like, “Drat.”

And so,at about 11:30 am you would have found Equuschick in the lounge offering Kleenex and hugging the Bird Lady, and shortly thereafter Equuschick, too, could be heard making admiring noises at 576 random pictures of birds. The woman has six or seven, and all of them are given a free run of the house. Thus the bathroom towels over the living room curtains, and such like. Poor Bird Lady. You couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

If you had purchased a purebred Great Dane puppy from a reputable breeder at great financial cost, would you bring her to a kill shelter six years later, without even trying to find another avenue, because she dug in the yard? How stupid. Cleo,a sweet and affectionate dog, has been to the vet twice in her six years of life. She is heartworm positive, and because she is so elderly for a Dane, treatment will be vedy difficult and most likely not even effective. We cannot find a home for a dog like that.

The Equuschick is disgusted.

She was so disgusted, in fact, with her day so far in general, that when she Mr. Annoying Board Member came by to look through adoption files just because he was “curious, like Curious George”, she felt called upon to warn him that in all the Curious George books the Equuschick had ever read,Curious George got into trouble.

For some reason he didn’t seem to appreciate the tip. Huh. Go figure.

The Equuschick is not always this bitter. At times, she is even civil. But she finds it difficult. Like Sunny Baudelaire, in a Series of Unfortunate Events, she just likes to Bite Things.

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Progress Report

For those who have read Our Mutual Friend – John Harmon, good or bad?

I’m 350 pages into it, which means there are a mere 500 to go. We are in need of a new copy. The brittle paperback is not going to last much longer.

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War Stories

From LGF:

LGF reader Joe G. forwarded this letter from Marine Colonel Bob Chase, about his experiences in Operation Matador; note the section about his interview with NBC News:


Was talking to Gino and he asked for some details on the MATADOR fight. Figured, by now since many of you might have caught some of the interviews, you’d like to hear, ‘the rest of the story…“

We don’t have television, so I don’t know if NBC ran the story or not. It’s a great story. Go on and read it all. You know you’re tired of us fusty old librarian type homeschoolers over here anyway.

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