It is a wonderful thing to be together with a whole bunch of people singing a capella… it is an even more wonderful thing to have someone singing bass behind you. The pew vibrates. And the alto next to you adds harmony while the tenor on your other side alternates between harmonising and soaring with the melody.

And you? You sing soprano with all the others, reaching for the high notes with their clear tones.

It’s all good.

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I cleaned out the fridge today. As the Deputy Headmistress & Zookeeper said, there are new fewer critters in our zoo.

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A poem by…

Me. It isn’t about anything, and it has no name.

Never ending
Always sending
Its bright light across the sea
Always sighing
Never lying
In the long eternity
Never sticking
Always ticking
Its soft sands go slipping by
And I cry

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I’m making a regency dress

This is……you’re right! JennyAnyDots

About a year ago I purchased A Regency Gown Pattern from www.sensibility.com. I have been able to make 4 dresses so far. One for sister 1, one for sister 2, one for sister 3, and one for me. Right now I am working on making one for a friend.

Mrs.Chancey’s patterns are sooo easy to follow! If you are a fan of books like Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, and Emma, and if you can sew you will love this web-site!!

This pattern is very easy to follow. I only had (and still have) trouble with plackets- this is my own fault and not the pattern’s.

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It’s About Freedom 3

It’s About Freedom #1 is here. Several of our news and views posts also contain markers to the march of freedom in various countries.

However, where you really want to go is Sophist Pundit, where you will find a much more comprehensive Carnival of Freedom.

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