Justice Dep’t Admits IRS Improperly Targeted Conservatives

The same people who thought it made perfect sense that Lois Lerner pleaded the fifth for something that Obama claimed was limited to a small office in Ohio have their fingers in their ears over this. The IRS has apologized. Lois Lerner has a pension for life and never had to tell the truth about her crimes in office. Obama used the IRS to go after his political enemies for purely ideological reasons. This is why we need a wrecking ball. This is our government, and this should not be possible, not ever again. A complicit media covered for Obama weaponizing government against groups who merely wanted honest, legal, voting.

And this:
“While Eric Holder was U.S. attorney general, the Justice Department allowed prosecutors to strike agreements compelling big companies to give money to outside groups not connected to their cases to meet settlement burdens. Republican lawmakers long have decried those payments as a “slush fund” that boosted liberal groups, and the Trump DOJ ended the practice earlier this year.

But internal Justice Department emails released Tuesday by Goodlatte indicated that not only were officials involved in determining what organizations would get the money, but also Justice Department officials may have intervened to make sure the settlements didn’t go to conservative groups.”

BTW, Trump ended the corrupt practice, one of several of his accomplishments in his short time in office (Gorsuch is another. Not being Hilary is still my favourite).

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Did Obama use Bergdahl as ‘wag the dog’ to distract from appalling failures of Veteran’s hospitals?

Bergdahl deserted his comrades, his unit, his post in 2009. Those he abandoned were not allowed to tell the truth. Years later, Obama claimed he needed to be rescued because of signfiicant health issues, although Bergdahl walked on his own two feet (unlike one of the men who searched for him who is now permanently confined to a wheelchair) and no significant health issues have ever been reported outside of Obama’s vague claims.

So what really changed?

“In late 2014, the Obama administration was reeling from growing national outrage over proof that veterans were dying because of mismanagement at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Word of the Bergdahl rescue conveniently changed the news cycle’s focus. Sergeant Bergdahl was rescued under the pretense that his health was deteriorating to a critical level. He made the trip back to the U.S. on his own feet, and no serious health issues have since been reported.

Sergeant Bergdahl’s return to the U.S. resembled a well-orchestrated public relations campaign, complete with presidential Rose Garden ceremony and National Security Advisor Susan Rice telling ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on June 2, 2014, that Sergeant Bergdahl “served the United States with honor and distinction.” This prompted fury among those who knew the truth.

On the other side of the aisle, a chorus of senior leaders including Sen. John McCain and then presidential candidate Donald Trump denounced the decision to trade five high-level Taliban leaders for one low-ranking deserter. Some critics of Mr. Trump have since expressed concern over his campaign statements that called for Sergeant Bergdahl to be held accountable for those who lost their lives trying to find him. Those critics’ concerns ring political to many who remain affected personally or professionally by Sergeant Bergdahl’s actions.”

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Did I say wrecking ball? I did.

So, this is the latest cover of Time:

And the really delicious part of this is that they meant it to sting rather than to be red meat for Trump voters, and for people like me, who couldn’t bring ourselves to vote for Trump but who accept that he is the natural, predictable result of, and necessary remedy to, our politicians for the last fifty years or so.

I have explained this over and over to my friends who so kindly like to tell me that anybody who voted for Trump or who doesn’t object to him loudly enough are rape supporters and white supremacists or at best, stupid idiots who think Trump is going to be a Christian conservative.

None of the above, cupcakes. None of the above. Many of those who voted for Trump or who don’t mind him are looking for a wrecking ball. That the left now thinks this is an indictment rather than a high five, you got what you hoped for, is delightful irony.

It bothered me at first, when my alleged friends lobbed those accusations, but then I looked at their track record for being correct about political issues, and it’s pretty abysmal.

(I said Trump was a wrecking ball and that was a good thing on October 1, and previously in March of 2016. Okay, I quoted Douglas Wilson calling Trump a wrecking ball, but I’ve used it since. incidentally, so far I’m pleased to see that I was wrong about the Trump presidency. I am disappointed we are still fighting overseas, but I am happy about Gorsuch and his historic level of cuts in the regulatory stranglehold that D.C. loves)

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From the book Cultureshock! Philippines:

“The most important consideration in managing househelp is the personal relationship involved. It is the Philippine way. The expatriate will very likely feel he or she is never alone, and loss of privacy becomes the price paid for having househelp; the more help, the less privacy.
The Filipino help will not understand your strong desire for privacy. It is not a need that gets any kind of priority in Philippine society. Filipinos grow up with ever present human company: parents, sisters, brothers, aunts, nannies and other househelp. Human company provides strong emotional support, and most Filipinos crave human company every waking moment; especially so in in times of personal crisis illness, the loss of a loved one, but just as vital during times of joy…”

The authors recommend having an area you mark as off limits except for specific times for cleaning and to try to teach your help to knock on your closed bedroom door, although, they say, Filipinos tend to find knocking on the door a superfluous custom.
The book is somewhat older and outdated in places, but I can say that it seems to still hold true about the door-knocking. I lock my bedroom door when our 20 year old young male helper is here, because otherwise he does just walk in without knocking first. Since our rather tiny master-bathroom adjoins the bedroom and I leave that door open so as to keep an eye on the Cherub, it is completely necessary. Our female helper is both older, and also far more experienced in the ways of westerners, having been the help for several other western families before us (one of her previous families is somebody we know via the blog, which is how we found this treasure). She does knock and while she may not understand my reclusive tendencies, she at least does not take them personally.

P.S. There is perhaps four feet of space between our bedroom window and the fence, and it’s an open field on the other side of that fence. For a long time the local street department stored large concrete pipes there (large enough for four or five children to sit in them with ease and comfort). That means the children were at eye level with my bedroom window. The curtains and windows are open in the evening to let the breeze in as we save money by not running the aircon (when we do run it, electricity is more expensive than our rent). This means that often I would hear the children calling to me, “Aunty, Aunty? What is your FB name because I cannot read it? Aunty, Aunty? would you watch a movie, please?”

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Clearing open tabs link dump: family

Baby talk is a universal parenting tool

“I wake up in cold sweats every so often thinking, what did we bring to the world?” he says. “Did we really bring a nuclear bomb with information that can–like we see with fake news–blow up people’s brains and reprogram them? Or did we bring light to people who never had information, who can now be empowered?”
-Tony Faddell founder of Nest, mi d behind i-phones

How to destroy your family relationships: https://foreverymom.com/family-parenting/one-thing-destroy-your-home-meg-marie-wallace/

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