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heroes“OF the forces that can enter into the life of youth there are few of more importance than enthusiastic admiration for heroic men. To feel, from reading or observation, the impact of a great nature upon one’s own is to be changed forever afterwards, at least in ideals. It is to realize, as perhaps not even dreamed of before, what human nature is capable of. It is to comprehend to some degree the strength, the achievement possible to the human personality. It is to have kindled in you the aspiration to be a man of the same pattern, in so far as may be.

It is undoubtedly true that heroic men produce other heroes by example and inspiration. They rouse the wills and fire the ambitions of hosts of others. Emerson said he could not read of a strong action without being stirred with desire to act. The whole history of mankind is a tale of the kindling of many spirits by the few flaming geniuses. Plutarch’s Lives has for ages been a formative part of the reading of ambitious youths, who have been wakened by these records of powerful men to efforts in their own spheres. Alexander influenced Caesar and Caesar was the model of Napoleon.

The youth is already on the right course who feels his heart beat faster at the recountal of noble deeds, who has come to reverence high achievement. One of the surest signs of decadence in an individual or in a people is when nothing is admired, reverenced, or looked up to. The spirit that notes only faults and fails to perceive the strength and useful service of a great life is sapping its own inspirations. It is not uncommon to hear such carpings and criticisms of great men as cause them to be shorn of all attractiveness. There is a spirit that would belittle the best men and degrade them to the level of the meanest. When one has convinced himself that there is no real greatness or nobleness, he is not likely to strive to rise above his own convictions.

… It is not the outward circumstances or the exterior man of the hero that helps, but the spirit.

…We should avoid… the peril that threatens some natures when they come under the spell of a great man, of imitating his faults or the mere externals of his life, instead of grasping the force that was his real self. …It is not by imitating a gesture or a tone of voice or style that one is helped by a hero, but by emulating his pluck, courage, industry, spirit, and using these in one’s own circumstances and with one’s own talent.

The influence of a great soldier may help a man to fight his business troubles, to work his way through college, to make a speech, if he get the soldier’s spirit and apply it to his own life and work.

The value of heroes to us is to encourage us under hard conditions to keep before us the victorious possibilities of our own lives, if we make a brave fight, to show us the way in general, and to inspire us to keep on in the strife to develop our own faculties and to enlarge our own lives and their usefulness.”

Making the Most of Ourselves: Talks for Young People : Second Series
By Calvin Dill Wilson
A.C. McClurg & Company, 1909

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French Toast Apples

french toast apples common roomTake a nice, crisp apple.
Core it.
Peel it (I didn’t, and that’s how I know you should).

Now you can do one of two things.

Easy version:
Put on a hot griddle, lightly greased. I used coconut oil.
Lightly sprinkle the tops with cinnamon and nutmeg, or use pumpkin pie spice
When the apples start to be transluscent just around the edges, flip the rings.
Sprinkle the top again.

Remove to a plate when they are still slightly firm, but not crunchy.

2015-01-27 08.55.26


Serve them as is, or sprinkle with chopped nuts if you prefer more protein.  This is a whole30 breakfast, or paleo if you prefer, or just a simple breakfast or a light snack.

If you’re not watching grains and carbs and all that- make French toast and have the slices of grilled apple in between your slices of French toast.

2015-01-27 09.00.29

You could also have them on pancakes, in a peanut butter sandwich, in your porridge, or stirred into a bowl of granola and yogurt.

Slightly more complicated version:

IN a small bowl, mix one egg and about 2/3 a cup of coconut milk. Mix it all very well. Add in some cinnamon and nutmeg or pumpkin pie spice.

Dip your apple slices in this, and quickly put them on your hot griddle (apples won’t hold and absorb the egg/milk mixture like bread will).

Brown as above.

Variation: for a pioneer breakfast (and more paleo / whole30)- add onions, thinly sliced into rings, and fry the apples and onions along with sausage, bacon, ham, or a pork chop.  (The meats here sould be sugar-free and uncured or nitrate free to be whole30 compliant)


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Education is the science of relations….

….and connections are everywhere. They are inherent. Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I thought it was my job to create them by using or building unit studies for my kids. Fortunately, I met Charlotte Mason’s philosophy in the pages of her books and learned that I didn’t have to do that.

Here is the experience we had today, illustrating yet again that education is the science of relations, and connections are just everywhere.

My son is reading the book Baltic Countdown: A Nation Vanishes.

In his economics book (The Clipper Ship Strategy: For Success in Your Career, Business, and Investments (An Uncle Eric Book)
), material he read also connected with material from Baltic countdown- as the author of CS was discussing the perils of a government controlled economy in theory (political law, where politicians define good and evil based on their personal whims and use government regulations to pick winners and losers), and the writer of Baltic Countdown was writing an account of the nonsense of a Soviet Controlled economy. Those connections weren’t planned, they just happened.

It just so happens that in his history reading today, Poland is mentioned- so that was part of his mapwork.

We also started Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness today, and I introduced it by showing him something about Conrad’s background, and of course, Conrad was born in Poland. We also looked up and discussed Imperialism, and there are connections between that and his other readings as well.

For composition study this week, he’s been reading David McCullough’s essay. I have him read it through once, then read it through a second time over several days, writing a sort of precis of each paragraph.

He has been complaining about his school schedule both because it is too full (it is, and I am working on that), and because he thinks we spend too much time focusing on history. I’ve tried to explain to him that history is important because it gives context to everything else, and those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it (or be forced to suffer repetitions caused by others in power who don’t care about history). I didn’t think it had gotten through.

Today he went through his booklist for the week jabbing at the titles and telling me “History, see?! This is also history! And THIS, and THIS.”

I stopped him and pointed out that a couple of the books he was calling history were really politics and government, and a couple of them were economics, and two were literature.

“Mom,” he said, exasperated, “politics is just history, too- either history that did happen, is happening, or is about to happen. Economics is history. And most of my literature? That’s history, too.”

Really, my son?

I do not think he’s caught on yet that this is exactly what I’ve been telling him.


cut flowers

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Free Kindle Books

Books are free at time of copying and pasting the links here, but this can change. Be sure to verify the price.

These are affiliate links. Unless otherwise noted, all content comes from Amazon. Reader Reviews are from Amazon readers and do not reflect the opinion of this blogger. =)


books black and white

Reader Review; At first I was skeptical of this book title, but after reading the first chapter and discovering the science behind this method of weight loss, I was sold. The author provides such relevant and practical information to support one of the easiest ways to lose weight. These are practices that can be used by anyone to help them control their metabolism and weigh loss. It’s a very interesting book.

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Leaving Liberty

Blurb: At eighteen, Daisy McConnell left Liberty, Colorado and never looked back. The only bright spot in a childhood of neglect and loneliness was the town librarian, Marie. Now settled as a teacher in sunny Fresno, Daisy does her best to forget everything about Liberty including her drunk father, her MIA mother, and the town she hated with every beat of her heart.
Lane Bennett’s life as a small town cop is pretty close to perfect. He’s got his dog, a pretty date when he needs one, and plenty of time to fish on the weekends. No other place can compare to his hometown and he’s happy to devote his life to keeping the folks of Liberty safe. When Marie passes away, Lane knows one of the best parts about living in Liberty is gone, along with the old Carnegie library. It needs repairs the city can’t afford and the city managers won’t pay the new flood insurance. It’s too bad but safety comes first.
When Daisy comes home for Marie’s funeral and hears the only safe place she knew as a child is going to close, she refuses to let it happen. She hatches a plan to save the old library, run the summer reading program, and keep Marie’s legacy alive.
Nothing can go wrong with this plan… Only that she’s renting Lane’s cabin, he’s winning her heart, her dad wants to reconcile, and it just won’t stop raining.
By the time the river jumps the banks, there’s a whole lot more drama going in Liberty than a spring flood. The town pulls together to save the library, the quilt holds a startling secret, and two young people in love must decide if NEVER really means FOREVER.
She once vowed never to come home and he’s vowed never to leave. Daisy and Lane discover together that true love happens when you least expect it and you should ‘never say never’ in Liberty.

A contemporary Christian romance.
Three reader reviews:
I’ve come to love everything I’ve read from this author. ‘Leaving Liberty’ is a beautiful story about first encounters and second chances, about forgiveness and love. Daisy and Lane are attractive characters, real in their feelings and responses. I loved the way the little town of Liberty is portrayed- it’s described so well that I felt I was coming along for a visit. All the other elements come together in the best manner- just enough faith to inspire, an awesome attention to detail (hello, major character from another novel), historic details well done (Carnegie libraries- how cool!), great secondary characters that lend the right support, and a beautiful romance with heart-stopping kisses. And lots of humor too!

5.0 out of 5 stars Great read!
There were so many reasons I enjoyed this book, but the top two have to be the believable characters and the humor. I laughed out loud more than once :D Also teared up–signs of a good book for me! Well written, easy and enjoyable read, hard to put down. I appreciated the Christian themes (forgiveness, growth) and the clean romance. Waiting for the next from this author!
Comment |

3.0 out of 5 stars Clean romance with a heartwarming message. A story that I enjoyed but the errors took away some of the pleasure of reading it.
Leaving Liberty by Virginia Carmichael is a contemporary christian romance. It’s a story about forgiveness, love, and moving on from your past but I would say that the biggest theme is forgiveness.

I love stories based in small towns and when you add in the fact that the main character is trying to save the town library this should/ could have been a great read. Unfortunately it was just okay.

The story line is good. As I mentioned before the theme seems to center around forgiveness and the story is built around that. The problem for me is the errors; there are a lot of them.

For instance, Sammy, the dog in the story, is a “furry golden retriever” on one page and then on the very next page he is “resting his heavy Labrador retriever’s head” and it happens more than once.

There were also a lot of misspelled and missing words. Little things like “make difference choices” instead of “make different choices”. I’m usually able to overlook one or two errors but I think this story could use another round with an editor.

With that being said there were also several memorable and heartfelt lines.

* “What was the difference between owning your past hurts and letting them rule your every decision?”
* “Don’t be looking for the least complicated route to happily ever after, because there isn’t any. At least, none that are worth your time.”
* “Was she playing the victim? Did she wear her bitterness like an old smelly coat?”

Leaving Liberty is a clean romance with a message and a heartwarming ending. Overall, I enjoyed the story but the errors were distracting for me and took away some of the pleasure of reading it.

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Photo Composition Mastery! (On Target Photo Training Book 9)

Me: Based on skimming through a few of the 71 reviews, my sense is that as a free book, this is a decent book for beginners if you understand he is also using it to sell his other books- just ignore the ads, and focus on the information. But it may not be worth it if you don’t catch the free price.

Reader review; I thought this book was very well written especially for the beginning photographer that I am. It was a quick read with very
helpful information for composing a good picture. I have already started to look at everything in a new perspective. Without a ton of technical information, this is an easy to understand book that makes you look at the world in a new way. Thank you.

books black and white

Blurb: What readers are saying about A Fine Mess

~ As a pastor, I have read many books that are called Christian, and a lot of them come off preachy or feel awkward if you just want to read a novel about Christian people living their lives. In this case, Kristy has overcome that, and has created a very believable story about real individuals.

~ This was a very sweet, refreshing Christian romance. Really liked the relationship between Annie and Ian and the fact that there was a lot of interaction and dialogue between the two. ~

~ I downloaded this book for free on my kindle, but I would go back and buy it if I had to. ~

She would sacrifice anything for those she loved…

Annie Blake put her life on hold to care for her mother when she was diagnosed with cancer. She didn’t consider it a sacrifice as much as a labor of love. But then she learns that her father has done something completely out of character, not to mention criminal, in a misguided attempt to save the life of his wife. Annie realizes she will have to give up more than just a job and an apartment this time. To save him from going to prison, she will have to give up her freedom.

His life was going according to plan – until the day she showed up…

The last thing Ian McCann expected was the bombshell the daughter of an employee dropped in his lap at the start of the three-day weekend. She needed help, and plenty of it. She also needed it immediately, and hoped he would be able to help. He knew that he could, he just wasn’t sure he was prepared to give what it would require to fix everything.
books black and white

A Fine Mess

My sense after skimming some of the reviews is that this is predictable Christian fiction, fluff, with characters who are too good to be true, light reading- and sometimes, that is just what the doctored ordered.

A couple people did complain that the book needed a good editor to fix some grammar and punctuation errors, and a couple felt like the ending was rushed and didn’t answer all their questions.

Blurb: What readers are saying about A Fine Mess

~ As a pastor, I have read many books that are called Christian, and a lot of them come off preachy or feel awkward if you just want to read a novel about Christian people living their lives. In this case, Kristy has overcome that, and has created a very believable story about real individuals.

~ This was a very sweet, refreshing Christian romance. Really liked the relationship between Annie and Ian and the fact that there was a lot of interaction and dialogue between the two. ~

~ I downloaded this book for free on my kindle, but I would go back and buy it if I had to. ~

She would sacrifice anything for those she loved…

Annie Blake put her life on hold to care for her mother when she was diagnosed with cancer. She didn’t consider it a sacrifice as much as a labor of love. But then she learns that her father has done something completely out of character, not to mention criminal, in a misguided attempt to save the life of his wife. Annie realizes she will have to give up more than just a job and an apartment this time. To save him from going to prison, she will have to give up her freedom.

His life was going according to plan – until the day she showed up…

The last thing Ian McCann expected was the bombshell the daughter of an employee dropped in his lap at the start of the three-day weekend. She needed help, and plenty of it. She also needed it immediately, and hoped he would be able to help. He knew that he could, he just wasn’t sure he was prepared to give what it would require to fix everything.

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Reader Review: I finished this 4th book in the Det. Jason Strong series and it’s as good if not better than the others. It was fun to try and figure out who was killing random people and what events tied the murders together. It was very suspenseful and fun, and I couldn’t put it down until I was finished. It was good to see Jason back with his partner, Vanessa. They work well together. I loved the story, and the bow and arrow aspect of the killings. It’s a page turner that kept me glued to it until I knew who the killer was and why they were doing it. I recommend it highly!

The first book in the series is just 1.19; WHERE’S MY SON? (Det. Jason Strong (CLEAN SUSPENSE Book 1)

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The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make

Reader Reviews: Finzel’s book was written in ’94, well before Kotter’s “What Leaders Really Do” (written in ’99) & Collins’ “Good to Great” (written in ’01). Finzel “outs” the most immediate perils to any leader’s reign (top 10) & did so prior to the market research that Kotter & Collins offer. Kotter & Collins provide the data that supports Finzel’s book, but Finzel’s text is to the point & more eloquent. Pay special attention to mistakes #2 & 8. In today’s corportae culture, not fitting the culture is a deal killer.

4.0 out of 5 stars Refreshing, common-sense appraoch to leadership November
Hans Finzel makes the case that poor leadership habits are often the byproduct of observing others’ poor leadership habits. This book suggests a concise list of such habits for leaders to dissect and change, with anecdotal examples as well as clear action items that can be implemented tomorrow morning.

Generally, Dr. Finzel solves his Top Ten list of mistakes using the strategies of servant leadership (the basis of the author’s own success in church leadership), and he supports his writing with Biblical quotes and his own view on modeling one’s actions after Christ’s.

However, Finzel generally delivers plain-spoken, well-explained concepts that can be employed in most companies and organizations. Whatever your religion, his strategies embrace a positive, ethical approach to leadership that has been glaringly absent in many corporate American cultures in recent years.

This title probably didn’t make a bestseller list, but it is a hidden gem for both established and emerging leaders who wish to prevent or improve upon common poor habits — a refreshing change of pace from the mainstream best-sellers. For the price, it belongs in your leadership library.

books black and white

The Age of Innocence (Open Road)
by Edith Wharton, a classic, but not a ‘feel good’ story. What it means to spend a lifetime lusting after the unattainable.

books black and white
Panic Attacks And Anxiety Attacks : Stop Panic Attacks For A Stress Free Life (A Drug-Free Book To Overcome Panic Attacks)

Me: I downloaded this one. For Reasons.
What I really need is some sort of reminder to start this kind of thing at the onset, or just before when I have a second or two to see the fright train coming, but I guess that just comes with practice.

Having suffered from panic attacks and anxiety off an on for the last 5 years I can tell you that the tips in this book really do help you to cope with the onset of an attack and maintain control during the attack and in a lot of cases thwart it all together.

I like that tips are provided for right after the attack subsides as we’ll, something I personally have never done. Good luck with your panic attacks. Knowledge is power,

easy read and easy to understand,
realistic and useable tips.
occasional typos. Would give 5 stars if no typos.

books black and white

The Guest

Just 47 pages.

Fifteen readers liked it, no reviews below 3 stars.

Blurb: The dynamics of Indian family life is not quite what we watch on TV.

Are all moms-in-law tyrants? Are all husbands romantic but with no time to express his feelings to his wife or chauvinistic and wayward and involved with other women even when he is married, or just mama’s boys? Do moms-in-law and daughters-in-law bond at all?

Here’s Sameer, who is a ‘catch’, an eligible bachelor one hears of as ‘nice’ boy in matrimonial parlance. To a girl and her family that only means that he is qualified, comfortably off, well-employed, young and has no bad habits. And when Sameer was proposed for serene Kavitha, she thought he was too nice. But is a girl allowed to say No because the groom proposed is unexciting? Then she met his mother…

The Guest is a day in the life of Mama, Sameer and Kavitha. A story of ordinary, everyday people, that drop the garb of fiction and offer you a slice of life, which is more than a storm in a tea cup.

books black and white

Tomato Planting How to grow tasty tomato (Gardening made easy, seed planters, container herb gardening)

It’s time to start garden planning for most of us.

books black and white

The Entrepreneurial Introvert Guide:Discover and Take advantage of your Quiet Inner Power, Making the Best of your Introvert Methods to Kill It in the Business World
Just 47 pages, so more of an overview/intro

Reading Review: This is a great book for anyone who would classify themselves as an introvert (whether you want to own your own business or advance further in someone else’s) or even for any boss who supervises introverts and you want to better understand their workings in the business-place. The author discusses the differences between introverts and extroverts and debunks many myths that are seen regarding introverts. There is a ton of discussion of the strengths of being an introvert and how to use that to advance yourself in the business-place as well as your company if you choose to run your own. There is also a look at some great leaders in history who were introverts and some great inspiration to let you know that it can be done.

books black and white

Savvy Girl, A Guide to Etiquette

23 reviews, one is a four star and that’s the lowest.

Here’s one reader’s review; Absolutely loved Savvy Girl Guide to Wine and couldn’t wait to get a hold of the newest guide on Etiquette! It is such a fun and witty read and written for people like me…not a stuffy book I can’t relate to. So helpful for the modern woman on how to handle common social situations. Love how these books make a topic light and fun but also so informative. As a new mom I can appreciate how straight and to the point these guides are so I can get the information I need and get on living my life. Can’t wait for the next one!!

books black and white

Circle of Redemption

Reader review: A collection of deeply emotional stories that touch on PTSD, grief and organ donation. Each of the stories is connected by a sentimental object that just enriches them all the more.

Lost and Found by Susan C. Muller – This was a 2nd chance story. Dan and Lacey had a quick fling when they were in college before Dan deployed. A misunderstanding had them parting on bad terms and not seeing each other for 7 years ago. Dan is now a police detective who has found himself in the middle of bank robbery protecting Lacey and her daughter. There was a lot of suspense during the bank robbery and a feel good ending once the past was confronted between Dan and Lacey.

Saved by the Stone by Janet Nash – Cade return from Afghanistan a year ago but yet he didn’t. Since returning he cannot feel anything emotionally not even for his wife and 2 children. All he feels is dead inside and this has finally taken a toll on his marriage. We not only get a glimpse of what the veteran goes through with PTSD but also how it ultimately affects the spouse. Grace couldn’t take it anymore and it started affecting her by causing outburst and her acting in a way that wasn’t normal for her either. This was heartbreaking to read yet you felt a triumph for them both when Cade finally had a breakthrough.

Sight Unseen by Shauna Allen – This one was really heartbreaking. A Doctor who should be at the top of his game has been beaten down by the tragic loss of his brother in Afghanistan and then by the loss of his wife in a accident. After making the decision to have her organs donated he finds out that his marriage isn’t what he thought it was when he is served with divorce papers. A year later he is still just going through the motions and really what I would call severely depressed. One day he meets an artist who awakens every dormant emotion in him. This story has a few twist that I think as a reader you need to read for yourself but know that this ones gonna tug on the heartstrings.

books border black and white

Thanks for reading, and an even bigger thank-you if you click through the links and happen to buy something at Amazon while you’re there.=)

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All our connections are rendering us unable to connect

discombobulated minds

Our smartphones have become Swiss army knife–like appliances that include a dictionary, calculator, web browser, email, Game Boy, appointment calendar, voice recorder, guitar tuner, weather forecaster, GPS, texter, tweeter, Facebookupdater, and flashlight. They’re more powerful and do more things than the most advanced computer at IBM corporate headquarters 30 years ago. And we use them all the time, part of a 21st-century mania for cramming everything we do into every single spare moment of downtime. We text while we’re walking across the street, catch up on email while standing in a queue – and while having lunch with friends, we surreptitiously check to see what our other friends are doing. At the kitchen counter, cosy and secure in our domicile, we write our shopping lists on smartphones while we are listening to that wonderfully informative podcast on urban beekeeping.

But there’s a fly in the ointment. Although we think we’re doing several things at once, multitasking, this is a powerful and diabolical illusion. Earl Miller, a neuroscientist at MIT and one of the world experts on divided attention, says that our brains are “not wired to multitask well… When people think they’re multitasking, they’re actually just switching from one task to another very rapidly. And every time they do, there’s a cognitive cost in doing so.”

More here.

I’ve definitely noticed this about myself.  It’s not just the mulittasking, it’s the time I’ve spent the last few PTSD years desperately trying to drown out the PTSD noise by drowning out my own thoughts.

But the thing is, all that input isn’t learning, it isn’t thinking.  Eventually it’s just noise.  Learning only happens when you give yourself time and space to think.

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Quintilian Quote on Books

quintilian quote

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Red Cross Knight and Dragon Colouring Page

Click to enlarge, set your paper to landscape, and it should fit two pictures to a page.

the red cross knight coloring picture double

From The Faery Queen: First Book By Calvin Dill Wilson, published in 1906

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Theology of the Epic

Every good story is really a Christological story, said somebody visiting my house recently. I wish I remembered who, but we had so many people coming and going this month because of the wedding. Interesting. It just occurred to me that weddings themselves are Christian analogies, aren’t they?

I thought of that discussion when I read this article:

So I suggest that the inner and the outer adventures, in the epic, are one; or rather that the world-crossing adventure of an Aeneas or an Odysseus is dependent upon, and is expressive of, the spirit-soaring adventure of the human heart answering the call of what transcends it. The epic is thenessentially theological.The epic is vast, and requires a vast field; as vast as the seas sailed by Ahab, that tormented theologian and captain of despair; as vast as heaven and the deep tract of hell; as vast as the love that moves the sun and the other stars.

Read more:http://www.touchstonemag.com/archives/article.php?id=26-06-024-f#ixzz3PnI9G9yU

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Kindle Books- Churchill for 2.99 each, other books free

Prices (free and otherwise) as posted at the time I pasted the links.  This can change.  These are affiliate links:


Winston Churchill’s WW2 Series is on sale today only for 2.99 per volume:

The Gathering Storm: The Second World War, Volume 1 (Winston Churchill World War II Collection)

Their Finest Hour: The Second World War, Volume 2 (Winston Churchill World War II Collection)

The Grand Alliance: The Second World War, Volume 3 (Winston Churchill World War II Collection)

The Hinge of Fate: The Second World War, Volume 4 (Winston Churchill World War II Collection)

Closing the Ring: The Second World War, Volume 5 (Winston Churchill World War II Collection)

Triumph and Tragedy: The Second World War, Volume 6 (Winston Churchill World War II Collection)

books border black and white

Clean Food Diet: Avoid processed foods and eat clean with few simple lifestyle changes(free nutrition recipes)(natural food recipes) (Special Diet Cookbooks & Vegetarian Recipes Collection Book 4)

This book contains fifty natural recipes designed for healthy living. Vine‘s book contains an introduction, explanations on what is clean eating, what to eat, how to eat clean, and how to cook clean. His recipes are for appetizers such as whole wheat zucchini and white bean hummus; soups, such as gazpacho, Thai tomato soup, and cabbage soup; salads, such as Mexican bean salad, strawberry spinach salad, and light waldof salad; main dishes, such as buttermilk marinated tofu, kababs, and eggplant; deserts, such as cookies, grilled peaches, and smoothie.

In his introduction he speaks about additives. He writes that clean living is a lifestyle of avoiding processed foods and ingredients you cannot identify. One should eat whole foods, fruits, and vegetables. He identifies coconut, avocado, and olive oils as healthy fats. He stresses that cooking for oneself is cheaper and healthier, and it is necessary to drink a lot of water to keep the body hydrated – two liters of water. No sodas at all. Cooking destroys some nutrients so one must learn how to cook properly. Fried foods should be avoided. Salt should be reduced. One should, he writes, think of food as a medicine and our body as a temple. These are just some of the many healthy advices that he gives along with his fifty recipes.

books border black and white

5 Simple Tips To Declutter Your Basement: From Cluttered to Clean (Happy House Series)

Have you ever entered a house and thought, “Wow, how can ANYONE live in a place like this? It’s an absolute mess, there is so much stuff!” And then you realize that it’s your own home and you have no idea how it got this cluttered? Well, relax. Don’t get overwhelmed. Here you have the solution for how to de-clutter your home in 7 days

Don’t worry! You are not a terrible slob just because you may not have a natural gift for organization.A lot of the people who seem to have it all together haven’t done so with just pure ingenuity and innate cleanliness – they have had access to training and tools to help them. Organization is a type of discipline, but it’s also more than that.

Have you even wondered how to take control of your life? Have you thought, you have so much clutter in your home, and you do not know where to start to organize your life? Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed by the clutter in your home or office? Rest assured, you are not alone. Many people struggle to find a way to de-clutter their lives. There are many reason why clutter might take over your life. For many people they may be busy at work, raising a family or a small few may be downright lazy. The fact is, the clutter in your home- affects all areas of your life. How many times have you looked all over the house for your car keys before work? If you had a set place to place your keys, you would know exactly where they are- and not waste any time looking for them.

7 Reasons To Buy This Book

= > 1. Its Short And Informative No Fluff!!
= > 2. This Book Is Straight Forward And Gets To The Point
= > 3. It Has A Great Concept
= > 4. Learn What You Need To Know FAST!
= > 5.Don’t Waste Hours Reading Something That Won’t Benefit You
= > 6.Specifically Written To Help And Benefit The Reader!
= > 7. The Best Compact Guide To Learn What You Need To Learn In A Short Period of Time

Check Out What You Will Learn After Reading This Book Below!!



How To Organize In Just 7 Days

How To Clean And Organized Fast And Easy

How To Improve Your life Using This Book

The Most Fundamental Thing That Everybody Should Do

The Organization Tools You Needed

How To Prioritize Your Goal In Cluttering

The Easy Ways In Organizing And Cleaning

How To De- Clutter Fast And Easy

Tips To Clean Ur Home

Minimalism Cleaning

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Smoothie Recipes: 95+ Tasty & Healthy recipes for Weight Loss, Cleansing, Low fat, Detoxification and stress releasing, Reduce Bloat, Skin care and blood cleansing, to boost your Immune System

Review: Ekta Singhal has compiled a selection of 95 recipes for smoothies that serve well for everyday diet, for weight loss and for regaining a sip of that fountain of youth! As presented in the Introduction ` Smoothie is not only a delicious and tasty drink but also it is a meal replacement because it is packed with nutrients that help in weight balance.’ Each of the recipes takes only about five to seven minutes to prepare and the ingredients are wholesome and fresh and of the season.

There is a fine section on the definition of `smoothies’ – how they differ from juices in that they utilize the entire fruit or vegetable thereby conserving the minerals and vitamins so often contained in the outer portions and stems of these foods. They differ from Slushies in that Slushies are blended with crushed ice and artificial flavorings whereas Smoothies are a blend of fruits, natural juices and yogurt.

The common ingredients are strawberries, blueberries, bananas, raspberries and yogurt and at times soy milk, cinnamon, flax seed, wheat grass, spinach, kale and on and on. Recipes are then divided into categories – Basic, Weight loss, Weight balance, Cleansing and Detox, Bloat Cleansing, Skin Cleansing and Blood cleansing. Then come recipes for Green and Vegetable smoothies, Kiddie Smoothies, Coconut, Chocolate smoothies an ways to enhance the immune system and energy levels.

Ekta Singhal has obviously made this book not only an easy Smoothie recipe book to follow, but there is a lot of information of achieving a high standard of eating and living. Grady Harp, June 13

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Clean Eating: How I Lost 145 Pounds By Eating 5 Times a Day and Not Counting Calories
Reader Review; The story of Brenda is very moving. She talks frankly about her struggles with weight, and how people, her ex husband, and even family members continuously added more strain to her journey rather than add support to what she needed. She considered everything from invasive surgery (bariatic) to pay-per month membership diet plans.

The problem with these plans, according to Brenda herself, is that they never come with a continuation plan. They do approach the weight loss process as temporary and not as a lifestyle choice. Even those who do claim to do lifestyle can only extend so long.
The solution that Brenda found was to use protein as a base for every meal and then indulge on vegetables while keeping grains low. The clean aspect of clean eating entails non-processed foods, that is, foods that come straight from their source and are not adulterated or boxed with preservatives. The idea is that the body gets used to process natural pure energy food rather than process foreign ingredients. Brenda’s success shows that it is a doable plan which is inexpensive and easy to follow.

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Minimalism for Moms: The Busy Mom’s Guide to Keeping things Clean, Staying Organized, and Decluttering for a Stress Free Life

Reader Review: I liked the book because it was a very easy read. The tasks were explained in simple to understand ways, also alternative ways were given if you are not ready to make the huge change at once.
The book explained sentimental items and care ways to use them or pass them on. I felt there was nothing I nothing in the book I couldn’t do.
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Cleaning Hacks: Saving Time, Money, Health and the Environment DIY (Cleaning, Organizing, Natural cleaning, Cleaning Hacks, Declutter, House cleaning, Efficient cleaning)

Reader Review; I found this ‘Cleaning Hacks’ book to be very useful. It offers great advice about how to get a cleaning job done without having to rely on expensive products and tools. I am not a very big cleaning fan (who is?) so I am always excited to find ways to get the job done faster. For me, the best part of the book were the tips that help reduce the amount of effort you need to put into various cleaning tasks throughout the house. ‘Cleaning Hacks’ delivers exactly what it describes: simple tips that help you save time, money and effort. It’s a simple book, but a useful one for people who could benefit from some external advice.

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Requirements for a good writer

distinguishing essential differences tom jonesI stumbled across this online while looking up something else. It’s from Henry Fielding’s  History of Tom Jones, a Foundling:

“To prevent therefore, for the future, such intemperate abuses of leisure, of letters, and of the liberty of the press, especially as the world seems at present to be more than usually threatened with them, I shall here venture to mention some qualifications, every one of which are in a pretty high degree necessary to this order of historians.”

“this order of historians” is writers of plausible fiction, like Tom Jones.  And can I say that the line about how world at present is more than usually threatened with intemperate abuse of the liberty of the press made me giggle.

“The first is, genius, without a full vein of which no study, says Horace, can avail us. By genius I would understand that power or rather those powers of the mind, which are capable of penetrating into all things within our reach and knowledge, and of distinguishing their essential differences. These are no other than invention and judgment; and they are both called by the collective name of genius, as they are of those gifts of nature which we bring with us into the world. Concerning each of which many seem to have fallen into very great errors; for by invention, I believe, is generally understood a creative faculty, which would indeed prove most romance writers to have the highest pretensions to it; whereas by invention is really meant no more (and so the word signifies) than discovery, or finding out; or to explain it at large, a quick and sagacious penetration into the true essence of all the objects of our contemplation. This, I think, can rarely exist without the concomitancy of judgment; for how we can be said to have discovered the true essence of two things, without discerning their difference, seems to me hard to conceive. Now this last is the undisputed province of judgment, and yet some few men of wit have agreed with all the dull fellows in the world in representing these two to have been seldom or never the property of one and the same person.”

Emphasis added.  Really, it seems to me, one could live a long, fulfilling, and useful life on the talent of “sagacious penetration into the true essence of all the objects of our contemplation.”
“But though they should be so, they are not sufficient for our purpose, without a good share of learning; for which I could again cite the authority of Horace, and of many others, if any was necessary to prove that tools are of no service to a workman, when they are not sharpened by art, or when he wants rules to direct him in his work, or hath no matter to work upon. All these uses are supplied by learning; for nature can only furnish us with capacity; or, as I have chose to illustrate it, with the tools of our profession; learning must fit them for use, must direct them in it, and, lastly, must contribute part at least of the materials. A competent knowledge of history and of the belles-lettres is here absolutely necessary; and without this share of knowledge at least, to affect the character of an historian, is as vain as to endeavour at building a house without timber or mortar, or brick or stone. Homer and Milton, who, though they added the ornament of numbers to their works, were both historians of our order, were masters of all the learning of their times.”

Emphasis added again.  This is the answer to those who say it doesn’t matter what the children learn so long as they learn how to learn.  It’s nonsense.  Of course it matters what they learn- what they learn will also inform how they learn.  They cannot be separated.

“Again, there is another sort of knowledge, beyond the power of learning to bestow, and this is to be had by conversation. So necessary is this to the understanding the characters of men, that none are more ignorant of them than those learned pedants whose lives have been entirely consumed in colleges, and among books; for however exquisitely human nature may have been described by writers, the true practical system can be learnt only in the world. Indeed the like happens in every other kind of knowledge. Neither physic nor law are to be practically known from books. Nay, the farmer, the planter, the gardener, must perfect by experience what he hath acquired the rudiments of by reading. How accurately soever the ingenious Mr Miller may have described the plant, he himself would advise his disciple to see it in the garden. As we must perceive, that after the nicest strokes of a Shakespear or a Jonson, of a Wycherly or an Otway, some touches of nature will escape the reader, which the judicious action of a Garrick, of a Cibber, or a Clive, can convey to him; so, on the real stage, the character shows himself in a stronger and bolder light than he can be described. And if this be the case in those fine and nervous descriptions which great authors themselves have taken from life, how much more strongly will it hold when the writer himself takes his lines not from nature, but from books? Such characters are only the faint copy of a copy, and can have neither the justness nor spirit of an original.”

In addition to book learning, we need the jostling and bumping that comes from real conversations and interactions with real people, with real things, with real work, and exposure ‘in the round’ to the things we study in books.

I have read about the division between North and South Korea many times and places.  I’ve seen it on screen.  The deepest impression, however, came from a conversation with a complete  stranger- a South Korean man on a bus in Seoul the week that the wall came down in Germany.  His mother had been pregnant with him when North and South Korea were cut off forever- and his father was on the North side.  Father, grandparents, aunts, uncles- and not just paternal relatives, but some of his mother’s people also- all contact suddenly stopped, and at the time I met Mr. Lee (이 or 리) on that bus, he and his mother had never heard another word about whether his father was alive or dead. (I know the surname Lee is even more generic than Mr. Smith in English, but that was his family name. I have long since forgotten his given name).

What’s interesting to me is how interconnected it all is- while that conversation made the deepest impression on me, it wouldn’t have been the same without already having some context in which to put the story, and that context came mostly from what I had read.   Mr. Lee’s personal story brought what I knew to life, gave it a face and a real human story- but in order to do that, I had to first have the bones, the form, the structure of the story.

In a different vein, I could read about staining the skin with black walnut in Kipling’s story of Kim, but until I played with black walnuts in my grandfather’s woods as a child and then tried to wash off the stains myself, I did not have a complete understanding.  The story informed my understanding of why my hands were so stained and how many days it took to wash that off, and my experience first hand deepened my understanding of the story as well.
“Now this conversation in our historian must be universal, that is, with all ranks and degrees of men; for the knowledge of what is called high life will not instruct him in low; nor, _e converso_, will his being acquainted with the inferior part of mankind teach him the manners of the superior. And though it may be thought that the knowledge of either may sufficiently enable him to describe at least that in which he hath been conversant, yet he will even here fall greatly short of perfection; for the follies of either rank do in reality illustrate each other. For instance, the affectation of high life appears more glaring and ridiculous from the simplicity of the low; and again, the rudeness and barbarity of this latter, strikes with much stronger ideas of absurdity, when contrasted with, and opposed to, the politeness which controuls the former. Besides, to say the truth, the manners of our historian will be improved by both these conversations; for in the one he will easily find examples of plainness, honesty, and sincerity; in the other of refinement, elegance, and a liberality of spirit; which last quality I myself have scarce ever seen in men of low birth and education.”

Be willing to learn from and converse with people from all walks of life.
Nor will all the qualities I have hitherto given my historian avail him, unless he have what is generally meant by a good heart, and be capable of feeling. The author who will make me weep, says Horace, must first weep himself. In reality, no man can paint a distress well which he doth not feel while he is painting it; nor do I doubt, but that the most pathetic and affecting scenes have been writ with tears. In the same manner it is with the ridiculous. I am convinced I never make my reader laugh heartily but where I have laughed before him; unless it should happen at any time, that instead of laughing with me he should be inclined to laugh at me. Perhaps this may have been the case at some passages in this chapter, from which apprehension I will here put an end to it.

I think what Fielding is saying here is that if you want to write well, you must feel what you want your audience to feel.


I loved this passage, but I have to say that none of my children that I recall were willing to read more than a few pages of Tom Jones. They thought it was bawdy, unedifying book. Bawdy and ribald it certainly is, but I cannot agree that it is wholy unedifying.    However, children being born persons, I did not mortify them by forcing the issue and making them continue reading.


I have mortified them enough in plenty of other ways.

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