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Yoo Jae Suk or Seok (유재석) is an incredibly popular and versatile figure in South Korean entertainment. He’s hosted the long running (hahaha) show Running Man, Infinite Challenge, and more (sometimes with co-host HaHa). To put him in a context which Americans who are unfamiliar with Korean entertainment might relate to, I would say he’s a little bit like Steve Martin back in the day when Steve was hosting shows, doing stand up comedy, singing, and dancing and doing it all really well.

On one of the shows he hosted, YJS created this parody of a disco band called something like Sagging or Drooping Snail. Here they are performing:

Early in his career he also did something called a grasshopper dance (I think he dressed up as a grasshopper sometimes)- he reprises the grasshopper dance and his dropping snail thing in Oppa Gangnam Style. He’s the guy in the awkward hair and the banana yellow suit. He has a couple of spots on the original video, and he drives off in the red car at the end. Here’s a clip just of the parking garage scene with Psy:

Exo is an incredibly popular boy band, a pretty much textbook model of the K-Pop music business. And recently Yoo Jae Suk and Exo-K teamed up together to produce Dancing Man, which is a great beat song to use as background for exercise, dancing, and speed cleaning. Or just do what I do, and sit on the couch and tap your toes.

Here’s a video with English lyrics, of sorts. It’s a valiant effort and I shouldn’t smile because my translation would consist of all the English words, plus “I… um…. Ay ya ya. Also, something about happy.”
But there’s just something really special about:
“Let the vapidity go away from me
Changed up the sleeping me.”

That’s a keeper.

Okay, one more- I just saw Yoo Jae Suk’s parody of Taeyang’s (of Big Bang) Eyes, Nose, Lips, and I am dying. The muscle shirt is killing me (Taeyang is known for hardly ever wearing a shirt in his music videos):

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Religion of Peace

The history of violence in the religion of peace.

Reading this will be shocking to many, partially because some of the details are gut-wrenchingly horrid. Millions and millions of murdered souls, many of them children, the same mind boggling high numbers of people enslaved, sold as chattel- far more than America ever even imagined.  It will be shocking to others because we have been sold the ‘religion of peace’ notion and we believe that ‘backlash’ is a bigger danger than actual acts of terror.  We believe these axioms:

“It’s been well-established for nearly ten years that as far as the United States government is concerned, there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism. Islam and terrorism just don’t go together. That is an unquestioned and indisputable premise — a postulate, if you will — underlying everything the government does and says concerning violence and threats of violence by bad people who just happen to self-identify as Muslims.

We might call it Obama’s Axiom: An act of hatred or violence cannot be Islamic.

Corollary: Anyone who commits a violent act cannot be a Muslim.

There are no exceptions; that’s why it’s an axiom. If a violent act occurs, we know it cannot involve Islam. If someone who kills innocent people says he is a Muslim, he must be a liar, or a lunatic. No other options are possible.”

Read the rest.  We have some unpleasant facts to face.

Muslim man kicks the head of a young woman wearing shorts, Prosecutor releases him, on the theory he doesn’t need to be in custody before trial.  Also, he says he was following Islam and that he beats people who are not dressed properly and this should be the law.


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Crocheting for a Cause

Putting those crochet skills to service, these women make mats for the homeless to sleep on by crocheting plastic bags together.  When I was a girl there were some women at church who used plastic bags that bread had come in to crochet floor mats, you know, the oval, 2 or 3 foot round sort you have by a back door or by the sink.

It takes a lot of bags, but I’m sure if you ask around, friends, neighbors, church family and others would save theirs and donate.

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Vintage Housekeeping Advice: Don’t Make Your Bed

I’m happy to report I have been following one part of the following advice faithfully nearly my entire life.

Every child, boy as well as girl, should be taught to open the bed as soon as possible after it is left.

Ideally every covering should be taken off separately and spread out by itself. This would be impossible in many rooms, but the first part should be done Let each covering be taken up away from its lower neighbor. This lets the heated impure air escape and the fresh air will take its place more thoroughly.

If the bed is left unopened except where the occupant got out, and is made up again without further opening, unclean conditions must follow. The odors from such a bed are sufficient proof of uncleanness…

The opened beds should air a long time, remembering that the least time to be thought of is one hour. It was a skillful physician who said, “If I could have my way no bed in my house should be made until night.”

Compare his standard of clean healthful beds with that of the women who make their beds before leaving their rooms, or with the houses where all beds must be made by the time the breakfast is finished.

Some housewives who are fortunate enough to have a covered balcony which can be used for the purpose let the bed covering hang in the sun all day. They should be taken in while the sun is shining on them not left out to become damp as the air cools.

When we lived in Japan, every single day you would see the bedding hanging from the balconies of every apartment where a Japanese family lived. We were told people judged the standards of the housewife in question based on how soon she got her bedding out on the rails, airing.

From the book

Handbook of Housekeeping: A Complete “house” Course : Comprising The House, Its Plan, Decoration and Care, by Isabel Bevier, Bertha Maria Terrill, Sophronia Maria Elliott
American School of Home Economics, 1915

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None Dare Call it Treason

Obama’s CIA director voted for the communist party, you know, the guys sworn to overthrow the US government and make us a vassal state of the then USSR?  Somehow this is supposed to be an amusing anecdote and not the chilling and horrifying reality it is.

Obama in his address to the UN: “In order to realize the promise of the UN, the US must give up freedoms.”

He swore to protect and defend the Constitution of these United States.  He’s supposed to be the President of the United States, to defend our best interests, not the UN’s.

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