Reading: government and education

Want to teach your kids stuff about elections and government in the US?

This is free, online, and published by our government, so a lot of it is twaddle, but there is also helpful stuff.  More here.

Apologia has also released a 34 page elections unit study– honestly, much of it is twaddle, too, and some of it comes from the site above, but there are also some good assignments and ideas.

The case against public education: I know it’s not popular, but it is worth thinking about.  After all, when college kids are writing papers about why science and the mere idea of objectivity is hostile to women and minorities, it’s hard not to see a maleficent hand at work.

At least we are not yet like China, where the government encourages neighbors, relations, and others to report parents who share their religion with their kids.

Reading to your kids is important, but are you sure you making the most of it?  Psychology Today:

“There’s a well-known study that showed that adults who read a short literary fiction text can better understand the mental states of others (Kidd and Castano 2013). In literary fiction, in-depth portrayals of a character’s inner thoughts and feelings allow the reader to fill in the missing pieces about the character’s motivation and perspective; it strengthens their innate sense of empathy.

Most children’s books don’t have this level of writing and nuance, but if approached correctly, any book can be used to foster empathy and decision-making skills. Even terrible books.

So how do we use books differently? Let’s pull out the conflict. Read through the bullying story until the kids start to be mean to each other. And instead of inwardly wincing and reading faster, press pause and close the book. Ask your child what they would do if they were in the character’s position. Brainstorm, and then open the book back up and allow the author to lead

you through to the end.

From a neuroscientific perspective, each night most parents are losing an incredible opportunity to use artificial conflict as real-life practice. For “Are You My Mother?,” the conflict happens immediately. The baby bird wakes up in a nest all alone and his mother is gone. What would you do, baby bird? Even for books you’ve read together 216 times, your child can come up with a different way the character can react, a different decision the character can make.”

Read it all.

And maybe the next family read aloud should be Animal Farm, stopping often for some judicious and thoughtful open ended questions- what’s happening? Why do you think so?  What would you do?  What should you do?  What should the other animals do?  What else does this remind you of?

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Hey, hey, ho, ho science is racist and has to go….

Students at South African University say science is racist and should be abolished.

Science as we know and respect it, and not as political propaganda, is, paradocially, both a product and a creator of western civilization, and there’s a war on against Western Civlization and the best it has to offer.

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Why do I know this?


I don’t really even know what it even is, precisely, or rather, I shouldn’t. I gather, because it is unavoidable, it’s a thing, a trendy thing, something to do with clothes, and something like MLM or networking or Tupperware- one of those similar methods of distribution all of which I really hate, so I haven’t looked into it.  Home parties, perhaps?  

I find it mildly frightening that I know that much without ever trying to know or discussing it with anybody. And this is why, when people tell me they include pop culture references in their daily homeschooling so their kids will not be ignorant of what their friends know, I am confused. Because if they have friends, unless they are also culturally separate homeschool geek types (which isn’t a bad thing) they probably already know.

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Immigration does not merely bring vibrant diversity

Hungary goes on record defending Christians persecuted by ISIS and other fanatics:
“Today, Christianity has become the most persecuted religion, where out of five people killed [for] religious reasons, four of them are Christians,” Catholic News Agency (CNA) quoted Hungary’s Minister for Human Resources, Zoltan Balog, as saying. “In 81 countries around the world, Christians are persecuted, and 200 million Christians live in areas where they are discriminated against. Millions of Christian lives are threatened by followers of radical religious ideologies.”

A German mother writes and explains why ‘integration’ is working so badly in her community that her family is moving:

OK, so on Monday morning I went to the neighborhood get-together club …, which is subsidized by the city of Munich, to take part in the Women’s Breakfast. Here I came upon about six to eight mothers, partly with their children. All the women wore hijabs and not one of them spoke German, except for the socio-pedagogical leader. She then told me relatively quickly that I would probably have a hard time integrating (!!!) myself in this group. Well I suppose I should mention that I am German. I speak German fluently, and I do not wear a hijab. So I smiled a little and then said I would try to integrate myself. Unfortunately, as everyone was prompted to bring someone for the breakfast, I brought salami and ham. That immediately reduced my chances for integration, of course. At this women’s breakfast, which should have been integrative, I did not manage to speak German with anyone and there definitely was no interest in doing so either. Not from the aforementioned socio-pedagogical female leader of the group, nor from the Arab-Turkish group which merely wanted to use the space for their own socializing.

I then asked for alternative groups and times where I might meet under different conditions. The leader grimaced a little and then explained to me that on Tuesdays there’s a group that meets and all the women are Chinese; it just happened that way. And there I would have zero chance of integrating. Others had already tried before.

My son has now been at … for the past two months in a guided playgroup without parents. The female chaperones do a wonderful job with the kids, but the first few have already thrown in the towel because the leader of the facility wants to push through a form of integration that just can’t work. I’m happy to thoroughly explain the reasons for it here. Let’s just say, all I have to do is point out that i am not allowed to put pork in my child’s lunch pack! Hello? We are in Germany here!

WE’re not talking about a deathly allergy here, we are talking about a religious aversion to a meat commonly farmed and consumed in the host country. And it is forbidden to the locals to feed the lunch they choose to their children, a nourishing meat they have always eaten is now banned by interlopers who are using the country’s taxpayer provided funding for facilities and programs intended to help them integrate. Instead, they are using them precisely to ostracize and make outsiders of their ostensible hosts and to force them to conform. Giving up pork perhaps seems like a small matter to you, but if that is what you think, you are missing the larger principle. This is cultural genocide.

Things like this are the result:
British Muslim cleric at mosque where Cardiff jihadis were radicalised tells teenagers that ‘captives’ are permissible under Islam
(More here)

Remember the horrible case in Rotherham, England, where Pakistani muslims had been grooming and raping white teenagers for decades and nobody in authority would intervene because they didn’t wish to appear to be racist? Believe it or not- still happening, and not just in Rotherham.

Remember when in Germany, 2000 immigrant Muslims sexually assaulted around 1200 women on New Year’s eve and authorities attempted to cover it up? You think that’s changed and things are better now?


Continued/Further Thoughts:  We already have a wall on our southern border. It is incomplete, and enforcement is underfunded, so drug dealers, smugglers, human traffickers and some desperate for American jobs crawl under it.  We already have laws, they just are not enforced, or are deliberately flouted by our own government and the agencies who we *pay* to enforce them.

Building a wall, enforcing the law and our national boundaries, and cracking down on illegal immigration and other law-breakers is not incompatible with compassionate treatment of legal immigrants and well vetted refugees.  It is not incompatible with immigration reform.  Nor is settling refugees in counties, towns and neighborhoods where you yourself do not live, paying for it with taxpayer dollars actually compassionate.  It’s just snotty virtue signaling, short sighted, at best. At worst, it’s a deliberate attempt to change the culture of your fellow citizens.

You want me to believe in your compassion?  Less talk, more actual personal action (not a vote, not calling people who have chosen a different candidate to you hypocrites, racists and bigots who lack compassion).  Visit Gofundme and look up refugees.

Here’s one:

“Tell our brothers and sisters in the Church ! that their brothers are in need” – Father Khalil, Jordan

Christians are fleeing Iraq and Syria into Jordan. The need for support is very great at this moment. I am a businessman from Atlanta, Georgia, who is in contact with Father Khalil Jaar at St. Mary’s Church, Amman. You can see his efforts in the news stories below:

Father Khalil wrote the following plea to me on 20 October 2014:

“Thank you so much for your e mail I received and it was for me reason of great Joy and thanks to Lord Jesus !! because since I received in my church in Marka Amman a group of 150 families refugees from Mousul , day by day we are living together trusting the Lord who is taking care of us !!

Believe me dear brother that the situation of our christian refugees from Mousul is very very sad!! they still living upon a tremondous trauma !!! Hereby I send you some fotos who they are living , eating ….. They arrived having NOTHING with them !!

Now Winter is very close ! and very cold !! thyey are in bad need for clothes , and medicin for the children

That s why I do appreciate your e mail asking to come with some help to these our brothers !

Thank you Thank you so much !! let me tell you that your brothers in CHRIST are in bad need for your ptrayers for your help Please come to their Help .

Do what ever you can do ! tell our brothers and sisters in the Church ! that their brothers are in need
and what ever you do to one of these needy brothers ! to me said the Lord You are making.” 

I am trying to raise $10,000 to send to Father Khalil as quickly as possible. If you can spare a dime, please share.

Here is another:

My name is Mike Swope. I am a caring Christian gentleman. I have a friend named Asif Nobel. He and his wife and 5 year old daughter are Christian refugees, currently stranded in Thailand. They had to quickly flee their home of Pakistan some time back because of the eminent threat of death. I have spoken at great length with Asif and his wife. They are good people. I am hoping to raise money to bring them to the United States, Iowa in particular where they will start a new life. Please help them, they are good Christian people. The money will be used for getting them out of Thailand, then to Iowa. I checked fares for surface ships and they are expensive. Please pray about this and ask the Lord what the right thing to do is. Thank you.

Help spread the word!
The Nineveh Project

My heart as been breaking the last few days because of the horror and tragedy that is occurring in Northern Iraq. This is made even harder for me as I have spent the last five years of my life living and working with the Christians and Kurdish people in Erbil. I have so many people that I love staring this horror directly in the face. The biggest question I have had from family and friends is “What can I do!”

What We Are Doing

Well, I found that I am in a unique situation to do something. I have been in contact with people that I know and trust with my life (l literally have for years!). We located and adopted about four hundred people that have moved into a vacant school building. They escaped Mosul and Qaraqoosh, a small Christian village. They had nothing except the clothes on their backs. All else was forcibly taken from them by the ISIS terrorists as they escaped. One family had a baby after arriving in Erbil. They are in need of everything: food, water, clothing and long term shelter. These are among the most immediate needs. We have already started delivering food and supplies to them as we have the funds. It is only a small amount right now, because I am funding the whole operation. We are working on getting more to them as quickly as possible.

What You Can Do

You can give! You can give right here, right now. Or if you are a close friend of mine or my family and would like to give something, you can take a check to my parents house, and they will deposit it. These are personal donations so we can provide food or other lifesaving needs for these refugees. We will try to post pictures of what your money provides so you can see what your donation are doing for the refugees in Erbil.

I am working on starting a charity that will be able to handle tax deductible donations. This is a lengthy process though, and they need help now. There are established charities that are present and doing a great deal to help. Please feel free to donate to them. There are some listed below.

Crisis Response International –
Samaritan’s Purse –

Thank you for anything you can do to help us take care of these refugees that have had everything but their lives forcefully taken from them.

While the world debates whether to help the Muslim refugees now flooding Europe, the legitimate Christian refugees who have been persecuted by Muslims, deprived of food, shelter and even the most basic needs of life beg for your help.  Unlike the Muslim ‘refugees’ who want residency in the US, transportation, health care, food stamps, health care and education, these desperate Christians just want your help with a minimum level of food and shelter from the elements.  Will you help?

The Details:

Many Christian families in Pakistan suffer severe persecution from the Muslim majority.  The women (and boys) are raped, and the children are often enslaved.

Some families manage to escape.  The UN pressures other poor nations to grant them asylum.  One such country is Thailand, who has granted political asylum to more than 600 Christian families from Pakistan.

However, a quirk in the law leaves these families in a state of limbo; they are technically illegal immigrants, and thus, cannot work to support themselves.   Further, many of the people who work for the UN are Muslims and/or are hostile to Christianity, reducing the odds of Christians ever receiving asylum.

One such family came to my attention.  This family of five has suffered greatly since selling every one of their posessions in order to make the trip to escape from Pakistan.  The family was imprisoned for a time by Thai officials who disdain foreigners and Christians, and released only with the intervention of an pentecostal preacher known as “Pastor Windy”.

The family has also received support from Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Bangkok as well as Caritas Thailand.  However, I learned after speaking with one of their volunteers that while there are around 600 families in this situation, they only have resources for about 50.  Father Phairot at Holy Redeemer, along with Yela Smit, the volunteer refugee coordinator, and Ansar Masih at Caritas Bangkok all know this family personally and affirm their legitimate need.

Without the ability to work or open a bank account, they live in very desperate situations.  They lack even the most rudimentary health care and many die.  Some of the families include well educated or skilled workers who can no longer even feed their families.

I cannot solve this problem, but with your help, we can ease the suffering of one family.  $14 a day provides food and a one-room shelter for a family of five.  I have verified their identity, their status, and their story with the staff at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Bangkok.  There is an English speaking parishoner there and several English speaking Priests for those who wish to perform further due diligence.

Once donations reach $100 I will forward money to the family via Western Union and I will post the receipt as well as the family’s pictoral proof of the use of funds on each occasion.

I will continue to send them in increments of $100 to a maximum of $400 per month.  Any donations over $400 we will disburse over time.

If we reach our goal we will have provided life to this family of five for a full year.  I hope in the interim to develop an income earning opportunity for this family so they can survive until their circumstances change.

Update:  We will send in increments up to $200 to save a few dollars on the Western Union fees.

Those were only the first few that came up in my search- I have shared the last one before and they are very near their goal.

If you say it’s not that you don’t want the refugees treated compassionately, you just don’t think open immigration is a good idea, put some money behind that (assuming you are not already)- and consider one of the above causes, or another one.

If you say you want open immigration because compassion, well, phshaw. Imposing your views on other people and making them pay for it is not and never has been compassion.  But funding one of the above causes (or something like one of them) would be truly compassionate.

Of course, I know nothing about these cases beyond what is on go-fund me (except a friend of mine vouches for the last one)- but then, those who want to open our borders and let everybody in without adequate vetting know nothing about what they are unleashing (although a look at what’s happening in France, Germany, Sweden, and other European countries gives us a hint).

Nevertheless, more than a competition point for who is more compassionate, wouldn’t it be great to see NeverTrumpers,  NeverHillarys, and CanThisBeOverAlreadyIHateThemBoth? coming together and doing something like this right now?

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Free Kindle Books for Kids and Others

All links are affiliate links. There is no cost to you, and there is only benefit to me if you actually buy something. Free books are free, and 3 percent of zero is zero.=)

1.99 for Kindle: The Girl With No Name, the Incredible Story of a Girl Raised by Monkeys. The author says she was kidnapped at 4, abandoned in the jungle where she survived by watching the Capuchin monkeys, imitating them, and in turn, being somewhat cared for by them for about five years. Later she found her way to civilization, where she was sold- brothel, domestic slavery? I’m hazy on details. As a teen she was adopted by a kindly woman and ended up in England where she met and married her husband, a church organ player.

Is it true? I don’t know. Interesting video snippet here:

.99 A History of the Philippines
(copyright 1905)

FREE! Tongue Twisters for Kids by Riley Weber– just what it says, some basic, one picture illustrations and a number of comomon tongue twisters all together in one place.

Free: Xerxes– from the Makers of History biography by Jacob Abbott

Third Class in Indian Railways by Mahatma Gandhi (FREE)

FREE: Across Mongolian Plains: A Naturalist’s Account of China’s Northwest Plains

FREE: The Malay Archipelago, the land of the orang-utan and the bird of paradise; a narrative of travel, with studies of man and nature – Volume 2
by Alfred Russel Wallace

Ghengis Khan, Abbotts Maker’s of History series (FREE)

McGuffey’s Sixth Eclectic Reader,
McGuffey’s Fifth Eclectic Reader, FREE
McGuffey’s Fourth Electic Reader, FREE
McGuffey’s Second Eclectic Reader FREE

McGuffey’s Third Eclectic Reader, FREE

McGuffey’s First Eclectic Reader, FREE

McGuffey’s Complete Set, Illustrated, 4.99

FREE: A History of the McGuffey Readers (57 pages)
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FREE: The Ugly Duckling (illustrated)

Free: Books for Kids: Knock Knock jokes

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