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HELP The Kids Are Home Corona Crisis Homeschooling!!!!!

First, you’ll be fine. It’s going to be fun, sometimes maddening,challenging, crazy, but you can make it be fun and bonding. You’ve got this. Really.

Second. Please don’t have a snow day and go on field trips to historical homes, museums, etc. Please. DO NOT DO THIS. Virtual field trips, yes. Somewhere outside without a lot of people or things people touch, sure. Inside with surfaces touched by strangers, avoid them.

Third- less is more. Don’t let the perfect be hte enemy of the good, you know that. Pick a couple of things and just do them. Don’t try to create a perfect schedule. You do want to have a rhythm to your day, some structure and organization is beneficial. I’m just saying do not try to schedule every minute with schoolish activities and try to stick to that. Do not do all the things on this list.

Okay, my personal favourite: Amblesideonline’s Help program, free, always free, always will be free, no registration required, it’s been around since Hurrican Katrina and is regularly updated, and was put together by real, experienced homeschooling moms.

Others IHaven’t necessarily used, I just collected them like the Magpie I am and am sharing them for your perusal. Be choosy.

Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School Closings (Updated) : Amazing Educational Resources:


Education companies offering free subscriptions:

Brave Writer:

Art for Kids


Khan academy:

Not a fan of worksheets, but kids home suddenly from school might prefer them once in a while at least.

Several free resources here:

A variety of free, schoolish resources at this school’s library website. Some require passwords and if you’re not in their system, you can’t have one. But there are other things you can do that aren’t password protected:

Free for 21 days:

Cosmic kids yoga is popular with many (I look askance, but that’s just me)

Free online geography learning:

MathUSee, free mathdrills:

Bible study videos:

USA geography;

Health, how your body works:

Now You Know- videos about everything;

blog post about what to do now- nice, relaxed perspective:

Digital Concert Hall!!

Another homeschooling mom blog with some encouraging, take a deep breath and have fun advice:

More encouragement:

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Some Useful Corona Virus Info

Cytokine Storms and Elderberry use (short version, you can take it now, but not if you start running a fever or start feeling worse or showing other symptoms. There are other herbal remedies with similar warnings):

Social Distancing- Please, people. Do it. And don’t treat it like a snow day. It is not a snow day. More social distancing measures.

People without symptoms are infecting people more than previously thought (I have been thinking this from the start, because it only made sense).

Lots of charts on the growth rate and why acting now is prudent policy (that was five days ago)

It is neither stupid nor useless to wear a mask. Leave the medical level masks for medical people who work with known sick folks all day long. But regular cloth masks can also be effective for this reason- although the virus is smaller than the holes in fabric and non medical strength masks, the vih srus is *carried* in droplets which are larger. A mask does offer you (and others!) protection.

Seattle woman who survived the virus tells how she got it and what her symptoms were (they were not all exactly as we’ve been told to expect).

People who have NO symptoms are more responsible for spreading the virus than previously thought (although, I have been saying this)

Stuff I didn’t save the links for, but it looked good and reasonable to me:

The virus is not strongly heat-resistant, so upping your intake of hot liquids might help as a preventative and as part of a more involved treatment if you fall ill- drink your teas and soups.
Run your humidifier or keep a pan of water on stove and sit in the bathroom with hot water steaming up the room.

Vitamins C and D and the mineral zinc (lozenges are preferred over capsules) seem to be effective at helping wtih prevention and strengthening the immune system to fight this.
Lots and lots of handwashing and not touching your face. People are freaking out over sanitizer, but hand sanitizer is not as effective as washing your hands. I’d keep the hand sanitizer in the car and use it when you have to be out, but at home, use soap and water.

Also, making your own is making something that isn’t effective if you are using something with an alcohol content under 60 (a popular essential oil seller driven recipe uses vodka, which is only 40. Folks, your essential oil sellers are not medically informed, they are sales reps and informed on sales. They mean well, but do not let them be the final word on anything health related).

Minimize the virus burden around your face– ventilation, clean hands and face (and nose)- othersuggestions.


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Betrayal Trauma Links

The reality and harm of betrayal trauma:
The harmful results of rushing forgiveness: and humiliated are not synonyms.
Repentance does not demand terms from the victim.
“The repentant person begs forgiveness of the wronged party, makes no excuses for his kill-Christ sin, leaves it no “wiggle-room.” He sets out to make his wrongs right. He does not dictate terms to the wronged party, but invites terms, asks what he can do. He humbles himself.” ‘addicts’ are not victims. They are as responsible for and complicit in the abuse and exploitation of countless true victims as every other perpetrator in human trafficking.

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Pelosi attempts to tack on abortion coverage to Corona virus relief bill

Multiple WH officials tell me that Nancy Pelosi sought to include a provision into the coronavirus stimulus that would set a precedent for up to $1 billion in mandatory health spending outside of protections outlined by the Hyde Amendment

IOW, Corona Virus stimulus is so important that she attempted to squeeze in an unrelated billion dollar abortion bill.

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