Why we should all despise the mainstream media

Reporter Lara Logan told the truth about her industry in an interview this week, and acknowledged it was career suicide. Logan is one of the very few brave journalists who actually has run into the fire, and she survived a brutal, horrific series of rapes and assaults in the midst of the ‘Arab Spring’ because of it- and this embarrassed her colleagues and they would like to pretend it never happened because it went against the story they wanted to tell. If you’ve forgotten it, you can read about it here.

“Although the media has always been left-leaning, we’ve abandoned our pretense or at least the effort to be objective today. We’ve become political activists, and some could argue propagandists, and there’s some merit to that.” (read here)

When you compare media support for the unsupported and contradictory 30 year old allegations of Chrissy Blasey Ford to their treatment of their colleague who was brutally assaulted and raped repeatedly while working as an active war-reporter, it’s worse than sickening. The mainstream media in America is a lost cause. They are not journalists, they are propaganda agents. And they actively hate the rest of us, or they would not have attacked the Covington kids (especially, again, singling out the only boy who just stood still and smiled) the way they did, followed by ginning up Jussie Smollet’s hoax the way they did- immediately blaming Trump for the phony attack. It’s inexcusable.

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Eat Their Food

“For the most part, food plays a very functional role in American culture. We eat to work. If Aini was visiting in my home, I’d tell her, “Don’t eat anything you don’t like. We don’t care.” And we really wouldn’t for the most part. But in many parts of the world, food is deeply rooted in the life of people. Sometimes I’ve had Indian hosts prepare meals for me that used spices grown on their homestead for hundreds of years. The best Indian meals take days to prepare. So to pass on eating dishes prepared for you in that context could be far more insulting than passing on a dish you just don’t care for. It can be seen as an all-out rejection. And as for eating with utensils versus eating with our hands, one of my Indian friends puts it this way: “Eating with utensils is like making love through an interpreter!” That says it all when it comes to the affection most Indians have for their cuisine. To reject the food of an Indian colleague can be extremely disrespectful and can erode any possibility of a business partnership. Who would have thought food could play such a strong role in successful global performance?”


“In most cultures, eating together has far more symbolic value than simply “grabbing a bite to eat.” Sharing a meal together can often be viewed as a sacred event.”

Leading with Cultural Intelligence: The New Secret to Success
by David Livermore

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That face when…

You come home from church after dark, it’s cold, freezing, in fact, and you go into the laundry room bathroom (which nobody ever uses anymore because it’s so cold) and see something in the toilet and wonder angrily “Who didn’t flush?!?” and turn on the light and it’s a dead ground squirrel which probably tumbled directly in from the ceiling overhead where one of the ceiling tiles is messed up.

Not me, my husband.  Thankfully.  Well, I’m thankful ,anyway, because I’m shallow and squeamish and selfish like that.



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That ‘hate crime’ in Chicago…

The recent hate crime case in Chicago is falling apart faster and uglier than a square of one ply toilet paper.  Reports are now that Smollet himself hired to Nigerian brothers to buy the rope, red hats, and bleach and rough him up a bit.  At least one of them worked with him as an extra on set, and one of them is his former personal trainer, and the brothers seem to have been workout buddies with him at a local gym.  If true, he really put those two guys in a very vulnerable and difficult position and it looks like he’s ready to throw them under the bus.  I mean, they shouldn’t have taken the money, but it’s kind of a scummy thing to do- exploit two poor immigrants to commit a crime for you and then raise your hands in faux innocent horror when they get caught doing what you enticed them to do.


I’m not sure how successful this pretense at tossing them under the bus will work, though, when he said his attackers were white and unknown to him, and these are black guys he knows.

There’s a site that tries to keep track of these hate crime hoaxes– there’s nearly 350 of them logged so far.

Here’s another list- I’d forgotten already about the 150 bomb threats to Jewish centers that turned out to be the work of a left-winger.


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Good stuff

We now have transportation again!

Winter is almost over!

My husband has a part-time job mostly involving working from home or traveling that includes me (and the Cherub). He’s working with our sending organization on recruiting teachers for international Christian schools, so we still have fingers in missions and that feels right.

I finally got around to listening to one of Audible’s recent free offerings (and by ‘recent’ I mean I downloaded it last September)- Feeding the Dragon by Sharon Washington. Wow. I loved it. It’s a memoir about some of her childhood growing up in New York City in the seventies. She’s black, her father for a time had the job of janitor and caretaker for one of the city libraries and along with that job came an apartment upstairs from the library itself. She had free reign in the library after hours and much of her reading comes into the story she tells, which is really more about her family than the library. She deals deftly, beautifully, with all of it, good, bad, upsetting. There were lines that gave me goosebumps and parts that made me blink back tears. There’s a nice interview with her about her work here.

We’ve been in communication with the older of our godsons (The ‘Little Boys’ who are not so little anymore), and we are now working on getting him up here for spring break and summer vacation, and a visit down to see them sometime between the two. He asked to come for one of them, we invited him for both, and while I know he wants to see is friends up here, I’m also happy that he asked if he could come see us.

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