Oh, those preacher stories

While skimming an old teacher magazine from around WWI era, I came across an article where the author (favourably)  referred to ‘the old darkie’ who always prayed and asked the Lord to ‘prop me up on the leaning side.’  I liked the word picture of asking for propping on the leaning side, but know but I still do feel shocked when I come across that other term and the like, that I have forgotten what the rest of the article was about entirely.  Later, I was thinking about it and couldn’t remember.

I tried to look it up, because surely ‘prop me up on the leaning side’ is kind of specific and singular, right? Not so much.  It’s apparently a common preacher story, only the praying man has often morphed into an old deacon.  Occasionally he’s become the speaker himself in these online sermons, the authors claiming it’s based on the old barn, shanty, or other outbuilding on the property where they grew up.  Well, maybe so.

But there’s a reason why preacher’s kids and others familiar with the practice tend to ask, “Is this a preacher story or did it really happen?”

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Case in point

In December on my regular FB account, I posted a link to this article on the Daily Wire.  The headline says:

“Whiteness Forum Denounces Christian Cartoon Veggie Tales as Racist.”

I commented, “At first I thought it was The Onion.
Everything is racism now, so nothing is, and college students are resorting to sending themselves racist threats to prove how widespread racism and how threatened they feel.”

FB deleted it because, they said, it went against their community standards.

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“Health Chores”

This is from 1919- the National Education Association adopted the Health Chore program and recommended its use in all elementary schools.  The children were given 11 chores and were supposed to check off how many times they did them each week.  There were rewards and levels based on medieval knight and squire terminology- basically a natal version of game-theory and leveling up, I guess.


Here are the chores:

Daily Chores

I washed my hands before each meal to day

I washed my face, ears, and neck, and I cleaned my finger nails.

I kept fingers, pencils, and everything likely to be unclean or injurious out of my mouth and nose.

I brushed my teeth thoroughly after breakfast and after the evening meal.

I took ten or more slow deep breaths of fresh air, and I protected others if I spat, coughed, or sneezed.

I played outdoors or with windows open more than thirty minutes.

I tried hard to sit and stand straight.

I was in bed ten hours or more last night and kept my windows open.

I drank four glasses of water, drinking some before each meal, and drank no tea coffee nor injurious drink.

I tried to eat slowly, and only wholesome food, including milk, vegetables, fruit.

I went to toilet at regular times.

I tried hard to keep neat, to be cheerful, straightforward, and clean minded, and to be helpful to others.

I took a full bath on each day of the week that is checked x

From Popular Educator, volume 30, 1922

The article reported that Many a family, through the Chores, has learned the luxury and necessity of a tooth-brush, and the soothing balm of at least one bath a week.”



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We are a nation that sanctions infanticide

Kim Jong Un Criticized For Meeting With Nation That Has Killed 60 Million Babies– Babylon Bee

For those who don’t know, Babylon Bee is satire, and they are good at it, but America has been killing millions of babies in the womb for decades. America has also looked the other way, and even defended, killing disabled people by withholding food and water in many circumstances.
Infanticide was only a matter of time.
The media (and baby killers) like to tell people late term abortions and babies surviving them are rare, only 1-3% of abortions.  But that number is between 8 and 12 THOUSAND babies. Total mass shooting victims since 1966: 1,153
Democrats are attempting to make what serial killer Gosnell did *legal.*
To every one who has ever wondered how could slave-owners not have seen what was wrong, how could Germany have ignored concentration camps, how could any tribe of people sacrifice babies on altars to false gods- now we know. This is how it happens, and it apparently isn’t that difficult.
God have mercy. And by mercy, I mean bring us to our knees in repentance and put a stop to this Satanic barbarism.
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Free books from FEE

“We at FEE are happy to present the Essential series, five free ebooks collecting the key works of five great freedom philosophers: Leonard Read, Ludwig von Mises, Henry Hazlitt, F.A. Hayek, and Frédéric Bastiat. In each of these compact anthologies, you will find a powerful case for liberty.”

Download them here.

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