Vicious Attack on Rand Paul likely Political

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There is a very good reason the nasty assailant and his lawyers would be wanting to argue the attack was not political.  The legal penalties for attacking a U.S. Senator are considerably stiffer than they are for merely beating up your neighbor.

The press, of course, is always highly invested in downplaying violence against GOP members.

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Joshua’s Eclipse?

I always enjoy these stories while at the same time taking them with a grain of salt, because while the word of God remains the same forever, our understanding of the Bible, science, and human history is constantly shifting.  Relying on this stuff to ‘prove’ your faith is kind of shaky (same for disproving, and after all, faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things unseen, according to Hebrews 11:1).

But still, it’s interesting to read that scientists currently:

” think the Book of Joshua describes a solar eclipse on October 30, 1207 B.C.E., over 3,220 years ago…..

The reinterpretation of event as eclipse rather than miracle (or coincidental with a miracle), plus clues from ancient Egyptian texts, have led historians to redate certain Egyptian dynasties, notably that of Ramesses II (aka the Great) and his son Merneptah, Sir Colin Humphreys of the University of Cambridge and W. Graeme Waddington report in Astronomy & Geophysics.”

That it may have been a known eclipse does not preclude miracle, of course.

“”That the eclipse occurred at exactly the time of the important battle that Joshua was fighting is either an amazing miracle of timing or else it was lucky chance (for Joshua!),” Dr. Humphreys wrote to Haaretz. “When one has a sequence of miracles, as there are in the Hebrew bible, which are either miracles of timing or lucky chance, it becomes inconceivable to me that they are all lucky chance! So I firmly believe that this was a miracle, an amazing miracle of timing.”

The eclipse theory has been around for some time, of course, but it was ‘discredited’ because there were no known total eclipses around the time Joshua is presumed to have lived.  There was, however, an annular (ring of fire) eclipse.

“Was there an annular solar eclipse in the right time frame for Joshua? There was, calculate the writers: on October 30, 1207 B.C.E., which is within the possible dates of Joshua’s incursion into Canaan.
Having established that there was an annular eclipse on that day, we get to redating the pharaonic regimes of Ramesses the Great and his son Merneptah, to within a year.”
…While much of the Bible remains in dispute, third-party evidence of an ancient Israelite presence in Canaan between 1500 and 1050 B.C.E. comes from the Merneptah Stele.  That inscription dates to the fifth year of Pharaoh Merneptah, son of Ramesses the Great (aka Ramses).”
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Psalm 4

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Pursuit of God quote for Commonplace Book

“Shortly after, Paul took up the cry of liberty and declared all meats clean, every day holy, all places sacred and every act acceptable to God. The sacredness of times and places, a half-light necessary to the education of the race, passed away before the full sun of spiritual worship. The essential spirituality of worship remained the possession of the Church until it was slowly lost with the passing of the years. Then the natural legality of the fallen hearts of men began to introduce the old distinctions. The Church came to observe again days and seasons and times. Certain places were chosen and marked out as holy in a special sense. Differences were observed between one and another day or place or person, “The sacraments” were first two, then three, then four until with the triumph of Romanism they were fixed at seven. In all charity, and with no desire to reflect unkindly upon any Christian, however misled, I would point out that the Roman Catholic church represents today the sacred-secular heresy carried to its logical conclusion. Its deadliest effect is the complete cleavage it introduces between religion and life. Its teachers attempt to avoid this snare by many footnotes and multitudinous explanations, but the mind’s instinct for logic is too strong. In practical living the cleavage is a fact. From this bondage reformers and puritans and mystics have labored to free us. Today the trend in conservative circles is back toward that bondage again. It is said that a horse after it has been led out of a burning building will sometimes by a strange obstinacy break loose from its rescuer and dash back into the building again to perish in the flame. By some such stubborn tendency toward error Fundamentalism in our day is moving back toward spiritual slavery. The observation of days and times is becoming more and more prominent among us. “Lent” and “holy week” and “good” Friday are words heard more and more frequently upon the lips of gospel Christians. We do not know when we are well off.”
— A.W. Tozer (The Pursuit of God)

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Healing wounds at the cellular level

“Previous research had determined that calcium ions play a key role in wound response. That is not surprising, because calcium signaling has an impact on nearly every aspect of cellular life. So, the researchers — headed by Professor of Physics and Biological Sciences Shane Hutson and Associate Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology Andrea Page-McCaw — targeted cells on the back of fruit fly pupae that expressed a protein that fluoresces in the presence of calcium ions. This allowed them to track changes in calcium ion concentrations in the cells around wounds in living tissue (as opposed to the cell cultures used in many previous wound response studies) and to do so with an unprecedented, millisecond precision.

The team created microscopic wounds in the pupae’s epithelial layer using a laser that can be focused down to a point small enough to punch microscopic holes in individual cells (less than a millionth of a meter). The laser’s precision allowed them to create repeatable and controllable wounds. They found that even the briefest of pulses in the nanosecond to femtosecond range produced a microscopic explosion called a cavitation bubble powerful enough to damage nearby cells.

“As a result, the damage the laser pulses produce is quite similar to a puncture wound surrounded by a crush wound — blunt force trauma in forensic terms — so our observations should apply to most common wounds,” said first author Erica Shannon, a doctoral student in developmental biology.

The researchers were testing two prevailing hypotheses for the wound-response trigger. One is that damaged and dying cells release proteins into the extracellular fluid which surrounding cells sense, causing them to boost their internal calcium levels. This increased calcium concentration, in turn, triggers their transformation from a static to a mobile form, allowing them to begin sealing off the wound. The second hypothesis proposes that the trigger signal spreads from cell to cell through gap junctions, specialized intercellular connections that directly link two cells at points where they touch. These are microscopic gates that allow neighboring cells to exchange ions, molecules and electrical impulses quickly and directly.

“What is extremely exciting is that we found evidence that cells use both mechanisms,” said Shannon. “It turns out cells have a number of different ways to signal injury. This may allow them to differentiate between different kinds of wounds.”

The experiments revealed that the creation of a wound generates a complex series of calcium signals in the surrounding tissue:”

More at this link.

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