Railway pictures

This manilla packet (I cropped most of it out because the rest doesn’t have anything interesting) was my grandfather’s when he taught school in the early forties.
The Association of American Railroads provided them to classrooms, I assume for free, but I don’t know.

Included in the packet are the above two booklets and 56 large black and white photographs related to railroads.

These two pictures are two halves of the same spread, showing how railways connect the North American continent.

56 pictures. I’ll be sharing some of them later.=)

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His Own Words

While running for office:

“I’m going to have all the negotiations around a big table. We’ll have doctors and nurses and hospital administrators. Insurance companies, drug companies — they’ll get a seat at the table, they just won’t be able to buy every chair. But what we will do is, we’ll have the negotiations televised on C-SPAN, so that people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents, and who are making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the insurance companies. And so, that approach, I think is what is going to allow people to stay involved in this process.”

from politifact:

Obama promised — repeatedly — an end to closed-door negotiations and complete openness for the health care talks. But he hasn’t delivered. Instead of open talks of C-SPAN, we’ve gotten more of the same — talks behind closed doors at the White House and Congress. We might revisit this promise if there’s a dramatic change, but we see nothing to indicate anything has changed. We rate this Promise Broken.

More here:

“I don’t think the president intimated that every decision putting together a health care bill would be on public TV,” Gibbs said.

The notion of televising negotiations behind a health care revamp was so central to Obama’s campaign promises of change and openness, however, that it became part of his stump speech as he traveled the country in 2007 and 2008.

He’d describe how televised deliberations would take place around a big table, with seats filled by doctors, nurses, insurers and other interested parties. As president, he’d joke, he’d get the biggest chair.

“Not negotiating behind closed doors, but bringing all parties together and broadcasting those negotiations on C-SPAN,” Obama explained in a Democratic debate in Los Angeles in January 2008, in language similar to many of his campaign stops.

However, the two biggest deals so far — industry agreements to cut drug and hospital costs — were reached in secret.

There was no way he was ever really going to do this. He knew this at the time, and anybody who thought otherwise is painfully naive and will probably be more careful the next election.

Meanwhile, you’ve been stiffed, but if you believed this promise, you probably deserved it, to be brutally honest.

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Drowning People Out

Nancy Pelosi, speaking of constituents, voters, who raise questions about Obama-Care at Town Hall Meetings (yes, sometimes with less civility than I would like to see, but swastikas? Nancy lies) :

Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American.

Nancy’s pals, the SEIU:

Action: Opponents of reform are organizing counter-demonstrators to speak at this and several congressional town halls on the issue to defend the status quo. It is critical that our members with real, personal stories about the need for access to quality, affordable care come out in strong numbers to drown out their voices.


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Engagement photo

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Home-made ‘Starbucks’-like Fraps

Mmmmmmmm. Thanks, Kim! I’m looking for a recipe for iced coffee that uses evaporated milk- we lost it in a move, and we really liked it. If anybody else has one, care to share?

For another refreshing drink for summer (besides water, which is what we mostly have, and besides water with a splash of lemon and some mint leaves, which I really love), try Tazo Tea’s yummy Passion Herbal Infusion tea, iced. It’s better than kool-ade, but without the sugar or artificial coloring ingredients. At Amazon right now they’re selling six boxes for 25.00, and ” a limited time only receive $.99 Standard Shipping on all Grocery products fulfilled by Amazon.com, normally $4.59 + $.59 per item.”

That’s a pretty good deal on the shipping. I do get it cheaper from my co-op (19.55 for 6 boxes), but if you don’t have a co-op, or you like having it shipped right to your door, then this is a nice option.

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