Fist Fight at Health Care Meeting in Tampa?

That’s what a number of lefty blogs were reporting tonight- a fist fight, violence broke out inside the meeting and the implications were it was all the fault of those wicked, wicked protestors who expect their reps to read bills before voting.

I tried to track down the story, but none of the links actually indicated a fist fight had broken out- there was outrage, and there was video from the meeting showing some really irritating screaming and yelling. However, I could find no physical threats, no indications of any pushing and shoving, no fist shaking even.

On the conservative side of the blogosphere, and in many news reports, I was hearing that the Democrats called the meeting, and then reserved about half the seats for union members instead of seating people on a first come, first serve basis- unions members were allowed in through the back doors while people who had been in line for hours were barred admission.

The crowd shut out from the meeting chanted something about moving the meeting outside, and they banged on the windows, which is regrettable, but I remember a number of lefty protests which involved vandalism and broken windows (Seattle?)

And then I finally found the only evidence that the protest had moved into the physical:
A photograph of a woman who appears to be slapping a man, and the picture is captioned:

Karen Miracle pushes Barry Osteen, right, who was debating her husband, Garry. “We have the best health care system in the world and I’m completely happy with what we have,” Osteen said.

If you click on the link and then scroll down to the photo gallery and click on that, you see a series of pictures of Obama supporter Karen pushing protestor Osteen. It looks a little less like a slap there than just a rude, obnoxious, and disrespectful grabbing of his face and turning it aside, but it’s still strange, and it’s passing bizarre that the personal responsible for the only act that could be termed physically violent is an Obama supporter.

Is this part of Obama’s promise to lawmakers to hit protesters ‘twice as hard?’ He’ll chat cozily with dictators, thugs, and murderers, but he’ll ‘hit’ his own citizens who are protesting his politics. Or his minions will do it for him.

More at Gateway Pundit

Carol was there, and she has pictures
. She says the crowd stuck outside was loud, but well behaved.

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Reading the Health Care Bill

REading the Health Care bill:

At Maggie’s Farm:

… a reader sends an op-ed from the Greenwich (CT) Time. A quote from it:

(iii) Overall Limitation For Unintentional Failures.–In the case of failures which are due to reasonable cause and not to willful neglect, the penalty assessed under subparagraph (A) for failures during any 1-year period shall not exceed the amount equal to the lesser of–

”(I) 10 percent of the aggregate amount paid or incurred by the employer (or predecessor employer) during the preceding 1-year period for group health plans, or

”(II) $500,000.”

If you skimmed, shame on you. You’re much like many lawmakers, for whom I, as a money manager and business owner, have a few questions:

– What is that $500,000 penalty all about?

– What problems are you trying to solve with this legislation? I was under the impression that we needed to A) insure the uninsured (it would help if we educate everyone who qualifies for Medicaid to sign up and include illegal aliens); B) get coverage for pre-existing conditions (we could negotiate with insurance companies); C) build a safety net for people who suffer financial ruin as a result of a catastrophic illness (buy everyone an excess major medical insurance policy).

– What’s your rush, and what’s your objective? To solve problems or to pass legislation before people ask questions?

– Are you seriously going to vote for this 1,000 page bill before you’ve read it? It is massive, the changes are monumental, the impact is surreal, and there is no way you can honestly tell your constituents that you have formulated a reasoned belief that this legislation is in the best interests of the people that you were elected to serve.

Mike Adams has been sick, and this has given him time to read the Health Care bill, unlike his representatives. He has some questions he would like the President to answer. Here are just a few of them, but you should click through to read them all:

On Page 50, I read some non-discrimination language, which seems to suggest that all non-US citizens, illegal or not, will be provided with free health care services. Can you tell me whether that is a) True or b) False?

On Page 59, I saw some language suggesting that the federal government will have access to all individual bank accounts for health-related electronic funds transfers. Can you tell me whether that is a) True or b) False?

On Page 124, I learned that no private company can sue the government for price-fixing. Furthermore, no “judicial review” is permitted against a complete government monopoly. Can you tell me whether that is a) True or b) False?

On Page 127, I read that the government will now set wages for physicians. Can you tell me whether that is a) True or b) False?

On Page 149, couched in esoteric “contribution” language, it looks like any employer with a payroll of $400,000 or more, who does not offer the public option, pays an 8% tax on payroll as a penalty. This penalty would go a long way towards destroying the private system. It would also seem to violate your campaign promises – specifically those you made during debates I watched. If I read this correctly, it appears you looked me – via the camera – in the eye and lied. So, Barry, can you tell me whether that is a) True or b) False?

On Page 203, I read a very strange sentence: “The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as tax imposed by this chapter for purposes of determining the amount of any credit under this chapter.” I know this is supposed to be a true/false test but do you think calling a “tax” by some other name means it is no longer a tax? This seems to be a persistent theme in this bill. Please explain. Attach extra sheets of paper if necessary.

Page 272 has some of the most esoteric language of the health care bill. But it looks like the government plans to ration health care for cancer patients. Can you tell me whether that is a) True or b) False?

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What kind of safety law refuses to consider assessment of risk

This kind, of course.

It’s not a safety law. It’s a law providing for the care and feeding of Naderite lawyers.

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On Obama’s Request for Citizens to Turn Big Brother

From the Privacy Act of 1974, enacted in response to the abuses of Watergate:

5 U.S.C. § 552a, United States agencies, including the Executive Office of the President shall, “maintain no record describing how any individual exercises rights guaranteed by the First Amendment unless expressly authorized by statute or by the individual about whom the record is maintained or unless pertinent to and within the scope of an authorized law enforcement activity.”

Said Bitsy in a comment at HotAir:

They are scared. They should be.

Dems know they spent 8yrs astroturfing hatred for Bush and opposition to his policies. The only crowd they ever got together was a bunch of stoners who thought it was an art car parade. It has been 6mo of Obama and the average Joe and Jane are flooding townhalls to yell at their Congressman.

Rep. Cornyn expresses his concern about what the President is asking citizens to do.

Here is an outstanding response (thanks Harmony):

A letter to President Barack Obama, sent to [email protected]

Greetings, sir, I pray for your health and that God may grant you peace and wisdom.

I am writing to you at this email address because of a post at the White House blog that, frankly, sir, has me a bit concerned.

I am certain that you are committed to freedom and liberty and do not intend on decreasing the level of freedom or the participation of citizens in the process of deciding public policy for our nation, even if that might mean that some of your initiatives have to be scaled back or simply abandoned.

Some might, however, question your commitment to freedom and the participation of citizens in the decision making process and this is why I am writing, respectfully, in the hope of seeing a happy resolution to what I hope is merely a poorly stated appeal for help in support of your health care initiative.

I understand you are asking people, through your staff, to email [email protected] to report people who oppose your health care plan, even though, Mr. President, you have NOT actually sent out a specific proposal and there are multiple different proposals.

Your appeal, which I sincerely fear is a call for informants ( was cloaked in what seems to some, myself included, doublespeak, and to my mind this appeal carries the implication that the White House wants to capture the names of opponents, which has a potentially chilling effect on open debate.

As part of this appeal, you tell your readers, basically, that people who are citing video of yourself calling for a single payer system and detailing an incrementalist approach ‘liars’, something that is both impolite and, frankly, juvenile and beneath contempt. Those statements were made by you, Mr. President. If indeed you are opposed to a single payer plan and have changed your mind, it is useful to you, and citizens who may even support you but for this perception, to clear this matter up rather than blaming others for a reasonable and logical assumption based on what you actually said.

Mr. President, facts ARE stubborn things and unless or until you publicly disavow a single payer system and actually ANNOUNCE and put in print YOUR health care proposal, it is only reasonable to think that all those things you have said are still on the table and part of your overall plan. If, however, you want a single payer system, please tell us and put in writing what your plan is so that we can have a civil discourse.

Mr. President, are you willing to state what your plan is then publicly disavow any plan that involves single payer plans in any fashion?

Further, Mr. President, would you be willing to solemnly swear that the minute you propose or even SIGN any bill that includes a single player plan or a precursor thereto that you will resign your office? Are you willing, sir, to resign your office if the implementation of your plan results in anything more than a 10% decrease in the number of people enrolled in private plans within 4 years after whatever bill is passed?

Please be advised, Mr. President, I will not be monitored: I oppose what some refer to as ‘Obamacare’ on the basis of my conviction that the Federal Power has no business sticking its nose in such things, a point of view that I sincerely believe is consistent with the original intent of our Founders. I respect that you feel differently and read that differently, but to dismiss our point of view with juvenile and petty name-calling that is clearly beneath contempt and that is simply not professional is a reflection on the content of your character that will not turn Americans against those who oppose state-run or regulated and managed health care by ANY name.

I am NOT afraid to stand up for my convictions, I respect you and your office, and I rightfully and justly demand that you and your staff respect me and my office, the office of “elector”, one of your 300 million “bosses”.

I respectfully request that you stop asking people to become informants, please spend a few minutes and re-read your constitution which you swore to uphold, and which is a condition of your tenure which must be adhered to.

I am enclosing a copy of this email to my member of Congress, my Senators, and my Governor as well as any local media and asking them to investigate WHY the White House is trying to capture names of opponents and asking people to inform on opponents.

If your office is seeking to obtain names of people who oppose your plan and to engage other Americans as informants or agents I would, and I am sure many others would, consider this to be a SERIOUS offense against the Bill of Rights if indeed your objective here is to do this, so, with this in mind, sir, please cease and desist and respect even those who oppose you in a civil and fair manner.

I pray that this communication is seen as a friendly appeal for a quick and amicable resolution of my concerns or, at worse, a friendly rebuke, if you will, due to what is clearly impolite behavior that is beneath of the dignity of the Presidency or the White House.

May you continue to be in good health and good spirits as you lead our free nation of free and sovereign citizens who wish you, and America, Godspeed within the reasonable constraints of liberty, justice, and our Constitution.

Yours in service to the Republic,

Bill Collier,
By the Grace of God, Citizen and Elector, The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, The United States of America
Marysville PA

PS I have BCC’d this to other individuals and hope that they, too, stand up by name and without fear, knowing that your White House, Mr. President, would never seek to in any way censure or persecute in any manner any citizen for simply questioning your policies or conduct: I am sure you will agree with me that the best way to dispel such myths is to reply in a cordial and civil manner to such citizens, even your loyal opposition.

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The Well Dressed Mobocracy

Barbara Boxer says she knows health care protestors are astro-turfed because ‘they’re too well dressed.’

I told y’all to leave the opera glasses and tiaras at home.

Here are some other tips for appropriate attire.

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