Bwahaha- a little comic relief

Sean Penn, Rescue Ranger- Not He is wearing a stylish white flak jacket instead of a lifevest. California Conservative’s roving photo(shopping) journalist has more.


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Another Must Read Blog

Busy day, nobody has time for it, there’s too much information coming in…. I know, I know. But this is wonderful stuff. I almost copied this to email to send it personally to several friends whom I knew would love it- but then I figured this was more efficient.

Proteus at Eject, Eject, Eject! has a brilliant piece, unfortunately by his own estimation rated R for language (but hey, the people he writes about are rated X for annihilating hubris and stupidity). Parents will want to screen. Here’s one excerpt. He writes about the difference between two kinds of people, the idiots and those of us who

simply do what millions and millions and millions of my fellow Americans do every day, in ways large and small. They step up to the plate, not because they want to be heroes, but because someone has to do it. These simple people donate their time, their money, their food, their cars and their houses every single day, and ask and expect nothing in return, while a few miles away from me in Brentwood millionaire movie stars throw fabulous parties to remind each other how swell they are, then waltz out into their chauffeured limos with their tens or hundreds of millions of dollars firmly in place, feeling good that they had the chance to really make a difference by raising awareness of whichever cause they feel will most make up for their feelings of inadequacy and guilt by showing both themselves and us just how much better people they really are.

What kind of money could Barbra and Martin and Tim and Susan and Gwenneth and George and Steven and Viggo and Linda and Harvey and Brad and Angelina and Ben and all the rest – how much could they really put together, if they actually believed what they say – not to mention the cash available to the Malodorous Michigan Manatee of Mendacity? What kind of check could they write? $500 million would be less than 10% of every outspoken celebrities’ combined wealth. That money could take every poor person in LA county and put them into much nicer apartments than the one I live in. They could, at a stroke, shame the President, the Congress, and the evil NeoCon warmongers by putting every displaced person in New Orleans in a Marriott for a year. They claim this is the kind of better human they have evolved into.

Why don’t they do it?

They don’t do it because that Tribe worships the golden statue of themselves, that’s why. A church-going pharmacist in Des Moines would be ashamed of herself for giving only 10% of her modest salary. But Sean Penn can take himself, an entourage and a personal photographer – that’s three or four people in a four-person boat – and show us all how incredibly big and down-home he is by sailing off a few feet to rescue people, before the boat sinks from the incompetence of failing to put in the drainage plug. He wore a very nice white flak vest, instead of the passé orange life preserver, because getting shot at is a lot more macho looking, if a million or so times less likely, than drowning because you went out into the water with a lead vest rather than a life vest. It’s a scene in the trailer that runs incessantly in their heads: In a world run by evil corporations, a rebel who plays by his own rules starts a deadly game of cat and mouse with an all-powerful conspiracy in this searing portrait of extraordinary courage in a life under siege, starring…me!

I was actually ready to publicly commend the guy, until I heard about the personal photographer. If he wanted to help people – and that’s all – he could have paid for that boat, and a few hundred others, manned them with reasonably competent recreational boaters, and sent out a flotilla. But no. It’s not about having people saved. It’s about something else entirely. It’s about having people saved by Sean Penn. That’s when I realized that whether it’s the Murderous Regime in Iraq, or the Murderous Regime in Iran, or the Murderous Storm in Louisiana…ultimately, it’s all about Sean Penn. Peace Be Upon Him.

But thank God we have people like him, and the rest of that vain, useless, smug, self-centered, incompetent, insecure and thoroughly broken Tribe to point out the error of our ways.

Bonnet Tip to Michelle Malkin, another must read blog today. I especially recommend All Politics is Delusional (by Bryan Preston), Michelle’s posts on FEMA’s screwups (yes, there are plenty to go around, but you won’t read about the real problems in the MSM), and Oh, dear God, the lost children of Katrina. God have mercy.

Updated: added the missing link to the Eject essay and corrected the spelling of one word.

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Read it and Sputter

Mayor Nagin is offering five day long paid vacations to NO police officers. To Vegas.

“Mr. Nagin, who has been demanding more federal assistance for days as his city struggled with despair, death and flooding, said he had asked the Federal Emergency Management Agency to pay for the trips but the agency said it could not. He said the city, therefore, would pay the costs.

He said he believed there were now enough National Guard members in the city to allow the police to take a break and still keep the city secure, and he brushed off questions about whether such a trip might look like a dereliction of duty.

“I’ll take the heat on that,” Mr. Nagin said. “We want to cater to them.”

And get this- Colonel Ebbert who is director for Homeland Security for the city, the local official in charge of the police and fire departments and other emergency services, the guy who has been so witheringly critical of President Bush and the Federal government says that he’s taking a break, too.

Furthemore, “New Orleans officials said they would remain in charge. Mr. Riley, who has been on the police force for 24 years, will oversee the police department in the superintendent’s absence.

“We haven’t turned over control of the city,” Colonel Ebbert said.”

Nagin said he declared Martial Law in a previous interview. Sorry, but Martial Law means the military is control, in charge. The mayor never had the authority to make that call, but he claimed that the Federal government was in charge. But it’s not. So whose responsibility is this?

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A Narnian Lullaby

Go listen to the lovely sounds of
Mr. Tumnus’ Lullaby. You can also find the sheet music, which does not look too terribly difficult.
The composer, Harry Gregson-Williams, said that since Mr. Tumnus’s instrument was purely fictional, so he could just just decide what sound he thought best fit. It’s an Armenian instrument called a Duduk. The site where I looked it up said it was something like a clarinet.
Isn’t it absolutely lovely?

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Music Meme

I got this via Bookish Gardener, who says “This meme from Robert at The LLama Butchers is just what I need right now: Go to Music Outfitters and find their list of the 100 top songs for the year you graduated from high school. Bold the ones you liked, strike the ones you hated, and leave alone the ones to which you were indifferent or that you can’t remember.” Also underline the one you liked the most.
Took me a while to figure out how to ‘dial up’ the songs. Turns out you just type in the year you graduated in the search box. Technically, I graduated with the class of 80, but in fact, had enough credits to graduate in ’79. We moved from one state to another. The new state didn’t recognize many of my credits and didn’t think I took enough P.E., so they wanted me to go to school with a full load and take a night class. I thought that was stupic. So I transferred my credits back to my old high school and my diploma was in process midterm. I was done. Granny Tea, being the hidebound conventional person she is, insisted that I had to keep going to highschool, even though I’d already sent my credits back to my old school, and the grades in my new schoo wouldn’t even be finished until after I had my diploma and GPA in hand. I thought that was stupid. So… I was enrolled on campus for three or four classes, and I either did not go, or I went but did not participate, and finally I browbeat her into letting me quit since it Did. Not. Matter. As soon as my last class was over I rushed to work, where I was earning money for college. I guess that I’m listed as a graduate at one high school and a drop out at another.
Well, thanks for the trip down memory lane. Point is that I didn’t actually recognize most of the 1980 songs because my head was out of high school even while my body was rebelliously, defiantly, and unwillingly in it for part of that year. I did recognize the 1979 songs, though, so here they are:

1. My Sharona, The Knack
2. Bad Girls, Donna Summer
3. Le Freak, Chic
4. Da Ya Think I’m Sexy, Rod Stewart
5. Reunited, Peaches and Herb
6. I Will Survive, Gloria Gaynor
7. Hot Stuff, Donna Summer
8. Y.M.C.A., Village People
9. Ring My Bell, Anita Ward
10. Sad Eyes, Robert John
11. Too Much Heaven, Bee Gees
12. MacArthur Park, Donna Summer

13. When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman, Dr. Hook
14. Makin’ It, David Naughton
15. Fire, Pointer Sisters
16. Tragedy, Bee Gees
17. A Little More Love, Olivia Newton-John

18. Heart Of Glass, Blondie
19. What A Fool Believes, Doobie Brothers
20. Good Times, Chic
21. You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond
22. Knock On Wood, Amii Stewart
23. Stumblin’ In, Suzi Quatro and Chris Norman
24. Lead Me On, Maxine Nightingale
25. Shake Your Body, Jacksons
26. Don’t Cry Out Loud, Melissa Manchester
27. The Logical Song, Supertramp
28. My Life, Billy Joel

29. Just When I Needed You Most, Randy Vanwarmer
30. You Can’t Change That, Raydio
31. Shake Your Groove Thing, Peaches and Herb
32. I’ll Never Love This Way Again, Dionne Warwick
33. Love You Inside Out, Bee Gees
34. I Want You To Want Me, Cheap Trick
35. The Main Event (Fight), Barbra Streisand
36. Mama Can’t Buy You Love, Elton John
37. I Was Made For Dancin’, Leif Garrett
38. After The Love Has Gone, Earth, Wind and Fire
39. Heaven Knows, Donna Summer and Brooklyn Dreams
40. The Gambler, Kenny Rogers
41. Lotta Love, Nicolette Larson
42. Lady, Little River Band
43. Heaven Must Have Sent You, Bonnie Pointer
44. Hold The Line, Toto
45. He’s The Greatest Dancer, Sister Sledge
46. Sharing The Night Together, Dr. Hook
47. She Believes In Me, Kenny Rogers
48. In The Navy, Village People
49. Music Box Dancer, Frank Mills
50. The Devil Went Down To Georgia, Charlie Daniels Band
51. Gold, John Stewart
52. Goodnight Tonight, Wings
53. We Are Family, Sister Sledge
54. Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy, Bad Company
55. Every 1′s A Winner, Hot Chocolate
56. Take Me Home, Cher
57. Boogie Wonderland, Earth, Wind and Fire
58. (Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away, Andy Gibb
59. What You Won’t Do For Love, Bobby Caldwell
60. New York Groove, Ace Frehley
61. Sultans Of Swing, Dire Straits
62. I Want Your Love, Chic
63. Chuck E’s In Love, Rickie Lee Jones
64. I Love The Night Life, Alicia Bridges
65. Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now, McFadden and Whitehead
66. Lonesome Loser, Little River Band
67. Renegade, Styx
68. Love Is The Answer, England Dan and John Ford Coley
69. Got To Be Real, Cheryl Lynn
70. Born To Be Alive, Patrick Hernandez
71. Shine A Little Love, Electric Light Orchestra
72. I Just Fall In Love Again, Anne Murray
73. Shake It, Ian Matthews
74. I Was Made For Lovin’ You, Kiss
75. I Just Wanna Stop, Gino Vannelli
76. Disco Nights, G.Q.
77. Ooh Baby Baby, Linda Ronstadt
78. September, Earth, Wind and Fire
79. Time Passages, Al Stewart
80. Rise, Herb Alpert
81. Don’t Bring Me Down, Electric Light Orchestra
82. Promises, Eric Clapton
83. Get Used To It, Roger Voudouris
84. How Much I Feel, Ambrosia
85. Suspicions, Eddie Rabbitt
86. You Take My Breath Away, Rex Smith
87. How You Gonna See Me Now, Alice Cooper
88. Double Vision, Foreigner
89. Every Time I Think Of You, Babys
90. I Got My Mind Made Up, Instant Funk
91. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough, Michael Jackson

92. Bad Case Of Lovin’ You, Robert Palmer
93. Somewhere In The Night, Barry Manilow
94. We’ve Got Tonite, Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band
95. Dance The Night Away, Van Halen
96. Dancing Shoes, Nigel Olsson
97. The Boss, Diana Ross
98. Sail On, Commodores
99. I Do Love You, G.Q.
100. Strange Way, Firefall

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Music Carnival

Owlish Mutterings hosted the music carnival this week. Unfortunately, since so many bloggers are focused on Katrina, the history of the levy problems in New Orleans, Able Danger, the late Chief Justice Renquist, the newly nominated for Chief Justice Judge Roberts, and the UN Scam, only one person remembered to send OM a music post.

That did not stop this dedicated blogger, though. Owlish went out and hunted up a nice collection of music posts to share, generously linking with many other bloggers (including us). Please reward that dedication and hard work by clicking on the link and checking out this very nicely done carnival.

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Blogs to Read

Skip the middle woman today (me) and just go read these great blogs:

PUndit Guy: Especially How We Die; The post on Census Data; and the post on Internet Archives- maybe you can help.

Mudville Gazette: You want to read it all, but especially First Responders, Baghdad on the Bayou (here is possibly the only place you will read of Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco’s statements like “These are some of the 40,000 extra troops that I have demanded,” Blanco said. “They have M-16s, and they’re locked and loaded … I have one message for these hoodlums: These troops know how to shoot and kill, and they are more than willing to do so if necessary, and I expect they will,” and Nagin’s idiotic statement that he had “declared Martial Law in the city and directed the city’s 1,500 person police force to do “whatever it takes” to regain control of the city.

Nagin said that Martial Law means that officers don’t have to worry about civil rights and Miranda rights in stopping the looters.
martial law means officers have permission to shoot to kill.” To count the ways that Nagin is wrong, you’ll have to read Mudville. HInt: He has no authority to declare ‘martial law,’ and martial law has nothing to do with the police officers.

And you especially want to read Riding on the City of New Orleans. HEre you will find all kinds of information and quotes from New Orleans’ disaster plan- the one they had on paper and were supposed to follow. I think you will be surprised by who is and who is not mentioned in this plan. Or maybe you won’t be surprised if you you don’t rely on CNN for your news.

And, of course, you want to read Junkyard Blog. Just keep reading. Note especially the story of another stolen bus, and keep it in mind when Nagin’s defenders complain that he might have had buses, but who would drive them. Note also the police officer who ” was given three month’s pay, at New Orleans Police Department, given three month’s pay and said, “You need to leave, you need to relocate, find another unit, another district, division, or another job because to clean up this city is going to take three to five years.”

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More Personal Stories

From Bobby Ross’ blog comes this post:

Click on the link to see a smiling “Corey Bradley, who celebrated his 30th birthday Saturday…. He’s holding his 4-year-old daughter, Trinity. The New Orleans residents escaped the hurricane — but lost all their material possessions. Nonetheless, Bradley said he’s blessed because the Mountain View church found him at a shelter at Reunion Arena in Dallas and offered him long-term housing.”

The Mountain View church in Dallas… is reaching out to evacuees by offering food, clothing and free apartment rent for at least six months. (With help from many area churches, they’ve already placed 250-plus evacuees in long-term housing!)”

(We previously mentioned this church in this post. People we know personally- that is, we have known them via email for several years, have actually met face to face in real life, and had the joy of singing with, and with whom we have very dear mutual friends, have gone to Mt. View to take supplies and help out. A cynical sort seems to be questioning the legitimacy of this and other church groups I’ve mentioned. I’d point out that you can check google-earth to see if a church building is standing on the location given, and you can google yellow pages to find the addresses and phone numbers of church groups to make sure they didn’t just mushroom up in the wake of Katrina for the purpose of defrauding generous donors and desparate survivors. I’ad also suggest that the same caution might be applied toward investigating larger agencies to see what their overhead costs are. Churches are boots on the ground, all volunteer, person to person assistance- I know that when I send towels and toletries to one of the church shelters we’ve mentioned here before that they will get to the people who need them within a day of the box being opened, sometimes within hours. I have no such certainty with the larger, nationally recognized, spend-a-lot-of-bucks on P.R. Charities. In fact, my certainties go quite the other direction.)

Soapbox aside, if you click on the link to Bobby Ross’ blog and just scroll down you can also see pictures of rescue workers in Sliddel, Mandeville, and other places.

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Personal Stories

From a friend in Texas: “I know that most of the evacuees we are getting here are the poor who could not get out of New Orleans. I am so hoping that what we give them here is a *better* life with maybe less poverty. So maybe eventually they will see the good that came their way through tragedy. And just because, I want them to have a better life. It is almost unbearable to think of what these people are going through *right now*!! Let alone what they went through last week.
On a side note: We get a magazine “Cottage Living” which we love. In the most recent issue, there was an article of a couple in New Orleans who were restoring an old Creole house. The CL website tells me now that they have not heard from this couple. But looking at the area the house was in, it must be gone. Where are they??? I loved their house and the story about them. I didn’t *know* them but I knew of them.
Our assistant preacher preached today and told this story. He was in Friday getting his tires rotated. There were two men there who happened to both be from LA. They weren’t together. But these were men who got out with their families under their own steam. They talked about the levees and different areas of NO. Then one guy asks the other if this particular levee had gone down. And yes, it had. The man looked down, then looked up and said he had lost his house and all his property then. Can you imagine finding out right there, right then?? But then he looks at his child in his arms and his wife and says, “I may have lost my house and possessions, but I still have my God and my family. Everything that is most important to me is still here.” WOW!
My heart is just so full. and it feels like it might break.”

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Where are the Refugees?

The Associated Press, as of 10 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 3, 2005

Nobody knows how many are staying in private homes, with relatives, and with contacts made through personal church connections

TEXAS: Gov. Rick Perry says more than 120,000 refugees were in 97 shelters across the state, with another 100,000 in Texas hotels and motels. Hundreds more _ no one knows just how many _ were housed in churches or private homes.

LOUISIANA: The Red Cross says more than 50,000 refugees were in its shelters. The Superdome has been evacuated and tens of thousands of others have been bused to Texas.

ARKANSAS: Gov. Mike Huckabee says Arkansas likely had 50,000 evacuees in the state as of Friday and that another 20,000 could be expected.

TENNESSEE: Gov. Phil Bredesen says nearly 13,000 refugees were being sheltered and that number could double within several days. More than 10,000 people have gone to Memphis, about 350 miles north of New Orleans.

MISSISSIPPI: The state Emergency Management Agency says 12,500 people were in public shelters. Figures were not available for people in hotels or private homes, but officials say the total number could climb into the tens of thousands. A shelter in Biloxi was closed because more than 20 people there fell ill, and doctors believe the patients may have contracted dysentery from tainted water.

ALABAMA: Gov. Bob Riley is seeking to create temporary, semi-permanent and permanent housing for 10,000 refugees, but emergency officials say the number of hurricane victims in Alabama was likely to climb far higher.

MICHIGAN: The state has offered to house up to 10,000 refugees, a spokeswoman for Gov. Jennifer Granholm says.

SOUTH CAROLINA: U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn proposed housing up to 5,000 refugees in unused military barracks, an empty mall and other large buildings in Columbia. So far, Red Cross chapters across the state reported helping a handful of refugees, although most have been staying with family or friends.

MINNESOTA: Gov. Tim Pawlenty says Minnesota is preparing to host as many as 5,000 evacuees for a year or longer.

OKLAHOMA: A caravan of about buses carrying nearly 2,000 evacuees from the storm-ravaged Gulf Coast region crossed into Oklahoma on Saturday en route to an Oklahoma National Guard barracks. Preparations are being made to house as many as 3,000 additional evacuees at a second site.

FLORIDA: More than 1,100 people were in seven shelters, along with 13,500 refugees in hotels, according to officials in Pensacola, Panama City and Tallahassee.

ARIZONA: One thousand or more refugees were expected to arrive in Arizona sometime Sunday.

COLORADO: Officials say up to 1,000 refugees will be housed at dorms at the former Lowry Air Force base.

GEORGIA: Working with aid groups, state officials have opened 12 shelters housing more than 900 evacuees, Gov. Sonny Perdue says.

MISSOURI: The American Red Cross has housed more than 500 people, says Susie Stonner, a spokeswoman for the State Emergency Management agency.

WEST VIRGINIA: About 500 refugees were expected to arrive beginning early Sunday.

ILLINOIS: Authorities were aware of 400 to 500 refugees in the state. The state Board of Education says 35 Katrina refugees were enrolling in Illinois schools.

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Ten buses were expected to roll out of Washington for New Orleans to pick up 400 hurricane refugees. Officials expected they would return on Labor Day. Refugees were to be housed at the D.C. Armory.

MARYLAND: A spokesman for the Maryland State Department of Education says at least seven counties have been contacted by refugees who want to enroll students. Some school systems also have inquired about hiring displaced teachers.

A number of people have suggested housing refugees at closed military bases, and I think that’s a great idea, too. But who owns the closed bases? Once they’ve closed, don’t they revert back to the state? Is it up to the Federal Government, or is this yet another decision legally up to the local officials? Based on reading the above, I’m guessing that it’s up to state and local officials.

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