Three Felonies A Day

Technology moves so quickly we can barely keep up, and our legal system moves so slowly it can’t keep up with itself. By design, the law is built up over time by court decisions, statutes and regulations. Sometimes even criminal laws are left vague, to be defined case by case. Technology exacerbates the problem of laws so open and vague that they are hard to abide by, to the point that we have all become potential criminals.

Boston civil-liberties lawyer Harvey Silverglate calls his new book “Three Felonies a Day,” referring to the number of crimes he estimates the average American now unwittingly commits because of vague laws. New technology adds its own complexity, making innocent activity potentially criminal.

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The Presidential Personality Cult for Children

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“Uniting black and white?” “Being both, he cannot take sides?” “Change has come, change has come.” “Fly free.”

It’s supposed to be a PTA meeting, so presumably parents are on board with having their children worship at the alter of this personality cult.

He’s just a man, however, and some of these children are going to grow up resenting the way they’ve been indoctrinated at the cult of unreason.

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Dante’s Divine Comedy as suitable for the immature…

According to the author of The Makers of Florence (Mrs. Oliphant, 1876), Dante explained the reason he used the ‘vulgar tongue’ of Italian for his masterpiece instead of Latin thus:

But when I considered the condition of the present age, I saw that the songs of the most illustrious poets were neglected of all, and for this reason high-minded men who in better times wrote on such themes, now left (oh, pity!) the liberal arts to the crowd. For this I laid down the pure lyre with which I was provided, and prepared for myself another more adapted to the understanding of the moderns; for it is vain to give to sucklings solid food.’

Mrs. Oliphant’s source for this story is a letter Fra Ilario, Abbot of the monastary of Santa Croce, is supposed to have written in a cover letter accompanying a copy of Dante’s manuscript, sent on Dante’s behalf to Uguccione della Faginolla.

Based on a good hour’s worth of googling, it appears the letter is of doubtful authenticity, although it has been around possibly since the late 14th century, and certainly was well known, if disbelieved, by the middle of the 19th century.

Its authenticity as Dante’s own statement doesn’t interest me as much as the statement itself. Regardless of authorship, it’s likely several hundred years old, yet it could have been written today, changing only the style of the words which seem stilted to the modern ear. Did Dante live today, he (or his counterfeit) might have said:

‘When I observe current trends, I see that the works of the greatest poets of old are the most neglected… so I set aside the more advanced language and style that I intended to use, and instead adapted my writing to the understanding of the current post-modern generation; because it is a waste of time to give the strong meat of literature to those with immature tastes.’

IN the midway of this our mortal life,
I found me in a gloomy wood, astray
Gone from the path direct: and e’en to tell,
It were no easy task, how savage wild
That forest, how robust and rough its growth,
Which to remember only, my dismay
Renews, in bitterness not far from death.
Yet, to discourse of what there good befel…

Imagine a world where The Divine Comedy is considered to be written in a watered down and common tongue easily understood by the young moderns who have not equipped themselves to understand the works of the great poets of old.

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Ukrainian Sand Artist

This is beautiful and deeply evocative even without understanding the language or story. It’s even more moving when you do understand.

According to what I read about it at Ace of Spades, where I found it, she’s telling the story of the Nazi occupation of Ukraine during WWII.

According to the comments at youtube:

first a man and a woman get engaged. then war happens. then everyone gets scared. then they give birth to a baby. then the woman gets a mail saying that the man died in the war. then the man gets covered. then the woman is back in her hometown. then she looks out of the window and sees the man in her imagination and she is happy again.this war took place in 1945 when hitler was in control

A Mariiiya says:

she writes “You are always near” at the end… this makes me cry every time..

Creepr40T says:

The 2 people on the benches was the artists grandmother and her first husband. He was taken to war during the invasion of Ukraine. She had a baby, and received a letter that her husband had died. After the war ended, a man came and met the woman. He helped raise the baby and they soon married.

The artist is Kseniya Simonova. She is the 2009 winner of Ukraine’s Got Talent.

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Gaelic Lullabye with whales

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