If You Wanted to Call The Equuschick

Which of course, you probably wouldn’t, and even if you did you couldn’t call her because as you all know The Equuschick is a very inaccessible person unless you’ve passed certain stringent security measures, but even if you had passed those security measures and you did want to call and chat, you couldn’t.

You might reach her cell phone battery, but as her phone battery is somewhere as yet undiscovered in a wide expanse of cornfields and her phone is on the couch appropriately attached to the lanyard that The Equuschick wisely and prudently wore around her neck for the last three days as her husband suggested, in order to avoid losing the phone itself which is a very bad habit of The Equuschick’s, reaching the phone battery would do no you no good whatsoever.

Well, she didn’t lose the phone. She knows exactly where her phone is.

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We went to see the movie UP last night, taking along the little boys (I am leaning toward Blynken and Nod). We all enjoyed it. Yes, it was totally unrealistic and silly, as I read in some online review. Hello? This is pixar, not National Geographic.
It was cute. It was pro-family (If you go see it, be sure to note the poster on the walls in the doctor’s office), and the first ten minutes or so require lots of kleenex. So does another surprise moment later in the movie.

The HM and Strider teared or cried. I cried.

Overall it was a funny, happy, feel-good movie with a strong family oriented message.

Considering the new crop of movies of the last few years, the HG points out around three decades or so ago we had the Happy Divorce movies- people struggle a bit, feel a little sad, and then they realize they can all get along and move on and life is grand after all. Only the people who made those movies? They were the adults in the Happy Divorce fantasy. Their children have grown up now, and they don’t make the Happy Divorce movies.

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The War on Military Recruiters

One dead, one wounded in today’s shooting of an Arkansas recruiter’s office. Shooter an anti-military Muslim convert. When will the left take responsibility for their inflammatory anti-military rhetoric? (tongue in cheek question) Plenty of other acts of violence against recruiters and their offices have occurred in the last few years. Is Holden going to send marshalls to protect them?
Is this recruiter’s life less important than George Tiller’s? To the media, it would seem the answer is yes.

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That Was One Expensive Date….

Gulfstream jets: three
Helicoptors: three
STalled traffic- countless

All because President Obama promised Michelle a Broadway show. These people have champaign tastes while they’re putting the rest of us on a bread and water budget.

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Abortionist shot in church

George Tiller is dead, shot in the Lutheran church in which he was a member. There’s been an arrest.

I do not condone, support, or approve of murder. Not the murder of the unborn, not the murder of the slayer of the unborn.

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