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Unfortunately, after spending a good hour collecting links to news stories, my post disappeared when Microsoft did that annoying error message thing and shut down all my windows. When I tried ‘recover post,’ I got Jenny-Any-Dots last post instead of my own.=(

Really quickly I’m just going to suggest these stories:

Synagogue desecration in Gaza strip, and a history lesson.

Arrest of Saddam’s nephew and terrorist financier in Iraq. Note the involvement of the Syrians.

Mugabe, the UN and Human Rights

Two posts from Wretchard at Belmont about the trial of Saddam Hussein.

Patterico on the Miers nomination- he’s on a ledge. Talk him down? Join him? Or give him a push? I’m for talking him down, not because I think he’s wrong but because I enjoy his harangues so very, very much.

More in a few minutes. I’m hitting publish now so that I don’t lose this again.

Bird Flu in Taiwan

Able Danger story (rough language warning, IIRC) continues- what does the Pentagon have to hide?

Voter fraud- “The St. Louis area has seen 16 Democrat election workers convicted of voter fraud or similar charges this past year. This past week an obstruction of justice and plotting to murder a government voter fraud witness can be added to that list of Democrat convictions…”

In related news a voter I.D. requirement in Georgia was just struck down, even though the I.D. cards were free to the poor. The Anchoress is irked.

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This is who I am:

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

“Like mother, like daughter.” :)

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In reality THM is . . .


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100 Acre Woods

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

Happy sigh. Thanks to Firefly at bioluminescence

And speaking of Firefly, I’ve been meaning to mention that you simply must rush over there right NOW and look at the incredible photograph of a little visitor they had at their house.

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Random Items (Two)

Thank-you “coffeemama” for the link to, but woe unto Equuschicks everywhere because even there direct quotes could not be found.
The Equuschick did discover, however, that for an admission of $3 + the cost of a trip to Wisconsin, she could visit Sterling North’s house. It is tempting.

Zeus was given A Bath today. The Equuschick, following her own self-advocated theories on positive reinforcement, brought treats to the bath with him and even gave him his favourite toy to keep him company in his hardship. But Zeus was unmoved. He made it very clear that it was not his desire that Bath Time Be A Happy Time, or Indeed Any Sort of Time At All. Bath Time, as such, should cease to exist. Poor dog child.

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Child’s Calendar Beautiful, Between Whiles (or copywork)

Too low they build, who build below the stars.
What ought not to be done, never think of doing.
If you would be known to do a thing, never do it.
Trifles make perfection, but perfection is no trifle.

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Child’s Calendar Beautiful, Seventh Year, October

The Burial of Sir John Moore at Corunna
by Charles Wolfe

NOT a drum was heard, not a funeral note,

As his corpse to the rampart we hurried;

Not a soldier discharged his farewell shot

O’er the grave where our hero we buried.

We buried him darkly at dead of night,

The sods with our bayonets turning;

By the struggling moonbeam’s misty light

And the lantern dimly burning.

No useless coffin enclosed his breast,

Not in sheet nor in shroud we wound him;

But he lay like a warrior taking his rest,

With his martial cloak around him.

Few and short were the prayers we said,

And we spoke not a word of sorrow;

But we steadfastly gazed on the face of the dead,

And we bitterly thought of the morrow.

We thought, as we hollow’d his narrow bed

And smoothed down his lonely pillow,

That the foe and the stranger would tread o’er his head,

And we far away on the billow!

Lightly they’ll talk of the spirit that’s gone,

And o’er his cold ashes upbraid him;

But little he’ll reck, if they let him sleep on

In the grave where a Briton has laid him.

But half of our heavy task was done
When the clock struck the hour for retiring,

And we heard the distant and random gun

That the foe was sullenly firing.

Slowly and sadly we laid him down,

From the field of his fame fresh and gory;

We carved not a line, and we raised not a stone,

But we left him alone with his glory.

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In the Corner of Our Kitchen…

So we spent several hours talking to the cabinet man a day or two ago, and we spent several hours talking to the appliance people today, and things are progressing nicely.

Here’s one little feature of my new kitchen-

a desk with built in bookcases. These colors are pretty much all wrong, except my bookcases really are going to be very light in color. My pantry will run the length of the wall from the edge of the bookshelves to the other doorway (which you cannot see here). The pantry is a closet about 18 inches deep and about 12 feet long. I feel all sparkly inside whenever I think on it. Hummy, too. In fact, every once in a while I break out into a line from the Hallelujua Chorus.

The nice cabinet man emailed us about a dozen pictures like this one, all different angles of the kitchen. So far I think we’re only making about half a dozen changes from what we talked about two days ago. But, as always, I digress.

I opened up the pictures and we were looking at them and making admiring noises when the FYB walked by. He stopped and looked for a moment and then said, “I have an idea. You could put all your cookbooks in those shelves by the desk, then they’d be in the kitchen instead of the living room.”

I casually said that yes, that was a very good idea. His father has a more perky personality than I, and he responded with whoops and hollers and very vocal ‘atta-boys,’ and ‘You’re so smart,’ and ‘ what a brilliant idea,’ sorts of comments. Then he picked up the boy, swung him around, gave him a huge hug and said, “Whose little boy are you to be so smart?!”

At that the FYB cocked a sceptical eyebrow at me and said knowingly, “You were going to do that anyway, all the time, weren’t you.?”

Whose little boy is he to be so smart?

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Note: In order to really get the most out of this you should really read this background post first.

It’s amazing how irritated a sister can get by simply hearing one bar of a song hummed.
Well, maybe not so amazing when you know it is the Christmas song put in her alarm clock by her younger sister to wake her up at 6:15. And it’s not even Thanskgiving yet.

I shall now retire humming “Oh, Holy Night” in all my scalawagging glory.


P.S. Does watching a movie count as “retiring?”

P.P.S. The Spellcheck wishes to replace Scalawaggery with “Schoolgirl.” We are all very amused.

Notes the DHM: The Spellchecker must have daughters.

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The Argument Rages On

The Head Girl does not permit any playing of Christmas music until after Thanksgiving (American Thanksgiving, alas and alack). This irks her younger siblings, but she is resolute in the face of their constant agitating to revise this rule (this rule the DHM originally made, but she now leaves it to the HG, and the HG complains that the DHM does not give her enough support in enforcing it. She’s quite right, you know, quite right. But we comfort ourselves with the thought that our laxness is building her some character).

Tonight the HG told them, “Look, you don’t have very long to wait, so just wait. It’s only five weeks.”

“Five weeks!!” they wailed, with much wailing, and also they waxed great with wails and the din unto our ears sounded like unto a great wailing such as never had been wailed before.

JennyAnyDots told her, “You are so much like a first born.”

And our First Born replied, “Somebody needs to be in order to keep you lot from degenerating into complete scalawags.”

“But,” argues Pipsqueak (who else?), “we like being scalawags.”

Oh, yes they do. And Pipsqueak shall tell you of her latest episode of scalawaggery just as soon as she finishes her fish-heads and we let her out of the garret. (Ah, she’s out, and here is her post)

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