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Criminalizing Speech

One of the ways that governments try to “win” debates is to make debate by the other side illegal.

More here.

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The New McCarthyism

[email protected] What are you really worried about, an org that is effective registering minority voters?

In response to several tweets I made about ACORN’s disgraceful and venal behavior in counseling a couple they believed to be a pimp and prostitute in the breaking of tax laws to hide their crimes and assist them in setting up a brothel of under-aged girls (as young as 12 and 13) smuggled into the country from El Salvadore.

Because clearly, being a racist is the ONLY reason anybody could have for being appalled by the fact that ACORN employees in at least five offices didn’t even flinch when underaged trafficking of 12 year olds from El Salvadore was mentioned, but actually offered tax protection advice and in one case at least hinted that they’d like to partner with the business.

ALG Editor’s Note: William Warren’s award-winning cartoons published at are a free service of ALG News Bureau. They may be reused and redistributed free of charge.

Incidentally, another round of tweets keeps asking where all the video footage is of the dynamic duo of guerilla journalists getting kicked out of offices and having the cops called.

This is really hilarious because, although I have asked, NOBODY has presented any evidence that more than two offices called the police, and in both of those cases the evidence is dubious.
One is the Philly office- I blogged about that- there is a police report, but it does NOT support the ACORN narrative, as all it says is that the police were called because one James O’Keefe created a ‘verbal disturbance’ and he wasn’t in the office when they arrived. A verbal disturbance is not how I could characterize ‘tried to get tax advice on smuggling in under-aged girls for illicit purposes.’ ACORN itself says it was another girl with O’Keefe, not Hannah. AND I have asked questions and still gotten no answers about how O’keefe’s name appears on the report- didn’t he use a pseudonymn? Maybe he didn’t- but nobody cares to find out, it seems.

The second is the office in California where the male ACORN worker asks Hannah’s prices, offers to help smuggle the girls in, asks if they will work with him, and continue email contact- and ACORN actually fired that guy, so apparently they aren’t as impressed with his story as the ACORN apologists in the blogosphere.
Incidentally, He did not call the police, he called his cousin who works for the police. He did not file a police report. And he did this after the pair left his office, not while they were there. I have seen one report that he called the police two days later as well- but I think we should all agree that even if this is true (I haven’t seen any copy of a police report), two days later is kind of iffy.

So those ACORN apologists demanding video footage of ACORN offices calling the police are, in fact, demanding to know why Hannah and James didn’t record alleged incidents that, by ACORN’s own version of events, happened AFTER they were gone, two days after they were gone, in one case.

If there is no record of these phone calls, that would be ACORN’s fault, not the fault of two people who were not even present.

Incidentally, and quite interestingly, dlcox1958, the guy who implied I was a bigot for questioning ACORN (they Must Not Be Questioned, apparently), also tried to redirect attention by asking what about corporate welfare (something which my readers also know I dislike). That’s a really interesting question- because ACORN’s got that going for it, too:

the controversial community organizing outfit ACORN is about so much more than a few tax evasion and prostitution scandals. They’re also apparently happy to cash in on corporate welfare and eminent domain abuse. As the New York Post‘s Rich Calder reports, ACORN is deeply entwined with real estate tycoon Bruce Ratner and his controversial Atlantic Yards development project in Brooklyn, New York…

REad the link. What a mess.

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Hurrah! Bluegrass!

A friend shared this video recently; the family in this video are good friends of hers, sweet and lovely people, she said. They definitely make sweet and lovely music. 🙂

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Dyl & Co sing On the Banks of the Ohio

I like this one.

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