Another Abortion Related Murder…

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Besides the daily slaughter of the innocent victims of abortion, I mean.

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Local newspapers reported that Mr. Pouillon, who had been involved in anti-abortion efforts for decades, had been carrying photographs of fetuses outside the school shortly before the shooting. Prosecutors said the suspect, Harlan James Drake, who is 33, singled out Mr. Pouillon because he disapproved of the victim’s protests in front of children at the school.

Note- the ‘children’ at the school are high school students, and while Michigan requires teens to get permission from one parent before having an abortion, it also permits a judicial bypass- something notoriously easy to obtain, and Planned Parenthood has shown repeatedly that they will help teens judge shop and frame their message to gain approval, even to the point of encouraging them to cover up statutory rape to protect their abusers.

According to Guttmacher Institute:

Michigan has the 27th highest teenage pregnancy rate of any state. Of the 26,270 teenage pregnancies each year in Michigan, 54% result in live births and 32% result in abortions.

So it’s presumably okay with the killer for teens to have an abortion, they just can’t see a picture of one. That’s kind of like saying teens shouldn’t look at photographs of whiskey, but they can drink it.

Or, as I have said before, like saying teens can have their tonsils or gall bladders removed without parental consent, but anybody who shows them a picture of the removed tonsil or gall bladder is a frothing at the mouth lunatic who ought to be arrested.

Or, in this case, shot. Teens should not seen pictures of the results of a fiercely protected legal surgical procedure that they can have without parental consent, but they can see some guy holding an unpleasant photograph shot on the street. That’s okay.

No, it’s not okay- it’s not okay with the majority of the pro-abortion community, either. I get that. I am certainly not going to hold the pro-abortion community responsible for the actions of this one man. Individuals make their choices and are responsible for them.

But I am going to point out, once more, the hypocrisy of those who believe abortion should be legal (and it is legal the whole nine months) but think it’s somehow disgusting and horrific for people to show photographs of it.

I don’t like those pictures. I don’t agree with those who show them at public rallies. I didn’t want my children to see them when they were young. But then, I don’t want to look at photographs of lynchings, either, and I have never watched any footage of the carnage at the Twin Towers on 9/11. I don’t want to see the bodies of humans beings who have been cruelly and brutally slain.

Those who don’t believe those precious preborn children are human beings should not those photographs any more disturbing than pictures of gall bladders or kidneys. When they do, that’s is an indication of one of two things- fear because they recognize the emotional impact of those photographs harms the pro-abortion message, or that deep down at some visceral level they recognize this carnage is a human carnage.


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Cost Projection vs Actual Cost

This disturbing graph shows the difference between projected costs of every health care plan and their actual costs just for the first year. It’s pretty clear that government cost projections are poorly written fairy tales.

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I’m passing on this embedded video because Youtube visitor counts have been strangely holding at 311 for the last few hours, and according to commenters on another site they aren’t permitting further comments. Please view this before you let your kids see it:

Can we get their slimy hands off the Census now?

The ACORN employee is:

Lavernia Boone, the star of this video works for a mortgage broker, Smith-Meyers Mortgage Group and is a real estate agent representing RE/Max One in Maryland. EVERY real estate transaction that has been completed by Ms. Boone and Smith-Meyers Mortgage Group should be investigated.

And I found this ironic:

The ACORN employee later suggests that O’Keefe, who said he had a budding political career, not linger at the house in case people “put the dots together” and leave him “smeared and tarnished” by his association with his prostitute girlfriend. She should keep her business “low key,” the employee continued, saying “You have neighbors and they see stuff. Don’t think that people won’t get on the telephone and call Fox.”

Do you realize what she just acknowledged? Among other things, this is a tacit admission that she knows full well the only news organization that would report the truth about slimy situation is FOX! And so far, the news media have worked hard to prove her right.

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Thanks to Joe Wilson….

Read here:

Over the past few months, the President repeatedly stated that illegal aliens wouldn’t be covered by Obamacare. The problem is that no one believed him. Repeating the same old lie didn’t float because a spontaneous grassroots movement had combed through the various bills and noticed that every one contained a provision which prevented anyone from verifying the citizenship of participants.

If the President had really wanted to exclude illegal aliens from Obamacare, it would have been no problem to include a provision providing for citizenship verification. Because of Joe Wilson’s startling lack of decorum, the Senate Finance Committee is now considering one:

Members of the group said they thought they’d settled the question of illegal immigration, but it came to the fore this week when Republican Rep. Joe Wilson shouted “You lie” at Obama during his speech Wednesday. Obama had said illegal immigrants wouldn’t be covered under his health plan.

Senators said that’s forced the committee to work on provisions verifying legal status before an individual can get coverage.

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ACORN Office: Not So Isolated

When released the footage of jaw-droppingly disgusting behavior of employees in an ACORN office giving advice on how to evade the law to a girl they believed to be a 19 year old prostitute about to ship in a baker’s dozen of under-aged Salvadorean teens in order to set up a bordello in the house she wanted ACORN to help her buy, ACORN spokesmen said a variety of strange things about it. They said it must be faked but they wanted to see the video first and it was a smear and gotcha journalism and the team had tried multiple other offices with the same tactics but had failed, and this was an isolated incident and by the way, the two employees are fired.

Turns out a couple things about that stream of objections were true. The two employees were fired (although some people still look for them to pop up later at some other ACORN office), and the dynamic duo of journalists did try this at another office.

According to ACORN’s staff in DC, a pimp is a “marketeer” or “consultant.” It’s okay to have 10 Salvadorean underage girls turning tricks in the house ACORN will help arrange for them, because the pimps are “just the landlord.” As long as they have a profit and loss report, they have no problems.

You may recall that James, the male part of the journalist team, poses as a law student who wants to go into politics. Another DC ACORN employee tells him to be careful to preserve his political viability, not to be seen near the bordello that ACORN is going to help the prostitute buy while helping her also to hide her illegal activities and shield her illegal gains from the taxman.

No wonder they think other people’s taxes should be higher. Their own political allies don’t pay them.

James O’Keefe gives CNN a richly deserved whupping:

First CNN pushed the false ACORN line that “[t]his film crew tried to pull this sham at other offices and failed.”

To set that record straight please check the Washington D.C. tape we dropped today at, which is also being aired on your cable news competitor with curiously higher ratings.

Now that ACORN lied to you, Jonathan Klein, what are you going to do?

Here’s what I have noticed from your coverage: You brought in the damage control crowd to FRAME the story. Before even airing our damning Baltimore video. You know your audience would turn on ACORN if you showed them the evidence. So instead you put your competitors in journalism in the crosshairs instead of airing a blockbuster report making massive waves elsewhere.

You even trotted out shameless Clinton era apologist Joe Conason to challenge the ETHICS of our expose. Unreal.

What about the ethics of those at ACORN caught on tape trying to help create a brothel featuring illegal immigrant age range 13-15 from El Salvador?

The tiresome left like to call Fox news Faux news, even though Fox keeps scooping the MSM. A clever commenter on Hot Air says based on the media coverage of what really should be the subject of nationwide media attention, we can now call the rest of the networks Naux news.

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