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Chinese Chicken Cabbage Salad

Chinese Chicken Cabbage Salad Serves about six Dressing (combine in large bowl and whisk well): 2 1/2 T rice vinegar (you can use apple cider vinegar) 2 T sugar (use Splenda for South Beach Diet) chicken ramen noodle seasoning packet salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste 6 Tablespoons oil – you can adjust […]

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Soba noodles with cabbage and sage

Soba noodles with cabbage and sage 3 T. butter and olive oil, each2 large onions sliced thin4 minced garlic cloves1 1/2 pounds savoy cabbage, shredded8 minced sage leaves1 t. salt1/4 t. cayennepepper1 /2 cup white wine2 T salt1 pound noodles1/2 cup grated tallegio or fontina cheese (substitute with more parmesan and romano if you don’t […]

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Fennel Salad

This is from Alice Waters’ cookbook The Art of Simple Food.  It is delicious, and this time of year, Fennel bulbs are a dollar at a grocery store near us. 2 fennel bulbs For the dressing2 tablespoons fresh lemon juiceGrated zest of 1/4 lemon1 teaspoon white wine vinegarSaltFresh ground black pepper3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil1 […]

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Pretzel Salad

Pretzel Salad I don’t know why this is called a ‘salad.’ It’s really so sweet that one of the Progeny has requested it instead of birthday cake.  It’s not very healthy at all.   It’s a little complicated in that it takes several steps, but you can make the layers on different days, spending just […]

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Barley Corn Salad

Barley Corn Salad 3 cups cooked barley3 cups cooked corn (I just add frozen corn, don’t even defrost it all the way. It’s hot enough most summers that it will thaw sufficiently by serving time, and it helps cool the salad)3/4 cup diced sweet red pepper1/2 cup diced green pepper1/2 cup diced green onions1/4 cup […]

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Tomato and Onion Salad

This is one of those recipes that turns out to be about a thousand times better than anybody had a right to expect it to be.IN an impromptu moment, Granny Tea called us yesterday while we were driving to church and suggested that we come to her house for lunch afterward. She said she and […]

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Barley Chicken Salad for Ten

Barley chicken Salad for ten 4 cups cooked barley4 cups chicken; diced cooked 1 cup Celery; diced1 cup Tomatoes; chopped 1 cup Red onion; chopped 4 Tablespoons Lemon juice2 Tablespoons Dijon mustard Lettuce, about three cups, torn (the amount is really up to you- how lettucy do you want it to be?) Mix the lemon […]

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Rice Salad for Twelve

Rice Salad for Twelve 6 cups cooked rice (we use brown rice) 1-1/2 cups cooked kidney or garbanzo beans (about one can, I think) 3/4 lb. turkey ham, cut in small strips 3/4 lb. Gouda cheese, cut into cubes 1/4 cup plus 2 Tbs. red onion, finely chopped 1/4 cup plus 2 Tbs. fresh parsley, […]

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Beet Salad

Beet Salad* 1 can (16 ounces) diced or julienned beets* 1 package (6 ozs) lemon flavored gelatin* 1 1/2 C. cold water* 2 TBSPs finely chopped onion* 1 to 2 TBSPs prepared horseradish* 4 tsps vinegar* 1/4 tsp salt* 1 1/2 C. celery, diced* 1/4 C. artichoke hearts, diced Drain beets, reserving the beet juice; […]

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BLT Chicken and Pasta Salad

BLT Chicken and Pasta Salad [The DHM doesn’t like pasta salads, the rest of us do. This recipe has helped us reach a compromise — the salad is packed with all sorts of delightful summer flavors] 4 Large Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, cooked and chopped10 Ounces Pasta10 Pieces Bacon — cooked and crumbled2 Medium Tomatoes […]

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