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chocolate banana shake

Milkshake The Cherub and I made the chocolate banana shake together- it comes from Pretend Soup by Mollie Katzen, but we increased the proportions and fiddled it a bit. The original recipe: 1 cup of milk in the blender (nasty surprise, Mollie says it tastes like it’s made ice-cream even with lowfat milk.  We used […]

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"Pumpkin" Shake

I totally got this idea from Created by Diane. It’s a delicious idea. I made some changes, but they are the sort of changes like using whole, raw milk instead of skim milk, and whole milk yogurt instead of non-fat. And, since I like mine sweeter, I added maple syrup (the real stuff).  Vegetarians could […]

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Raspberry Slush

3/4 cup of sugar (or substitute a natural sweetener of your choice. If using Stevia, you don’t need to heat it)2 cups water, divided1 cup fresh or frozen raspberries, thawed, if frozen1/2 cup lime juice3 cups ginger ale, chilled, OR your own home-made Jamaican Ginger Beer, MMM. Make a syrup by combining the sugar and […]

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Lime Punch

Lime punch 8 cubes sugarjuice of 2 orangesjuice of 2 limes1 1/2 cup of watercracked iceslice of pineapple2 crystallized cherries Rub the cubes of sugar over the rind of the oranges and limes; then put the sugar in a bowl and pour the lime and orange juices over it. Add the water, and serve when […]

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Russian Tea

Russian TeaThe original recipe we use came from the cookbook Feed Me, I’m Yours Over the last few years we have found more frugal versions, as well as more healthy versions- I’ll share those later. Meanwhile: * 3 cups sugar * 2 cups orange flavored breakfast drink (powdered concentrate; we use Tang) * 1 cup […]

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