Filled French Bread Sammitch

  There is a similar recipe here.

For this version, we browned a couple pounds of ground beef with a bag of frozen peppers, a diced onion, and a couple tablespoons of Fiesta Chili Powder and garlic. We drained the meat and then stirred in just a tad of beef broth.  I don’t think we added quite enough- it’s just a touch on the dry side.

We hollowed out the loaf (click on the link above for more directions on that), filled it with the beef mixture, topped with grated cheddar cheese. Then we put the top back on the loaf, wrapped it in foil, and baked it until heated through.  To serve, slice into sandwiches and lift to plate using a pancake turner or spatula or pizza paddle.  Serve with green salad or fruit.

You can freeze this, take it on camping trips and reheat it over the coals or your campfire or on your grill.


Save the leftover bread that you ripped out of the loaf and use it for bread pudding, bread casseroles, or strata. Or take it to feed the ducks.

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