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At the time of this posting, the following experimental book I wrote for Kindle is free (I think I set it to run for just 24 hours, so get it while it’s hot):

And there’s this vintage cookbook which I upgraded by adding an active TOC, and some cooking directions and other items:

Of course, there’s this one, which I co-wrote with three other MBOFOUS’es- Mama Bloggers Of Families Of Unusual Size (If you’re a Pricess Bride fan you get it):

I fixed up the TOC and activated it for Kindle, as well as adding a foreword to this poetry book: Required Poems for Reading and Memorizing (annotated)
The cover is an embarrassment, and I’ve tried to change it, but Amazon keeps reverting back to the original mistaken version.

And this, this is my newest:

It does have recipes because I think it’s an important thing for kids to do- cook with and for their families. I began the recipe section with stuff as easy as cinnamon toast, and ended with a couple of crockpot main dishes that aren’t too difficult at all. There are also recipes for play-dough, sculpting dough, and fingerpaint, as well as games to play, activities to do (both fun for ‘me’ and service opportunities), and toys to make. There are ideas that work for one child or ten, and ideas that work for preschoolers and some for 12 year olds. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

More to come!!

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