Wise Woman Pot Pie

The Wise Woman looks well to the ways of her household. She uses what she has. She is not wasteful. She does not show contempt for God’s bounty by throwing it in the garbage because she let it go bad in her refrigerator.

She makes soups, shepherd’s pies, stews, and pot pie.

Make a pie crust from scratch. It doesn’t matter if it tears,you are not cooking for television. Get it in the pan the best way you can and use your fingers to push the torn edges together.  Crying won’t make it better, just get ‘er done.

Filling:  Here is where you get to be creative.  Use your leftovers.  You can use:
diced, cooked meat
boiled eggs, chopped
mashed potatoes
cooked vegetables

Choose a combination that looks good to you. I don’t like rice and beans in pot pies, you might.  Fish and potatoes go well together, though that’s not my favorite, either (I prefer leftover fish used in croquettes).

Mix your filling along with a bit of leftover gravy, soup, or white sauce, depending on the consistency.
If it’s soupy, you want to add thickener- mashed potatoes, potato flakes, a bit of cornstarch.
If it’s thick, that’s probably fine, or you can thin it with a bit of more watery vegetables (green beans, cooked carrots, squashes, or a spoonful of brandy or white wine)

This is a trial and error recipe. It’s an art, not a science.

Top with pie crust, bake until hot in the center and the crust is golden.

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