Leftovers: Shepherd’s Pie

The first time I had (or remember hearing of) Shepherd’s Pie was when we were young marrieds stationed in New Mexico.  We’d been invited for dinner to the home of another young military couple from church, as broke as we were.  They were from South Carolina.  During the course of our friendship, they shocked us with their comfortable bigotry, and we shocked them by being even more shocked that any Christian might have a problem with an adult child marrying somebody of another race.  We learned this about each other while playing the game A Question Of Scruples
  We later got rid of the game as we realized there were some things about our friends that it was just too disappointing to learn.

However, she taught me how to make Shepherd’s Pie, which became an instant favorite and an important tool in our frugal living arsenal.

Shepherd’s Pie
Put a layer of leftover meat in the bottom of a pan- the size pan you use will be determined by things like how many mouths you have to feed and how many leftovers you have, especially mashed potatoes. I have used leftover poultry, leftover ground beef, meat loaf, and even leftover chopsuey

Spread a layer of leftover cooked vegetables over the top of this- green beans, corn, mixed vegetables such as peas and carrots, peppers and diced onions, whatever you have that goes well with your meat.

Top this with a generous layer of leftover mashed potatoes. You can stir in more milk and melted butter if you like (sour cream is also yummy), or you can dot the mashed potatoes with butter for a golden color when it all comes out. Season to taste.

Put this in the oven and bake at around 400 until it’s hot all the way through and the very edges of the potatoes are just lightly golden.

I’ve previously posted several recipes we use with leftover turkey (or chicken) over at Frugal Hacks this weekend.

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