Rainbow Salad

This beautiful and healthy salad can be frugal, too, if you make it in season and watch for sales (that’s true of many recipes, isn’t it?)

Set out a cup of frozen peas to thaw.

Then mix this dressing:
1/3 cup of oil
2 Tablespoons raw apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon brown mustard
dill weed to taste (a teaspoon or so)
a drop or two of honey.  Seriously- a drop or two, that’s all.
same of salt, paprika, and even less pepper

Toss these ingredients into a bowl and then gently mix in the dressing:
3 leeks, cut into thin ribbons (use your scissors)
1 cup chopped celery
1 cup thawed peas
2 peeled oranges, sliced thin. You could also just drain a couple cans of mandarin oranges, which are inexpensive at the discount grocer’s and the dollar store, but peeled oranges are better.
1 red onion- the recipe calls for sliced into rings, but we don’t like that much raw onion in one bite, even though it is prettier. So we dice the red onion, or dice a sweet yellow onion if they are in season, although the red onion is certainly prettier.
Mint leaves (we think it’s better without mint)

The leeks are a little strong, and I think it’s good with celery added to balance out that sting.  You could also lightly steam the leeks, or saute them in a bit of oil to reduce the sting.

You can serve this immediately, or you can let the flavors blend for a few hours before serving. Make it in a clear glass baking dish or a crystal salad bowl, because it is so colorful and pretty you’ll want to be able to see it.
This is also good combined with a dab of home-made mayonnaise and diced cooked  poultry for a delicious luncheon salad.

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