Sushi Rice

Sushi rice used to be a lunchtime favorite- cook your rice with slightly less water than
usual. Mix about 4 T. rice vinegar, 3 t. sugar, and 1 t. salt together
(proportions vary to taste). Stir it into the warm rice (about five cups
cooked rice).

Have on hand stuff to go on the rice- grated carrots, cucumber sticks,
chicken strips, avacado, scrambled egg, whatever looks good to you.
We also use Takuan, a giant pickled radish that is very strong, turns yellow
in the pickling. We slice it thin and just sprinkle enough for flavor; and
we like pickled ginger. We get these at an Asian grocery store. Pickled
ginger will be red or pink, and it’s also strong, you want just a little.
You _can_ just have a sort of sushi salad, where each person just puts
whatever ingredients they like on a plate, maybe sprinkling the top with
sesame seeds.

But we like seaweed nori– so we spread the rice on half the seaweed laver,
top with our chosen toppings, and roll the thing up. Yummy. Very
refreshing on hot days, too.

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