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Poetry Quote for the Commonplace Book

“Grand indeed has been the function of poetry, as one of the prime factors in promoting human progress, quickening the springs of faith and love, cherishing in the human soul the love of the Good, the Beautiful, and the True; uplifting it to higher and holier aspirations by the creation of ideals transcending our ordinary […]

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Composition, IV

There’s a lot of material below, fleshing out the items I put in this handy printable chart you can save and keep in your own notebook, or post to the fridge.  To print, click on the picture to enlarge. Set your printer orientation to landscape, and this is important, set the margins to .25.   […]

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More Charlotte Mason Bookmarks

  Other Charlotte Mason Bookmarks posted: two sets, one with a picture of a reading boy in medieval costume, one with an Edwardian era schoolgirl reading a book. Quotes on books and ideas.(this one) Two sets- a blank template to add your own quote, and a set of four, each with a different CM quote. […]

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Charlotte Mason Composition Method, Part III

  Housekeeping note:  We had to change how we stored images for the blog, and that didn’t always result in old blog posts retaining their images.  If you right click on any  ‘broken’ images you see, that should open up the image in a new tab for you so you can see it.   Here’s […]

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Handiwork for Boys

I can’t share directions, because he made it up. It’s two one dollar bills to make one expensive little paper airplane. It doesn’t fly as well as he’d like, except, I pointed out, it’s a charming way to give a little boy a birthday gift. He says that would be great, except he’s never giving […]

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