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I am an epiphyte

  This is a long, rambly post about what’s been going on in our lives the last month or so.  You should know before you invest your time in reading that there is one heartbreaking event, and also that I have no  earth shattering conclusion to share, no deep and poignant moment of reflection, no […]

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Hey, We’re Unblocked!!

Sometime last night or this morning Blogger unblocked us. I assume they are still working on dozens of others, if not thousands. I think they had a new spam checking system in operation and it gave them hundreds of false positives. Now I’m hearing that site meter is giving IE users issues. We’re going to […]

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Random Thoughts

These thoughts are so random that the iintitial thought that prompted my musings has completely escaped me. YOu might have noticed that TLB is doing some housecleaning and rearranging or something and we dropped overnight from Mammals to insignificant microbes. That doesn’t bother me, though, no. No, what really, really bothers me is that is […]

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Talking About Books

One reason written narration never fully replaces oral narration in a CM education is because we use oral narration more than written narrations all our lives. Narration is really just a shorthand word for talking about something, retelling what we read about, watched, or heard about. Sharing what happened at a doctor’s appointment or a […]

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All day yesterday I thought it was Saturday. Now today feels like Friday for some reason. After our spate of warm spring weather… well, let’s just say that on the HG’s campus there were many lovely trees in bloom, beautiful petals of a delicate pink and white. And one day last week the wind blew […]

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