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From Rattery to Spiffery- the Bedroom

    This is is after we’d cleaned up a lot and packed up a bunch of things. Then we cleaned a little more: This bedroom had a toilet in it.  Not a bathroom, a toilet: My great-grandmother was unable use the stairs to get to the upstairs bathroom, so they put in a toilet […]

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From Rattery to Spiffery: The Living Room

      The Boy put in upwards of 12 and 14 hour days some days while his sisters were in the hospital. It was both stress relief for him, and an act of service for his nuna and brother-in-law. Moptop’s mother told our Boy that when it finally came time for him to get […]

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  That’s my favorite hat on the hat stand to the right. Unfortunately, it’s just a touch too small.  I’d spend more money than is compatible with my principles if I ever found a duplicate that fits, so I guess it’s a good thing that I never have found such a thing.

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The Rattery Cellar

If you want to see what I believe are the first photographs taken, ever, of the cellar at the Rattery, check out the Facebook Album. It’s scary, amazing, incredible, horrifying, tear inducing, fear inducing, excitement inducing, shudder inducing, and I-Need-Take-Some-St.John’sWortandEchinacea-NOW-inducing.  Septic treasure. All at once. Come back and tell me what you think is coolest.Or […]

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Bless This House

Found in the Rattery, and looking much less shabby in this scan than on my walls, a pair of the following (I’ll post the companion piece later this evening) vintage brass hangings from the 30s. They are made of a thin sheet of brass over wood, and bear the label “Elpec, brass of distinction. Made […]

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