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Growing Up, A Matter of Perspective

Yesterday the FYG had one of those talks with Blynken and Nod where she channels me. One boy had complained about the other receiving two more M&Ms than the other, and was griping, continuously, that this was not fair. FYG began the ‘Life is not fair, and the sooner you figure this out and just […]

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It happens here, too

I had a brilliant post I was working on.  It was interrupted by stuff.    I don’t even remember all of it.  But in no particular order:   There was drama. Sisters. Weddings. Misunderstandings. Hurt Feelings. Drama. There was a 15 year old boy wearing his sister’s high heeled shoes that are at least six […]

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So, Today…..

There is a cute little historical house in a nearby town that Pip would like to consider as a venue for her wedding. We’ve made two appointments (the second one during hours they are supposed to be open anyway), to look at it, and have been stood up both times. Phone calls are not returned. […]

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Joyful, Joyful

The Mop Top’s parents stopped by on their way home from the doctor. Her PET scan is clear- no tumors. Her cancer markers are elevated from what they were two years ago, but they are still within a range that leaves her doctors quite optimistic. She’s going to get 3 weeks of radiation treatment and […]

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Emergency Hearty Soup for Houseguests and Prayer Request

Busy, busy weekend… Friday we had a party at Shasta’s house with more people than we can shake a stick at, and several stayed over at our house. I had no idea how many were staying here until we actually settled down for the night (it’s not that the number was bad, it’s just that […]

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