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Being Poor, Part four

When last we met our hero, he was working two jobs trying to support his growing family, and yes, it was growing. The Head Girl was on the way, although we didn’t know that’s who she was then. Up until that point we had been sleeping on the floor- because our bed was one of […]

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Being Poor, part Three

Part one is here. Part Two So, when last we met in this story, our hymn humming social worker wanted to know how we were managing to survive on the nonexistant income that we had, and we wanted to know where our next meal was coming from. We told the social worker that quite honestly, […]

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Being Poor, Part Two

Part one is here. You really need to read it to get the full feel for just how poor we were. As a reminder to those of us who need reminders of things we read more than two minutes ago- we were broke and I broke one of two eggs we had to eat for […]

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Being Poor, Part One

Over two decades ago the DHM and the HM married. At the time we both had reasonable jobs, but within a month or two we both lost our jobs. It was the midst of the Reagan Recession, the HM’s employer died and his wife disbanded the business, the DHM’s employer was a whole ‘nother story […]

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