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Conversational Jaunts

I wrote this a few days ago (‘this‘ being a post about the sorts of things great people talk about compared to the trivial sorts of things small people talk about), but figured I should hasten to assure our gentle readers that our conversational is not always so scintillating. Or intelligent. Or sensible. Or even […]

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Hippies, Hospitality, and Home

It occurs to me that I am somewhat hypocritical in my amusement over the communal living arrangements of the hippies in my Total Loss Farm book. Because it’s only different in degree, not kind, from what are we doing, what have we done, all our married lives. Seldom have our open houses been so open […]

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Random Thoughts

These thoughts are so random that the iintitial thought that prompted my musings has completely escaped me. YOu might have noticed that TLB is doing some housecleaning and rearranging or something and we dropped overnight from Mammals to insignificant microbes. That doesn’t bother me, though, no. No, what really, really bothers me is that is […]

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I Meant to Do My Work Today….

if by work we mean blogging. I meant to do more of that today. And more of other things, too. I dressed for those other things (Please remember this) by putting on a paintstained old skirt that was once a nice, soft, light wheat color and a green shirt with residue from a large sticker […]

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Adventures and Aging

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that a friend of mine has been reading Carolyn Heilbrun’s The Last Gift of Time, (and now she’s finished it and sent it to me). My friend and I were talking about Ms Heilbrun’s ideas about something better than romantic love as a great adventure for older women, […]

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