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Dining Room table

This is the table my grandparents set up housekeeping with. My mother remembers being able to stand at the table and have her chin just rest on the top. The chairs belonged to my great-grandparents. The red wire basket is a thrift shop purchase, as are the plastic, wood, and glass fruits within and the […]

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Dining Room

Apologies for the poor lighting and poor focus. I didn’t realize how poor the quality of this pic was until it was already loaded to the blog. In the center of this wall of our dining room, we have sliding glass doors going out into the sunroom. On either side we have this hanging shelf, […]

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Where Are We?

Well, Miss Jenny is in the kitchen trying to figure out how to quickly use up about forty pounds of bananas the HM brought home two days ago. We don’t want them in the freezer, and we are about banana smoothied out. She made banana cookies yesterday- these super simple banana cookies that taste quite […]

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Home Improvement Projects

Here’s my latest home improvement project.I had a great huge teacher’s desk sitting in this spot, and on the desk there was a hutch, and in that hutch there were some books, and more books, and some china, and more books (and on those books there was some dust….) I spent hours clearing off the […]

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Of Little Brothers and Horses

The FYB is, if you don’t all ready know, the 9 year old brother. He is, in fact, the only brother The Equuschick’s got. She is fond of him.He is outrageously spoiled of course, but he is the youngest, and she repeats, the only boy after six sisters, so certain things were inevitable. And The […]

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