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At Dinner Last Night

This is not a verbatim conversation, just an approximation: Little Bro: I’ve been thinking about when I was little, and sometimes I got in trouble for outing myself, and I don’t think that’s fair. If somebody confessed, you should have shown mercy. Big Sister: they did show mercy for confessions. You didn’t confess, though, did […]

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Today’s Project

(Really, it’s more like this year’s project, as I generally don’t do anything but fold laundry, menu plan, cook, and take care of the Cherub). Project: Emptying out a cupboard that has stored books and toys for several years, consolidating those books (picture books) so they all fit in one bookcase instead of 3. Eventually, […]

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Wedding Pic

The wedding pics from Pip and the Moptop’s midMarch wedding are in, and they are gorgeous. ┬áPip’s colors were red and gray/silver, with bits of black (like the slacks for the guys), and it turned out quite lovely and elegant. But, you know, this is what we’re sharing. =)   Still- you can just tell […]

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From Rattery to Spiffery- the Bedroom

    This is is after we’d cleaned up a lot and packed up a bunch of things. Then we cleaned a little more: This bedroom had a toilet in it. ┬áNot a bathroom, a toilet: My great-grandmother was unable use the stairs to get to the upstairs bathroom, so they put in a toilet […]

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From Rattery to Spiffery: The Living Room

      The Boy put in upwards of 12 and 14 hour days some days while his sisters were in the hospital. It was both stress relief for him, and an act of service for his nuna and brother-in-law. Moptop’s mother told our Boy that when it finally came time for him to get […]

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